Sunday, March 15, 2015

Gaming News

I have decided to add a NEWS section to my Blog. This section will contain strictly Gaming News updates or snippets instead of full posts or articles. They will probably be less than half the size of my regular posts which are usually around 500-800 words. These can be related to console gaming, PC gaming or just gaming in general. The reason I won’t write full posts here is that if it is BIG news most gaming sites will have full write-ups on the topic anyways, written by much more experienced individuals in the gaming industry than myself. If however I feel strongly enough about the topic to write a full post or article on it, then I will just publish it in my Gaming section of the Blog. This section unlike my other section will also be more fact based as compared to my other sections which are mostly opinion based.

I will probably try and post here on a regular basis. Don’t worry I am not aiming to be a gaming journalist or anything of that sort, I just thought that it would be a useful section to keep not for only myself, but other people who read this Blog, updated on the latest and greatest happenings of the Gaming World.



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