Sunday, May 17, 2015

My First inform player ever in Fifa Ultimate Team

Ok so I have been playing Fifa Ultimate Team for a few years and I FINALLY got my First inform EVER! It was such a great feeling, I felt like a 12 year old kid who got EXACTLY what he wanted for Christmas. It’s strange how something not even real could invoke these kinds of emotions, I guess I just love gaming and Fifa a bit too much, nothing I can do about it in all honesty.

I know these days everyone gets excited about getting a TOTY or the upcoming TOTS cards or a LEGEND if you are on the XBOX but I had never even gotten an in-form before today. The best card I ever packed was an 86 Suarez in Fifa 14 which is not bad but it’s nothing amazing either.

So I got Alan DZAGOEV from TOTW 35 and Fifa 15 is now officially my favorite Fifa ever.
OK so he’s not the greatest inform ever and I’ll be honest I didn't even know who he was before today, but getting my first inform is still really exciting and now I’ll probably never forget his name even if I can't properly pronounce it.

The only downside I would say to all of this was that I did get the inform player in a free pack that was released by EA 2 days ago which means that I cannot sell the player on the market for Fifa coins. Even if I wanted to quick sell him for whatever reason I would get 0 fifa coins. This sucks a little as I am in the process for saving up for Neymar and he goes for upwards of 200k Fifa coins, so selling an inform card would have made a dent in that amount.

If I cannot sell the inform, I would have, ideally, at least liked to use the inform player in my active squad where I could utilize his, well, informness, yes that is a made up word. The problem with this inform is that he is a Russian player from the Russian league and would have like 3 chemistry if I put him into my active gold team in Ultimate team.

The team I am currently using is a Liga BBVA / Spanish Hybrid team which I mentioned in a previous post here. If the inform I had gotten was someone really epic, say for example the record breaker Ronaldo or something, then even if he didn't fit into my team I would invest some of my saved up FiFa coins to build a team around him, but this guy is just an 81 CDM, no offense, I mean for a CDM his stats are really good but at the moment I am using Sergio Ramos with 7 chemistry as my CDM and he is playing really well in that position. He also cost me about 97k Fifa coins.

Anyways, getting my first inform ever in Ultimate Team in any Fifa was definitely very exciting, especially to get one in a free pack considering how bad my pack luck usually is.

So even though there is not much I can do with this player, I will keep him in my club and hope my new found pack luck sticks around for when those Team of the Season cards or TOTS cards are released. If I am able to snag a TOTS card, THAT would be truly amazing. For now though all I can do is dream.

Below is the video I made of me getting my first inform card which I uploaded to my Youtube Channel.

I Wish I had captured a live reaction, but it’s probably for the best that I didn't. If you would like to see more of my Fifa videos, consider subscribing to my FiFa channel which you can do here.

Do you remember your first in-form ever, if so who was it? If you don't remember who your FIRST ever inform was, who was your best inform ever in Fifa Ultimate Team. Let me know in the comments section below.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

New Hero In-Forms released in Fifa Ultimate Team

So EA have decided to add yet ANOTHER card type to Fifa Ultimate Team. These cards are officially known as Hero items and will be purple in color. I will be the first to admit that these new cards look friking awesome in all their purple glory.

BUT are they really something great to look forward to?

Let me start of by explaining a bit about what these hero cards are. They are special in-form cards for players that “represent individual honors and moments” according to EA. What this really means is that they did something special during the week to deserve a special card, hmm now why does that sound familiar?

The purple cards are supposed to signify that the player did something special but for important games such as a league derby, winning promotion or saving a club from relegation.

So my problem with these cards is, apart from looking wicked cool, how are they any different from the weekly in-form cards. I mean if a player does things like these aforementioned “heroics” then shouldn't they just have an in-form card for that week?

How are these Hero in-form cards any different from regular in-form cards? In fact I say they are worse, because nobody would really want them except for the die-hard fans of the club they belong too. Most of these Hero cards seem like they would be lower rated players anyways.

Let us take this week’s Hero cards for example. Players that made the list include Callum Wilson, I’m sorry I watch quite a bit of football and I have no idea who that is. Ok let us take another one Troy Deeney, again no idea who this is. Gerorge Moncur, again not a single clue about who this is.

