Sunday, November 22, 2015

Shoppers Drug Mart having an early Black Friday Sale on games

For all those Canadian shoppers looking for Black Friday gaming deals you will be pleased to know that Shoppers Drug Mart is having a massive sale on November 21st and 22nd 2015 only. This is supposed to be an early Black Friday Sale for those looking to get a head start on their Black Friday shopping.

Probably the most interesting item is the PS4 Uncharted Collection Bundle for $429 which includes a $100 Shoppers Drug Mart Gift card which you can THEN use to buy other PS4 games that are on sale such as Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition for $49.98 and Fifa 16 for $49.98 or anything else from Shoppers.

Other deals include the Xbox One 500GB Console with gears of War for $399.88 which includes 22,000 Bonus Microsoft Points, the New Nintendo 3DS XL for $179.88 and the Nintendo Wii U Super Mario 3D World Deluxe Set for $249.88.

There is also a Nintendo 2DS Mario Kart 7 Bundle on sale for $79.88.

The Shoppers Drug Mart Flyer indicated that selected games are on sale for $49.88 and some of the confirmed titles are Destiny: The Taken King Legendary edition for both the Xbox One as well as the PS4, NHL 16 for both the XBOX One and the PS4, Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain for the Xbox One and the PS4 and Fifa 16 for both the Xbox One and PS4.

Considering this IS Shoppers Drug Mart, there are probably a whole list of other items on sale store wide for this Super Black Friday Sale but all I mentioned in this post were the major gaming sales. For a full list of items on sale feel free to check out their flyer.

These deals are supposedly only for the Weekend so hurry in to pick up your console bundles and/or games before they are all sold out. This can also potentially serve as early Christmas shopping in addition to early Black Friday shopping as well, if you are shopping for gamers. 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

One more Day Left to win FUT United Grand Prize

This is the first year I am hearing of this but apparently EA is giving one lucky person the chance to win tickets to THREE BPL matches all in December around Boxing Day.

So What do you have to do to win this awesome Prize?

Not much actually, Apparently all you need to do is play and win ANY match in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. That’s right; you read that correctly that’s ALL you have to do, well at least according to the official contest page. You have to play and win the match anytime between November 13th and November 16th because that is the duration of the contest.

This includes games BOTH online AND offline (which makes things even easier) in Seasons, Tournaments and Challenges. The only game mode that this contest DOES NOT apply to is the new Fifa Ultimate Team Draft mode, but with the already available choices who can really complain. The contest is also open to all platforms including PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

Apart from the grand Prize to watch 3 Premiere League games, there are other in-game prizes available for Fifa 16 Ultimate Team.

The First Prizes include 1 million Fifa coins awarded to 10 lucky people and the Second Prizes include Jumbo Premium Gold Packs awarded to 3000 lucky players. While these prizes are certainly enticing for anyone who plays Fifa Ultimate team, especially the 1 million fifa coins prize, it is still nothing compared to the Grand Prize.

The specific details of the Grand Prize package includes round-trip airfare as well as 4 days and 3 nights’ hotel accommodations and tickets to 3 different Barclays Premier League matches, which are:

Southampton vs Arsenal on Sat Dec 26th
Manchester United vs Chelsea on Mon Dec 28th
Leichester City vs Manchester City on Tue Dec 29th

The prizes includes the cost of airfare, 4 days and 3 nights hotel stay and all three games not just for one lucky winner but a friend as well essentially doubling the fun.

I personally can’t think of a better Christmas gift for a BPL fan, let alone any football fan. And the best part of all this is? It doesn’t cost a single thing to enter. The chance to win this grand prize as well as the other prizes only by playing a Fifa Ultimate Team game I was probably going to play anyways? Sign me right up.

Like I mentioned this contest originally began on November 13, 2015 and will end on November 16, 2015 at 11:59 PM GMT, which means you have about 1 more day to officially enter the contest. The contest winners will be announced on November 17, 2015 according to the official rules.

The contest rules indicate that the contest winners will be chosen randomly and that purchasing something will NOT increase the chances of winning and all you have to do is play and win a single FUT game to be eligible, but I think I am going to play a game from each type match type both offline and online as well as buy some Fifa packs while I am at it, anything to increase my odds of winning.

