Saturday, March 14, 2015

Why I hate starting ULTIMATE TEAM from scratch

The one thing I don’t like about starting ULTIMATE TEAM year after year is the fact that you start off with nothing but bronze players. This becomes much worse especially if you start playing Fifa late in the year (couple of months AFTER its release) like I have done this year. Because by this time practically everyone has a gold team and when you go play online, even though your team is bronze there is a very high chance you get matched up with an opponent who has a full gold team. I think that EA should let people get some decent gold players right of the bat if you start off comparatively late, say Jan or Feb for example, it would make things a lot easier in my opinion. I know that Fifa usually gives you a few extra starter packs as part of its “Welcome back” thing if it recognizes you have played a previous version of Fifa but that just doesn't seem to be enough.

I also know that the original point of ULTIMATE TEAM is to start off with a crappy bronze team and then slowly work your way up to a gold team and it is setup that way on purpose. The fact remains that it takes a REALLY long time to get any decent amount of fifa coins to buy even a relatively decent gold player, forget about the super rare players like Messi or Ronaldo or even team of the year players.

In theory this system works well, except for that fact that each game you win yields only 300-500 fifa coins. So say for example you would like to buy a half decent player that costs around 50k fifa coins. Following this model, you would have to play over a hundred games to have the required amount of fifa coins.

Now there are other ways of getting coins, which is winning tournaments both offline and online where the prize money is much greater, but even that is a max of about 1000-3000 fifa coins. Playing the seasons mode in UT yields a slightly better amount for winning the season like 3000-5000 fifa coins.

This model in general though benefits EA the most, because what happens is most people do not have the patience to grind out games and save up coins so they look towards alternative methods such as relying on buying packs or heaven forbid buying fifa coins which I believe is illegal now.

I think that EA have set up this deliberate frustration of having people work their way up and therefore try and have ‘luck’ play a part so they can get an awesome player in a pack that costs only 5000-7500 fifa coins. Even the odds of these Gold Player packs are stacked against you and it is very rare that you will get a highly sought after player, after opening only a few gold packs and so you keep opening more packs in the hopes of getting one and on and on the cycle continues.

The alternative is to play fifa games each day till your eyes bleed and meticulously save up enough fifa coins to buy the players you want.

Of course there is trading which can be awesome if done correctly but even that methods takes time and the dedication of learning the market which by the way is usually in constant state of flux and could potentially crash at any moment given the new influx of coin sellers on the internet.

So the point is that I understand the model EA have set up and it clearly works very well in their favor, but I wish that I didn’t have to start over each and every year. There should maybe be a new system in place where you get to keep at least one player from your previous years ULTIAMTE Team for 3-4 consecutive years or something along those lines.

I know that this idea is flawed as well as anyone who had a Ronaldo or Messi or Bale the previous year would have a ridiculous starting advantage and so all I can do is *SIGH*, grit my teeth and go back to the grind, trying to play as many games as possible in the hopes of building my dream ULTIMATE TEAM.



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