There were however only two notable names on this list and they were Edin Hazard for apparently winning player of the year and Harry Kane for young player of the year. Ok so these two players I recognize, almost anyone who watches any sort of football will, but why not just give them in-form cards for the week and then that’s that? Also these players aren't doing anything at the moment in the week to get these cards; they already performed well in one of their previous matches meaning they already got an in-form for that week that lead them to this point. Both Harry Kane and Hazard have had previous in-forms I believe.

Anyways I’m not sure if these Hero cards are here to stay, it looks like EA would like them to stay considering they mentioned they would like feedback on the cards and were open to modifying criteria of the cards based on the feedback.

Ultimately I am not a fan of these hero cards, not that it matters much as I will probably never get one in a pack anyways or maybe I will Because I don’t like them, JUST because EA feel like trolling me.

Soon you will see rainbow colored Ultimate Team squads when matching up against an opponent in Ultimate Team with EA adding so many new kinds of in-forms or special cards. I personally am waiting for a HOT PINK colored card, I don’t care what the achievement is for, could even be called “SPECIAL HERO CARD” just as long as its hot pink J

What do you guys think about these new Hero in-form cards? Has anyone got one yet and tested them out in their squads? 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

My Fifa 15 Ultimate Team Gold team – Liga BBVA / Spain Hybrid squad

It has been a few months since I started Fifa 15 Ultimate Team on the PS4 and since then I have been using a bronze team the majority of the time. Why? You ask, well using a bronze team to grind out games is cheaper than using a gold team. It’s as simple as that. Bronze contracts are cheaper, bronze packs are cheaper and usually result in a profit, albeit a very small profit. Bronze tournaments are also much easier to win because they emphasize skill much more than pace and long ball abuse, not that these things don’t exist among bronze players- they do, just much less so, in my opinion anyway.

Nevertheless everyone who plays Ultimate Team dreams of having their very own awesome Gold Team that they can show off to their friends and use to dominate other people with. A gold team is also ideal for making your way to Division 1 in Ultimate Team seasons, although just recently I saw an OP fifa player use a bronze team to win a game in Division 5 so that was a bit odd. Nevertheless after about a 100 games and winning a few tournaments I have been able to build a basic gold team.

This team is a La Liga BBVA / Spanish hybrid gold team. Behold the greatness: 

Ok, so this isn’t the greatest team ever, this team is actually quite the standard build for anyone with limited amounts of fifa coins. I don’t have the best goalkeeper, or the best defense or the best midfield or even the best strikers for that matter. All of that would cost too much or I’d have to get extremely lucky with opening Gold Packs. My pack luck in fifa is absolutely terrible, I’d be willing to wager it’s one of the worst out there and I don’t buy fifa coins from coin sellers, winning games is my only source of income. So that means the players I can add to my squad are very limited.

Nonetheless I think this squad is not bad and in fact plays quite well, and people more skillful than me in Fifa 15 would be able to utilize this squad very effectively even against better teams.

Winning games takes time and thus saving up fifa coins for a good gold player also takes quite a bit of time. Unfortunately even if I played 8-10 hours of fifa a day I don’t think I’d ever be able to save up for a Messi or Ronaldo in Ultimate Team at least not in Fifa 15. I already got the game much later than its release date and therefore had a late start to the game (January). So by the time I was assembling my bronze team there were people out there already with Bale or Ronaldo in their squads. No matter though there are a few more months of Fifa 15 left to play out and I am going to make the most of it.

The total cost of my team was around 30k fifa coins keeping in mind that I did get some players for free in packs, such as Diego Costa but most of these gold players are fairly inexpensive on the market at the moment, at least on the PS4, and prices on the PS4 tend to be slightly higher than on the Xbox as well.


