Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Next Gen Nvidea GPU – Titan X with 12GB VRAM

So as I have mentioned many times before I have broken my video card in my main Gaming PC.
As I was constantly scouring the internet for a potential replacement, I came across this BEAST, known as the Titan X, a seemingly fitting name for a graphics card. This is the latest and greatest in the Nvidea line up of GPU's. The Nvidea Titan X which is supposed to go on sale tomorrow (March 18th 2015) is rumored to cost $999. Now there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this price tag and that is its beefed up specs including the utilization of the GM200 core, but more importantly, 12GB of VRAM. YUP! You read that correctly, I re-read it myself about 10 times. That seems like an insane amount of memory dedicated to just the graphics card. My whole computer has a total of 16GB RAM which seems to be more than enough for most things. I have no idea if that price tag is actually worth all the specs the card has to offer; only time will tell I suppose. I also don’t think this card is marketed towards mainstream gamers, rather the hard-core enthusiasts, of which I am most definitely not. So with that in mind the search for my replacement GPU continues. 



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