Happy FUT United and May the odds be ever in your favor!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Can Fallout 4 live up to its Hype

Finally! At long last Fallout 4 will be released today for the XBOX ONE, PS4 and PC and considering it has been about 7 years since Fallout 3, I’d say it’s about damn time. While Fallout 3 was an absolutely immersive and fun game to play at the time, I just did not feel the same way about Fallout New Vegas. So when Fallout 4 was announced the excitement was real as I believed Fallout 4 to be the real followup game to its predecessor, and I am certain there were others who felt the same way.

From the looks of things Fallout 4 follows along the lines of Fallout 3 in terms of its vast post-nuclear apocalyptic world where you essentially get to live out a scavenger’s paradise while partaking in a not so typical RPG.

The hype for Fallout 4 began long before its official announcement, especially among the fans and community of Fallout and so when it WAS finally announced the excitement escalated to an uncontrollable level. Fallout 4 has attained an almost cult like following in the past few months leading up to the release of the game. Often times when a game is hyped up to this extent by fans and non-fans alike, the game sometimes fails to meet the expectations set upon it.

I’m not saying Fallout 4 will be a bad game, on the contrary everything from the initial trailers, to early game footage as well as critic reviews point strongly in favor of Fallout 4 being an amazing game. The problem is that the fans of the Fallout series have hyped up the game up to such an extent that the average gamer might feel let down after spending their money on Fallout 4. I personally feel that Fallout caters to a specific genre of gamers and you either really like the game or don’t and this was true even for Fallout 3.

Early adopters already complained that the graphics of fallout 4 were not up to par with next gen standards that they have been so accustomed to over the last two years. Bethesda has already tried to address this problem by announcing an immediate graphics update for the PC version. For hardcore fans however Fallout 4 is so much more than the graphics and how the game stacks up against other RPG games currently on the market.

As someone who played Fallout 3 and thoroughly enjoyed the game, when I first looked at the screenshots for Fallout 4, the graphics of the game were the furthest thing from my mind. I immediately felt a sense of familiarity and nostalgia probably from my time spent playing Fallout 3. To me playing Fallout 4 was an absolute must.

For new adopters to the series, however this will definitely not be the case and if they haven’t played Fallout 3, they might not fully understand what all the excitement was about in the first place or what Fallout 4 has to offer in comparison to the multitude of other games being released this year.

I personally feel that Fallout 4 is more about a “culture” of Fallout and I also think the game will be a lot more challenging than the average RPG game, especially to newcomers. This game will be centered around a community, but for those willing to give it a try I think that it will definitely be worth the time.

SO, the big question remains, will Fallout 4 live up to the hype?

I think that for the hardcore fans or even not so hardcore fans such as myself, the game will be an absolute joy to play with an abundance of changes and tweaks to the old mechanics, as well as new additions to the game such as the base-building system, the game can become a potentially dangerous time sink. For all the fans of the series, Fallout 4 is probably going to take top priority over other new games for some time to come.

For the average gamer, however this might not be the game they expected or imagined, considering all the hype leading up to its release, especially if they have never played Fallout 3.

I still think that Fallout 4 has a lot to offer especially in terms of content and uniqueness and if given the chance can totally immerse a person for hours on end.

I think that Fallout 4 is one of the biggest games of the year but only time will tell if it truly lives up to its long anticipated hype.

What are your thoughts on Fallout 4, and what do you think about all the hype surrounding the game? I would really like to hear from you, so feel free to leave your comments in the comments section below.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

My Best Ultimate Team Club yet

This is probably my final Fifa 15 post and rightly so, as it’s been a little over a month since the release of Fifa 16 which I had pre-ordered and am currently playing. I did feel the need to create a post about all the players in my final Club in Fifa 15 Ultimate team as I think it was my best Ultimate Team lineup by far in my 4 years of playing Fifa Ultimate Team.

Fifa 15 was probably my best Ultimate Team year due to the sheer number and quality of players that I got in packs or managed to buy. It was also the year where I obtained by first ever Inform player In Ultimate Team as well as my first ever Team of the season Player.

Ironically, I only managed to get my hands on Fifa 15 during the Christmas holidays as that is when I bought my PS4 as well the Holiday edition of Fifa 15. So not only was I about 4 months late to the party, I hadn’t even pre-ordered it which means no weekly packs for me sadly.

I do however remember buying quite a bit of fifa points in order to open packs on multiple occasions which might be the reason behind my Fifa 15 Ultimate Team success.

