Thursday, March 19, 2015

Giant Steam Sale on 2K Games - 10th anniversary

There is currently another Big Steam Sale on a lot of 2K games for PC. This sale is in honor of their 10th anniversary publisher sale. There are more than 30 items on sale, some of which include DLC’s and mini-games. Some of the honorable mentions include NBA 2K15, EVOLVE, Borderlands, Bioshock 1, 2, and infinite, Mafia II Civilization and Duke Nukem forever. This sale includes some titles up to 80% off. While not all of the titles are 80%, most are still reasonably discounted between 50% -75% off. The 2k 10th anniversary bundle has more than 14 games for a total of $53.60 discounted at 87% off.

This sale will only be around for 4 more days, so if you have been thinking about getting any of these games on the list, now would be a good chance to get it at a discounted rate. I myself am thinking about getting The Bioshock Triple Pack.

I previously enjoyed playing Bioshock 1 and infinite but never managed to complete either game. I have also never played Bioshock 2. This would be a good chance to add them to my ever expanding Steam library of games.
This sale ends on March 23rd, 2015.



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