Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Starting a Fifa Channel and ULTIMATE TEAM in Fifa 15

I finally posted my first video on Ultimate Team in Fifa 15 on my main YouTube channel a couple of days ago. Although the video is just an introduction to my channel, just the fact that I managed to post it was weirdly satisfying. I know I know, it’s not the world's greatest accomplishment, BUT it is something I am striving for, to make videos and post them to YouTube on a regular basis.

In all honesty I thoroughly enjoy making videos and editing them. The problem arises when it is time to post them online to my channel. It’s like my work is on display for the whole world to see, the fact that I barely get any views at all on my videos completely escapes me. The sudden fear that anyone and everyone can now watch my video and potentially criticize my creation is a very REAL fear of mine. I know that to most people that sounds a little ridiculous, and I guess it actually is, but that doesn't make it any easier. I have made about 5-6 videos that I made BEFORE I made this fifa one that haven’t even seen the light of day. They currently reside on one of my Hard drives where they will probably remain for all eternity. I am not necessarily embarrassed of the videos I created, as I am mostly just goofing around, but I am still very picky when it comes time to uploading them.

It is just that a long time ago (couple of years ago actaully) I had created my first video and was very proud of it. I had spent a few hours editing it and picking just the right background music to play at just the right time. When I had finally finished it I had uploaded it to YouTube, mostly so that I could easily show it off to some of my friends. While most of my friends thought that it was pretty impressive that I managed to create and edit a video at the time, there was one person’s response that really got to me.

I promptly told this person that I had created a video and to check it out as soon as possible, with all the excitement of a grade school-er who just completed his first art project and thinks it is a masterpiece. That was exactly how I felt at the time. So my friend watches the video and then tells me, cool I made a video but what was the purpose of it? And I respond, “Well, because I can and it was something I wanted to try out, which also turned out to be a lot of fun.” He then responded by saying that it was all well and good but he just didn't see the point in my video and that it was a giant waste of time, because the video didn't have any real meaning to it.

Now I understand the video I created was a montage of me playing a game, and not everyone would understand or even like it because not everyone plays games or even that specific game, but to go so far as to call it a complete waste of time was a little harsh I thought. Anyways a few days went by and I thought I’d make another video because I had recorded some great moments in game that I thought would be awesome to share with my firends, and I was actually really excited as I started to make my second video, until I remembered what a certain person had said about my previous video. Needless to say I never ended up making a new video and decided to stop making videos altogether shortly after.

To this day I have no idea why a single person’s comment meant so much at the time, maybe it had something to do with the fact that I considered this person my friend and valued his opinion so if he said my video was a waste of time, then surely must have been. I was wrong of course and I think no matter what people think about your creativity, if you are inspired to do something, you should just go ahead and do it. I came to this realization a few years too late I’m afraid, but I think someone important also once said “it is NEVER too late” and so I have decided to start making videos again, and this time I think I am just going to make them and post them up regardless of what anyone (friend or stranger) has to say about them.

Anyway I know I rambled on quite a bit in this post, but I thought it was important for you guys to know some of the back story. So back to me uploading my first Fifa 15 ULTIMATE TEAM video to YouTube because what good is a post about my first Fifa 15 video if there is no actual video to show you guys, so here it is: 

Please feel free to tell me how making this video was a complete was of my time, not that It will do you any good I’m afraid, as I have already uploaded the video and don’t really care ;)

BUT on the off chance that you sort of like it, consider “liking” the video and even subscribing here, so you can see some more of my future videos. J



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