Fifa 15 was the first year I was able to buy Iniesta for my Ultimate Team. He is one of my favorite players to watch in real life as well as one of my favorite players to use ingame. Iniesta is an absolute gem of a player as his passing is top notch but even more so his dribbling is one of the best in game which I’ve used to edge out the win on more than one occasion.

Every year I play Ultimate Team I form a Liga BBVA team and try to emulate the club that I follow in real life, which is none other than the infamous FC Barcelona and in Fifa 15 I had the most Barcelona players on my Ultimate Team than any previous year.

I had almost everyone from Barcelona including first time addition of Dani Alves to Pique who I have managed to buy every year since Ultimate Team 2011. I was still unable to get the all sought after Messi or Ronaldo cards which I haven’t gotten in 4 years of playing Ultimate Team, hopefully Fifa 16 can be my lucky year.

I did however get a number of other notable players both from FC Barcelona as well other big clubs. Some of the honorable mentions include Neymar (Winter upgraded version), Bale, Robben, Ribery and the Legendary Ibra card. Most of these players were first time entries to my club in Ultimate Team ever!

Awesome attackers weren’t the only thing I was able to pack or buy; I was able to get the coveted Serigo Ramos and Thiago Silva card, although I never DID try them out in the same team and the Centerback Neuer. I jest of course, but he was BEASTLY at defending, defending the ball from going into the back of my net!

Someone once mentioned to me that there was no point in collecting Ultimate Team players as if I just wanted to use Bale or Ronaldo I could just use Real Madrid in Kick off mode or in regular online seasons and that would be that. BUT to me it’s all about the joy of opening a pack and finding a super rare card in it. It probably has something to do with my childhood experiences of opening card packs in real life in the search of those oh so rare holographic pokemon cards. I seem to get a similar rush from opening virtual packs accompanied by an equally similar and all too familiar disappointment and frustration of getting absolute garbage or god forbid a repeat of the same shitty player for the 6th or 7th time which, let me tell you was quite possible.

Nevertheless, my point is that Fifa 15 was my best year in terms of the players that I had in my Ultimate Team club and I managed to do it WITHOUT buying coins from coins sellers. While I did say I bought some packs, I didn’t spend thousands of dollars on Fifa points or even hundreds at that.

And so I wanted to share this with you – the world before I finally moved on for good to Fifa 16 in the hopes of getting an EVEN better Ultimate Team club. Maybe, JUST maybe Fifa 16 is the year where I FINALLY get the ever elusive Ronaldo or Messi, maybe even a Ronaldo or Messi inform or Team of the Season. That alone would top my Fifa 15 club that I was so proud off, but who am I kidding, I probably have a better chance of getting struck my lightning INSIDE my house with the way my pack luck is :P

Fifa 15 Ultimate Team was home to a lot of ‘firsts’ for me, first time Iniesta, first time Dani Alves, first time Neymar, first time Bale and more importantly first inform and first Team of the Season card ever!

I am hoping that Fifa 16 can be home to a few more firsts as well. With the addition of hero and Man of the Match Ultimate Team cards, there are even more choices of rare cards to pack than ever before and although I have never gotten anything other than an inform and a Team of the Season Toni Kroos, I will continue opening packs in the hopes of getting one of these sometime soon.

I did also start recording more of my pack openings, so when I eventually do get my first Ronaldo or Messi, I will probably upload my pack opening reaction for the world to see regardless of how embarrassing it turns out to be.

Here is a video detailing ALL my GOLD players in my club.

Feel free to let me know in the comments below what players you have packed or been able to buy for your Club in Fifa Ultimate Team.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Destiny: The Taken King already on sale

You read that right, Destiny Taken King is already on sale a little over a month after its release. If for some reason you are like me and almost never pre-order games 5 years in advance for those special pre-order bonuses AND have been waiting for Destiny: The Taken King to drop in price, well you are in luck!
Destiny: Taken King Legendary edition is on sale for $59.99 at your local Canadian Bestbuy for a savings of $20 Canadian for both the PS4 AND the Xbox one.  

This is an especially good deal if, again like me, you ONLY have vanilla destiny and not the 2 DLC’s that came after the original content.Considering you would need those two DLC’S in order to play the Taken King that would cost you $75 Canadian in itself if you bought them separately, as Just the Taken King expansion by itself is available for $40 and the 2 DLC’s combined can be bought for $35.

If however you buy the Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition which is currently on sale at Bestbuy, you would effectively be paying $40 for the Taken king expansion and $20 for the 2 DLC’s which is a pretty sweet deal.

