Sunday, March 22, 2015

Just bought Borderlands 2 GOTY edition on Steam for 80% off – initial thoughts.

Like the title says I just bought Borderlands 2 because it was on sale and I've always wanted to play this game. I know I‘m late to the party as the game was initially released in 2012; ONLY about 3 years late.

I like buying the GOTY editions of games because they always seem to contain some ‘fun’ extras as well as most of the DLC content released  for the game, all in one tidy package.Borderlands 2 GOTY edition is no different, as it contains numerous DLC’s that have special maps and levels to play but more importantly the GOTY edition contains the Psycho Pack and the Mechromancer Pack.

I had looked at the various classes online and the GOTY edition has 2 extra playable classes called the Psycho and Mechromancer, which I was extremely interested in trying. These characters are not part of the regular edition which has 4 standard characters, and one would normally have to buy these packs separately in order to play them in game.

The total price for the GOTY edition would have been about $40 regularly, but because of the ridiculous 80% off, the bundle cost me $8.79. I think the price was well worth it as it included the full Borderlands 2 Game, Vault Hunters Upgrade pack, Collector’s Edition Pack, Psycho Pack, Mecromancer Pack and about 5 other extra DLC levels/missions to play through. This makes the price well worth it and although I admit that Borderlands 2 has been out for 3 years now, I still think this was a great buy.

For anyone interested in still buying this pack, it is still on sale for another 20 hours or so as part of the 10th anniversary 2K sale on Steam.

So the first thing I did after buying this awesome pack, was to download and install it of course as I eagerly wanted to try out the game. I had bought the game in the hopes of playing the 4 player co-op story that the game is well known for. I think this is an awesome feature of the game and I just couldn't wait to try it out and so I convinced three other friends to buy it along with me. This wasn't hard to do as the game is on sale for a ridiculously cheap price and the game got stunning reviews as well, a 89 on Metacritic I think.

My initial thoughts on the game:

So I made my character and customized it a bit and as I said I went with the Mechromancer as it can summon a cool robot sidekick, who doesn't want that honestly. The game is very unique in terms of graphics as it has a cell shaded look, very different from the other mainstream graphics intensive games. This is another thing that I like about this game, because I am for the time being, forced to play on a spare video card instead of my regular one which happened to break a few months ago. I have not found a replacement yet which is why I have this unique opportunity to try out older games that I missed playing in the past.

This doesn't mean that the graphics in Borderlands 2 looks bad in anyway, quite the opposite in fact I think it adds a very unique element to the game and I like the overall look and feel of the game so far.

The mechanics for the game look to be more ‘fun’ based rather than skill based as shooting doesn't really require you to aim all that well or accurately and you can still get ‘critical’ shots on your enemy.

The semi-open world concept is nice which prevents the game from being too linear and leaves lots of areas for exploration. Some areas contain hidden chests that have loot or money or other gear, another thing I liked about this game so far. Loot drops seem to be limitless and every mob you kill drops some loot and I have already collected enough guns to fill my backpack so I had to unfortunately throw some away. The backpack sadly has only 12 slots to begin with but I think this can be upgraded later on in the game.

So far I find the game really awesome and fun to play, there is even some hilarious dialogue from a smart-ass robot named Claptrap who seems to follow you everywhere in game. Even your enemies yell weird things at you all while trying to blow your head off.

Keep in mind that these thoughts are based solely on my initial experience with the game as I have only logged about 10 hours of game time. I just wanted to get a ‘feel’ for the game and its mechanics as well as test out my shiny new character that I got in the GOTY edition. I will probably do a detailed post about the overall game once I get more than half way or further in the game.



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