GK: For my goalkeeper I decided to go with Ter Stegen from Barcelona, he is not the highest rated keeper in La Liga or even in Barcelona for that matter, but I think he plays well. In the future I might want to replace him with Iker Casillas from Real Madrid who happens to be higher rated. I have used Casillas in the past in my Ultimate team and he has done well. For those of you who have used both these keepers extensively, who do you recommend I use in net permanently? I would love to hear from you guys so please leave your comments in the comments section below

CB: For my first Center back I have Miranda who has 76 pace and 84 defending so an all-round decent defender in Liga BBVA. People have mentioned using Mathieu there instead but he doesn't seem to play as well for me. For my second Center Back I have Pique who has 86 defending but only 66 pace. I know he is really slow even for a center back but I find he does well for me. Even when attacking from corners he heads in some good goals. If I am going to play seasons in Ultimate Team however, I will probably have to switch him with someone else, I just don’t know who yet. I was thinking about putting in Silva there instead who can link up with Dani Alves as a RB and then link up with Miranda through Brazilian nationality. Any thoughts?

LB: For my left back position I have Jordi Alba who is probably not the best left back in the game, but he does have pace and stamina for daayyyyzzz. His defending is not bad although it could be better, especially his marking. I am not planning on making any changes to the LB position, I am happy with the way Jordi Alba plays there and I could definitely use the pace on the wings.

RB: For my Right back I currently have Carvajal in that position and he does well. His pace isn’t the greatest as far as right backs go but his defending is solid including his marking. I am thinking about replacing him however, with Dani Alves who I like much more as a player anyways. I will have to test out Dani when I buy him and see if he does in fact play better for me, if so then there could be a potential link between Dani and Thiago Silva as a CB replacement for Pique. I have not yet bought Dani Alves, he is a bit pricey just to test out, and at the time of writing this I think he is around 15-20k on the PS4.

CDM: for the CDM position I use either khedira or Xavi and they do ok I guess. This is the position I want to change the most. I am actually thinking about playing Sergio Ramos in the CDM position although he is a CB. I know he will lose quite a bit of chemistry from the position change but he still might do well in that position, again something I have to try out. Sergio Ramos however is very expensive at around 110 – 120k fifa coins on the PS4 currently, so it might be some time before I can actually buy him.

CAM: For my center attacking mid I have Iniesta who is my favorite player in Fifa 15 Ultimate Team so far. I think his ability to keep ball possession and glide past players is just amazing. I wish he had just a little bit more pace and he would be an Absolute BEAST, not that he already isn't. I have no plans to switch my CAM anytime soon. The only problem I have with Iniesta is I can’t utilize him completely for the full 90 minutes as his stamina runs low, so often times I have to sub him in during the second half of the game. During the first half of the game I use either Cerci or Callejon, both of who play decently. If I could somehow magically get the Team of the year or TOTY Iniesta, which would solve the stamina problems, then I could use Iniesta for the full 90 minutes. If only my wishes were so easily granted J

LM: For my left mid player I use a combination of Griezmann, Pedro or Silva who all fare decently in that position. I hope to eventually be able to get Neymar in that position but again that will take quite a bit of time as Neymar currently goes for above 200k fifa coins on PS4. 

RM: For our Right Mid we have Jesus who has pace to burn as well as decent dribbling, also he links up well with Costa one of the strikers I use in the team. I also have Vela as a substitute Right Wing and he plays well in that position also. Obviously Bale would be ideal for the RM/RW position but he costs way too much and I don’t think I’ll be getting him unless I get super lucky with a Gold Pack or something as Bale just costs too many fifa coins for me to earn enough through winning games alone to save up for him.

ST: for our first striker we have Diego Costa who is not bad at all. With 85 shooting and 92 finishing he seems ideal to be a striker. My only problem is that he is somewhat lacking in the pace department, with only 83 over all pace and 80 acceleration. I don’t know yet who would be a suitable replacement for him. Of course if money wasn't an option there would be numerous choices but my funds are limited so for now he has a place in the team. 
My second striker is Uche who is somewhat the opposite of Costa I guess, he has pace to burn but has only 78 shooting overall and 81 finishing, still though this guy has scored some pretty neat goals for me.

I feel like this is an area of my team that needs a bit of work, as I do need to replace one or both of these strikers eventually. I have been thinking about getting Benzema as well as Hernandez from Real and testing them out one at a time or both at the same time. I do also have Rodrigo and Mandzukic on the bench as my replacement strikers currently. 