This deal becomes EVEN sweeter if you have neither the DLC’s nor vanilla destiny to begin with as you are getting the original game for a fraction of the price early adopters paid for it, which is probably part of the reason for this sale, to get those last few stragglers who haven’t jumped into Destiny yet.

Either way, if you have been thinking about picking up destiny or looking for a reason to upgrade from vanilla Destiny, this would definitely be a good time to do so, as $59.99 for Destiny The Taken King seems to be a very good deal.

I think the next time the game would probably go on sale would be during Christmas / Boxing Day when it might be EVEN cheaper than $59.99. If you are willing to wait and take that risk, it might pay off. If however you have been dying to play it then head on down to your local Bestbuy and pick up a copy or even a regular games store if they are willing to price match the deal.

Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition will be on sale for $59.99 at Bestbuy till October 29th, 2015.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Fifa 16 Not as bad as the reviews claim

Even though I was always going to buy Fifa 16 regardless of what the reviewers said, there had been a lot of talk this year about PES 16 being the better option especially in terms of gameplay. I pre-ordered my copy of Fifa 16 a day before the release date here in Canada and while eagerly waiting for my copy to arrive at my doorstep, I looked at many early reviews of the game. To my surprise I found that the reviews were mostly negative as many people thought the game was lackluster or even just terrible.

I must say, reading some of these reviews really killed some of my anticipation for the game. So when the game finally did arrive I was anxious to even play it. Nonetheless my curiosity got the better of me and I fired it up, I did after all pay $100 for the deluxe edition, I’d have to play it at some point.
My first impression of Fifa 16 is that it is quite similar to Fifa 15 but with amped up presentation, graphics and squad updates.

Considering the reviews for Fifa 15 were generally favorable, I was kind of surprised to find mostly negative reviews regarding Fifa 16.

To me Fifa 16 feels quite similar if not exactly like Fifa 15 at least in terms of gameplay, with a few updates as well as a new game mode called Ultimate Team Draft, which by the way is quite fun and addicting. While the Draft mode is quite good, it is not the thing that stood out for me, the first time I fired up Fifa 16. It was the breathtaking presentation of Fifa 16 the really caught my eye.
If there is one thing that Fifa does well it is their presentation, and this year I think they outdid themselves.

The presentation in Fifa 16 is truly immaculate. Last year when Fifa 15 came out, I thought it was the best looking Fifa ever and didn’t think they could improve upon the presentation much this time around, I was wrong. Everything from the stadium including the people IN the stadium, to the atmosphere as well as the pitch and ESPECAILLY the players have all been exceptionally done and done better than in Fifa 15. They even added the magic spray to Fifa 16. At first glance this might not seem like such a big deal, but it just adds THAT much more to the realism and “feel” of the game.

Another thing that stood out for me was the prices of players in Ultimate Team, with EA implementing its min/max for Ultimate Team players towards the end of last year; it seems they carried this on in Fifa 16 and I for one am glad. Yes, they did this mainly because they want more money. They were losing money to coin sellers and while I’m sure coin selling still exists it’s just on a much smaller scale due to min/max prices settings. This means that instead of Messi costing 7 million fifa coins he now costs a more reasonable 1.2-1.4 million. Now don’t get me wrong that is still A LOT of coins but it seems much more feasible to attain Messi at that price than at 7 million coins.

IF Messi DID cost 7 million the ONLY way for someone to attain one would be through packs or well buying coins and so while people were buying coins, the prices were always insanely inflated and sometimes the market in Ultimate Team just crashed.
Hopefully this year we can have a more stable marketplace for Ultimate Team, with more stable and reasonable prices for players.

So what then was the problem that so many of these reviewers found to be so terrible about Fifa 16?
And the answer is nothing, I think most people feel like EA should have implemented some huge game changing mechanic that alters the playing style or changes the pace of the game. But the thing that makes fifa…well fifa, is the way it plays. While I have not played PES in a while, the last time I DID try it the movement of the players felt robotic, while in fifa the movement of players and movement in general seems more fluid, albeit a little fast paced.

Now this all could have changed this year as some of the reviews indicated that PES 16 gameplay far surpasses Fifa 16 gameplay, but I am a little skeptical of that, and I think people’s outlook is blinded by the fact that they were just expecting MORE out of fifa 16 this year for whatever reason.
Yes, while it IS true that EA seems to be milking their cash cow, and instead of making huge game changing strides have decided to keep relying on a model that already works well. I also do agree that some part of Fifa’s gameplay does need to be updated or fixed, but why change something that is already pretty good only to accidentally have it turn up being much worse?

