Thursday, March 19, 2015

My thoughts on VR (Virtual Reality)

So when everyone (myself included) first heard about the Oculus Rift – a virtual reality head-mounted display that was announced a few years ago, there was a lot of excitement and Buzz around this new technology that people have been dreaming of virtually forever - see what I did there ;)

But I am a realist (mostly) and I knew that It would probably take a few years before this product became mainstream, but as an avid gamer I was still extremely excited at the prospect of a virtual reality gaming experience.

Fast forward a few years and Sony announces its own take on VR – called Project Morpheus. Now that is an awesome sounding name for any piece of tech, but especially fitting for a VR device. Sony claims that they can release Project Morpheus to the public as early as 2016 and will be compatible with the PS4 and PS Vita. A prototype version of their device has already been on display a few times.

The consumer version of the Oculus Rift was initially rumored to be released in 2015, but the representatives of Oculus are adamant that there has been no definitive release date set. Facebook buying out Oculus might have something to do with the delay in release, maybe not?

But the good news is that with Sony’s announcement as well as other VR developments, there is an increased chance of at least one VR device being released in 2016. I know I am getting really excited again but that is just a single year away. What was once Sci-fi material is very close to becoming reality – or rather Virtual Reality. HA! Just let that sink in for a bit.

If we are only a year or 2 away from being able to game via virtual reality, then the possibilities of this technology remain endless. Imagine being able to browse the web, check your email or stream video through Virtual Reality.

While the possibilities ARE endless and the entertainment factor remains high, I do worry about some potential negatives. Like with any new leap in technology, once our familiarity with it becomes the ‘norm’ so does our reliance on the technology. I still remember a time when smart phones didn't exist and people managed just fine. These days I often hear “Omg my phones about to die” like it’s the end of the world. The same was true for the internet, personal computers and so on.

What if one day we wake up and we are simply “plugged in” to a virtual environment the majority of the time except for when we eat or sleep or even worse find a way to remain constantly plugged in like the matrix, after all Sony’s new VR device IS named Project Morpheus.

But I am sure I am just over thinking things and we are a long way off from VR becoming truly mainstream anyway, besides Skynet hasn't even been activated yet ;)

But technology does expand at an exponential rate and I am fairly certain we will see VR go from being for the enthusiast to mainstream sooner than later, as something everyone must have and can’t live without.

Nevertheless I am anxiously looking forward to Sony’s project Morpheus release as I currently game on the PS4; I just hope the price tag isn't too extraordinary. Add in the Virtual reality treadmill and I can virtually exercise while gaming. J

Also as a related side note who remembers this movie.

It certainly looks like Arnold is having a blast using VR for virtual tourism and creating the perfect woman and other such things.



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