Like I said if money wasn't an option I’d love to have Luis Suarez as my striker or team of the year (TOTY) Messi but honestly I can’t afford them, only dream about one day getting them in a pack or something but my pack luck might be the worst on Ultimate Team so even that doesn't seem very likely. 

Subs / Reserves: For my subs I have David Silva, Mandzukic, Mascherano, Cerci, Vela, Xavi, Adriano, Montoya, Deuloffu, Rodrigo, Pedro and DeMarcos.

Like I said this is not the best team ever in Ultimate Team, it’s just a team I can afford that happens to play relatively decently. I do however need to make some upgrades before I try and make my way to Division 1 in Ultimate Team. Some of the additions to the squad I am contemplating are Sergio Ramos, Karim Benzema, Dani Alves and eventually hopefully someone like Neymar. For the moment though this is the squad I am going with until I save up enough fifa coins to buy all my wanted / needed upgrades. I have currently managed to save up about 90k fifa coins so that is a good start. 

I posted a video on this team on my channel which you can check out below. Also feel free to visit my channel here for other fifa Ultimate Team videos I have up.

Let me know what you think about this squad for my Ultimate Team, whether you like it or not as well as what possible changes you would make and why? Also if you have your own squad you would like to show off, leave a link to futhead in the comments below and I will definitely check them out, maybe get some ideas from there as well.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Mad Max Gameplay trailer was more awesome than I expected

So I just watched the Mad Max gameplay trailer for the PS4 and I have to say, the game looks pretty good. I have never really known much about mad max until now, sure I had heard the name before and knew it was part of a popular movies series, none of which I have seen.

The mad max video game set to be released in September 2015, however looks like a very interesting game. The background story looks good, as you lose everything including your family and have to start over with only your will to survive.

The world depicts a post-apocalyptic environment where, you, playing as mad max get to engage in vehicular combat in order to take revenge on those who took everything away from you. The vehicular combat was the thing that most interested me about this game when I saw the trailer. It kind of reminded me of the Twisted Metal games I loved playing as a kid.

The vehicular combat in this game is a little different however, instead of having pre-built cars, each with their own unique abilities, you as the player get to build your own car from scratch. You customize it with armor and weapons, with the things you find in the world like scrap metal or guns and ammo. You decide how to upgrade it, engine and everything. The vehicle you keep working on over the course of the game is known as your magnum opus.

Vehicular combat isn't the only type of combat this game depicts, while fighting in cars can be a lot of fun it can become tedious and repetitive at times so the game has the added ability for close combat with a number of enemies. While there are guns such as shotguns and sniper rifles in the game, ammo seems to be scarce because of the post-apocalyptic world situation and all, so often times melee weapons will be used to take down your enemies.

Much like with your vehicle you can upgrade your own armor and weapons as well to make your close combat encounters more effective.

While the plot seems simple enough where the bad guy ruins your life and kills your family and you go on a rampage in order to get vengeance, the story really does seem like it will be immersive and get the player involved in the struggles of mad max. The open world looks stunning, as stunning as a post-apocalyptic world can look anyways with detailed environments, people and vehicles.

As someone who was never previously familiar with the mad max franchise I can honestly say that I am highly looking forward to playing this game. While the game only seems to feature single player, it seems like it will feature hours of open-world fun and exploration. The story seems immersive enough for me to want to complete the game and the vehicles themselves look really fun to use. I really like the fact that you can customize your vehicle as well as upgrade it to make it stronger as you progress through the game. Having to collect scrap parts from the wasteland to upgrade your armor and vehicle just adds to the post-apocalyptic feel of the game.

So the official release date for this game is set to be September 1st, 2015 and like all other games these days, if you pre-order a copy you get some cool thing or the other like a pre-built vehicle, known as the ripper, I believe.

There are so many awesome games being released this year I will be completely broke in no time, at least I'd have gotten to play some awesome titles along the way to brokeville.

Check out the gameplay trailer for mad max, and let me know what you think about it and whether or not you plan on buying the game?