With Fifa 16’s new amped up presentation, new Draft mode for Ultimate Team and long awaited changes to career mode, I think Fifa 16 is not that bad of a game, if anything its actually quite a good game, better in some ways than Fifa 15. I may be one of the few people who feels this way, but at the end of the day I think regardless of what people say they have or are going to buy AND play Fifa 16 anyways, and they SHOULD.

Fifa 16 has a lot to keep people occupied and while they only made minor improvements to the game overall, they all seem to add up making Fifa 16 a good game to play.

You can watch my very first fifa game against the computer in the El Classico match up below.

I would like to hear YOUR thoughts on Fifa 16 and whether or not you think it’s a decent game or completely garbage. Feel free to leave your comments in the comments section below!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

I finally bought Destiny for the PS4 on sale for $19.99

So I recently picked up Destiny for the PS4, Yeah I know I am kinda late to the party, extremely late actually, considering a third DLC which looks more like an expansion for the game is about to be released soon.

I had previously played Destiny at a friend’s place and failed to see the appeal of the game, but when the game went on sale for $19.99 at my local BESTBUY I thought why not? The sale lasts all the way through August 13th, 2015 for all you fellow Canadians also looking for a good deal on the game.

Given the relatively cheap price and the fact that I know quite a few people who play this game and were more than willing to help me progress through the story and level up, as well as gear me up all in preparation for the new expansion: The Taken King, I decided to take the leap and buy the game.

I bought only the base game (Vanilla Destiny) and NOT the two DLC’s that followed. I figured I would play through the story mode and if I enjoyed the game enough I would then buy the additional DLC’s as well as the new expansion when released.

I really decided to give this game a second chance and see what all the fuss was about. Some heralded this game as one of the best games to be released on the new gen consoles. My first experience with the game proved otherwise, but maybe that’s because I was thrown into a chaotic game where everyone was highly experienced at the game and I could barely walk straight.

I typically play shooters and MMO’s on my PC and so maneuvering my character at the time seemed a bit challenging. I thought if I started fresh and level’d up on my own for a while and played through the story, I might enjoy the game a bit more this time around.

While I did struggle with the general mechanics of the game, I have to admit I enjoyed the look and feel of it as well as the numerous things that were available to do in the game. It seemed like a combination of an MMO and a shooter ON a console of all things. The MMO aspect of leveling up, collecting weapons and armor and doing raids really interested me as a long time MMO fan while the shooter aspect of the game not so much.  Nonetheless I think this game can be fun if I go into it with the right mindset.

This also seemed like the perfect time for ME to pick up a new game that I wanted to try, considering my main game (Fifa 15) is in somewhat of a lull since there is about a month left before Fifa 16 is released and so there is not much left to do in its current iteration.

I will probably get through a few hours of gameplay in Destiny this week and post and updated /sort of review soon detailing my second encounter with the game.

Leave me your thoughts on Destiny in the comments section below, and let me know if there is anything that I may or may not need to know about the game.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

My First inform player ever in Fifa Ultimate Team

Ok so I have been playing Fifa Ultimate Team for a few years and I FINALLY got my First inform EVER! It was such a great feeling, I felt like a 12 year old kid who got EXACTLY what he wanted for Christmas. It’s strange how something not even real could invoke these kinds of emotions, I guess I just love gaming and Fifa a bit too much, nothing I can do about it in all honesty.

I know these days everyone gets excited about getting a TOTY or the upcoming TOTS cards or a LEGEND if you are on the XBOX but I had never even gotten an in-form before today. The best card I ever packed was an 86 Suarez in Fifa 14 which is not bad but it’s nothing amazing either.

So I got Alan DZAGOEV from TOTW 35 and Fifa 15 is now officially my favorite Fifa ever.
OK so he’s not the greatest inform ever and I’ll be honest I didn't even know who he was before today, but getting my first inform is still really exciting and now I’ll probably never forget his name even if I can't properly pronounce it.

The only downside I would say to all of this was that I did get the inform player in a free pack that was released by EA 2 days ago which means that I cannot sell the player on the market for Fifa coins. Even if I wanted to quick sell him for whatever reason I would get 0 fifa coins. This sucks a little as I am in the process for saving up for Neymar and he goes for upwards of 200k Fifa coins, so selling an inform card would have made a dent in that amount.

