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How to fix Output Storage is Full problem in Tropico 5?

What does Output Storage is Full in Tropico 5 mean?

Basically what this message is telling you is that the building or buildings with this problem cannot produce any more goods and the goods they have already produced are still in storage and nothing is being done with them. The resources you have and are producing are currently not being moved around your island as they should. You will see a certain symbol on top of these buildings that have this issue. The symbol looks like a sack or bag with a red line across it.

How does Output Storage affect gameplay?

Many different types of buildings can be affected by the ‘Output storage is full’ problem such as mines, farms, lumber mill and plantations. Other buildings such as Docks, Jewel factories, power plants, cigar factories and rum distilleries can ALSO be affected as a side effect of this problem and often have their own message saying that there is no resources or more specifically ‘Production cycles are not producing.’

One of the major side effects of this is that docks don’t get the proper resources it needs to trade and might make little to no money or not enough money as expected.
If power plants stop producing because they don’t get coal, then all buildings that rely on electricity, which is quite a few in the Modern Era, will all stop functioning properly.
Basically your island can come to a complete standstill and loose massive amounts of money all from one single cause of your 'Output Storage being full' error in Tropico 5.

When does Output Storage is Full usually occur in Tropico 5?

This problem usually only tends to occur or be noticeable in the Modern era but can also happen much earlier depending on a number of factors.
So you see a message on one of your buildings, maybe on the Power Plant that there isn’t any resources. The power plant consumes coal you see. But that’s ridiculous, you know for a fact that you have 2, maybe 3 coal mines. So you select the coal mines and notice the message ‘Output Storage is Full’ What kinda sorcery??

How do you get rid of Output Storage is Full problem?

One word – Teamsters
Bet you forgot all about Teamsters offices. What a Teamsters Office does is facilitate goods around your island, basically moves the goods from storage facilities to other buildings that need the goods or to the docks to be traded away to foreign lands.

BUT “I HAVE a Teamsters office, I was given one when I started this game” you say. Yes, but by the time you moved through the different Era’s 1 Teamsters office is no longer sufficient and you now require more, MUCH more depending on how many docks you have, how many mines, plantations and farms you have along with all the industry buildings that are also now producing goods.

Often times the initial Teamsters office that you are provided with gets bogged down at the docks, depending on the number of docks you have built up. By the modern era people usually have 10-20 and often times more than 20 docks to bolster their income. ONE Teamsters office is not enough to service 20 docks let alone the rest of your island.

The best thing to do would be to build a bunch of Teamsters office but scattered across your island.  Build a few Teamsters Offices even in remote locations to service some of the remote areas of your island. There is no concrete number of Teamsters offices that will solve ALL of your Output storage problems but there is a recommended value floating around, that you should have at least 1 Teamsters Office for every 100 people on your island.

In the Modern Era with most of the industry buildings and such, I would suggest having AT LEAST 10 Teamsters Offices strategically placed across your island. You can then just build more as needed over time. Remember that the way you have structured your island and the layout has an effect on things and that Teamsters can often get stuck getting from place to place making them less effective overall.

I have lots of Teamster Offices but am STILL getting the ‘Output Storage is Full’ message, what do I do?

If for whatever reason you think you have a sufficient number of Teamsters offices and you STILL get the ‘Output Storage is full’ message with some buildings make sure your Teamsters offices are actually effective.

What I mean by effective is their location as I mentioned before, people actually working at the Teamsters offices, hire more if you have to. Remember by the modern Era lots of other buildings need graduated workers, so if you only have a few schools then people might choose to work elsewhere other than the Teamsters office and that can be an issue. Lastly, remember about budgeting for your Teamsters office buildings. I recommend at least setting the budget to MAX for a few key Teamster Office buildings in key locations, not to mention the first ever Teamsters office you were given.

One last trick I would suggest is that if you think you sufficient Teamsters offices, have enough people and budgeted properly AND are placed strategically but you still have a problem, pause the game and check roads and traffic. When you pause the game, inspect the roads and intersections, if you see an area with a Truck that is stuck then maybe delete the road and rebuilt it in a more efficient way if possible. This can also help traffic flow more easily through your island and should fix your Teamsters getting stuck in traffic problem ultimately fixing your ‘Output Storage is Full’ problem.

The whole Teamsters Offices thing should have been implemented more efficiently in Tropico 5 I feel but there are still workarounds like I mentioned to keep the game playable. These problems were encountered on the PS4 but I am sure they are universal problems and can be encountered on any console as well as on the PC.

Tropico 5 was a PS Plus game for subscribers for the month of May and is quite a fun game, except for a few frustrations such as the ‘Output Storage is Full’ problem.

If you encountered this problem as well and know of any other solutions or fixes, please feel free to comment below and they can be added to the Article.



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