If I cannot sell the inform, I would have, ideally, at least liked to use the inform player in my active squad where I could utilize his, well, informness, yes that is a made up word. The problem with this inform is that he is a Russian player from the Russian league and would have like 3 chemistry if I put him into my active gold team in Ultimate team.

The team I am currently using is a Liga BBVA / Spanish Hybrid team which I mentioned in a previous post here. If the inform I had gotten was someone really epic, say for example the record breaker Ronaldo or something, then even if he didn't fit into my team I would invest some of my saved up FiFa coins to build a team around him, but this guy is just an 81 CDM, no offense, I mean for a CDM his stats are really good but at the moment I am using Sergio Ramos with 7 chemistry as my CDM and he is playing really well in that position. He also cost me about 97k Fifa coins.

Anyways, getting my first inform ever in Ultimate Team in any Fifa was definitely very exciting, especially to get one in a free pack considering how bad my pack luck usually is.

So even though there is not much I can do with this player, I will keep him in my club and hope my new found pack luck sticks around for when those Team of the Season cards or TOTS cards are released. If I am able to snag a TOTS card, THAT would be truly amazing. For now though all I can do is dream.

Below is the video I made of me getting my first inform card which I uploaded to my Youtube Channel.

I Wish I had captured a live reaction, but it’s probably for the best that I didn't. If you would like to see more of my Fifa videos, consider subscribing to my FiFa channel which you can do here.

Do you remember your first in-form ever, if so who was it? If you don't remember who your FIRST ever inform was, who was your best inform ever in Fifa Ultimate Team. Let me know in the comments section below.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

New Hero In-Forms released in Fifa Ultimate Team

So EA have decided to add yet ANOTHER card type to Fifa Ultimate Team. These cards are officially known as Hero items and will be purple in color. I will be the first to admit that these new cards look friking awesome in all their purple glory.

BUT are they really something great to look forward to?

Let me start of by explaining a bit about what these hero cards are. They are special in-form cards for players that “represent individual honors and moments” according to EA. What this really means is that they did something special during the week to deserve a special card, hmm now why does that sound familiar?

The purple cards are supposed to signify that the player did something special but for important games such as a league derby, winning promotion or saving a club from relegation.

So my problem with these cards is, apart from looking wicked cool, how are they any different from the weekly in-form cards. I mean if a player does things like these aforementioned “heroics” then shouldn't they just have an in-form card for that week?

How are these Hero in-form cards any different from regular in-form cards? In fact I say they are worse, because nobody would really want them except for the die-hard fans of the club they belong too. Most of these Hero cards seem like they would be lower rated players anyways.

Let us take this week’s Hero cards for example. Players that made the list include Callum Wilson, I’m sorry I watch quite a bit of football and I have no idea who that is. Ok let us take another one Troy Deeney, again no idea who this is. Gerorge Moncur, again not a single clue about who this is.

There were however only two notable names on this list and they were Edin Hazard for apparently winning player of the year and Harry Kane for young player of the year. Ok so these two players I recognize, almost anyone who watches any sort of football will, but why not just give them in-form cards for the week and then that’s that? Also these players aren't doing anything at the moment in the week to get these cards; they already performed well in one of their previous matches meaning they already got an in-form for that week that lead them to this point. Both Harry Kane and Hazard have had previous in-forms I believe.

Anyways I’m not sure if these Hero cards are here to stay, it looks like EA would like them to stay considering they mentioned they would like feedback on the cards and were open to modifying criteria of the cards based on the feedback.

Ultimately I am not a fan of these hero cards, not that it matters much as I will probably never get one in a pack anyways or maybe I will Because I don’t like them, JUST because EA feel like trolling me.

Soon you will see rainbow colored Ultimate Team squads when matching up against an opponent in Ultimate Team with EA adding so many new kinds of in-forms or special cards. I personally am waiting for a HOT PINK colored card, I don’t care what the achievement is for, could even be called “SPECIAL HERO CARD” just as long as its hot pink J

What do you guys think about these new Hero in-form cards? Has anyone got one yet and tested them out in their squads? 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

My Fifa 15 Ultimate Team Gold team – Liga BBVA / Spain Hybrid squad

It has been a few months since I started Fifa 15 Ultimate Team on the PS4 and since then I have been using a bronze team the majority of the time. Why? You ask, well using a bronze team to grind out games is cheaper than using a gold team. It’s as simple as that. Bronze contracts are cheaper, bronze packs are cheaper and usually result in a profit, albeit a very small profit. Bronze tournaments are also much easier to win because they emphasize skill much more than pace and long ball abuse, not that these things don’t exist among bronze players- they do, just much less so, in my opinion anyway.

Nevertheless everyone who plays Ultimate Team dreams of having their very own awesome Gold Team that they can show off to their friends and use to dominate other people with. A gold team is also ideal for making your way to Division 1 in Ultimate Team seasons, although just recently I saw an OP fifa player use a bronze team to win a game in Division 5 so that was a bit odd. Nevertheless after about a 100 games and winning a few tournaments I have been able to build a basic gold team.

This team is a La Liga BBVA / Spanish hybrid gold team. Behold the greatness: 

Ok, so this isn’t the greatest team ever, this team is actually quite the standard build for anyone with limited amounts of fifa coins. I don’t have the best goalkeeper, or the best defense or the best midfield or even the best strikers for that matter. All of that would cost too much or I’d have to get extremely lucky with opening Gold Packs. My pack luck in fifa is absolutely terrible, I’d be willing to wager it’s one of the worst out there and I don’t buy fifa coins from coin sellers, winning games is my only source of income. So that means the players I can add to my squad are very limited.

Nonetheless I think this squad is not bad and in fact plays quite well, and people more skillful than me in Fifa 15 would be able to utilize this squad very effectively even against better teams.

Winning games takes time and thus saving up fifa coins for a good gold player also takes quite a bit of time. Unfortunately even if I played 8-10 hours of fifa a day I don’t think I’d ever be able to save up for a Messi or Ronaldo in Ultimate Team at least not in Fifa 15. I already got the game much later than its release date and therefore had a late start to the game (January). So by the time I was assembling my bronze team there were people out there already with Bale or Ronaldo in their squads. No matter though there are a few more months of Fifa 15 left to play out and I am going to make the most of it.

The total cost of my team was around 30k fifa coins keeping in mind that I did get some players for free in packs, such as Diego Costa but most of these gold players are fairly inexpensive on the market at the moment, at least on the PS4, and prices on the PS4 tend to be slightly higher than on the Xbox as well.


GK: For my goalkeeper I decided to go with Ter Stegen from Barcelona, he is not the highest rated keeper in La Liga or even in Barcelona for that matter, but I think he plays well. In the future I might want to replace him with Iker Casillas from Real Madrid who happens to be higher rated. I have used Casillas in the past in my Ultimate team and he has done well. For those of you who have used both these keepers extensively, who do you recommend I use in net permanently? I would love to hear from you guys so please leave your comments in the comments section below

CB: For my first Center back I have Miranda who has 76 pace and 84 defending so an all-round decent defender in Liga BBVA. People have mentioned using Mathieu there instead but he doesn't seem to play as well for me. For my second Center Back I have Pique who has 86 defending but only 66 pace. I know he is really slow even for a center back but I find he does well for me. Even when attacking from corners he heads in some good goals. If I am going to play seasons in Ultimate Team however, I will probably have to switch him with someone else, I just don’t know who yet. I was thinking about putting in Silva there instead who can link up with Dani Alves as a RB and then link up with Miranda through Brazilian nationality. Any thoughts?

LB: For my left back position I have Jordi Alba who is probably not the best left back in the game, but he does have pace and stamina for daayyyyzzz. His defending is not bad although it could be better, especially his marking. I am not planning on making any changes to the LB position, I am happy with the way Jordi Alba plays there and I could definitely use the pace on the wings.

RB: For my Right back I currently have Carvajal in that position and he does well. His pace isn’t the greatest as far as right backs go but his defending is solid including his marking. I am thinking about replacing him however, with Dani Alves who I like much more as a player anyways. I will have to test out Dani when I buy him and see if he does in fact play better for me, if so then there could be a potential link between Dani and Thiago Silva as a CB replacement for Pique. I have not yet bought Dani Alves, he is a bit pricey just to test out, and at the time of writing this I think he is around 15-20k on the PS4.

CDM: for the CDM position I use either khedira or Xavi and they do ok I guess. This is the position I want to change the most. I am actually thinking about playing Sergio Ramos in the CDM position although he is a CB. I know he will lose quite a bit of chemistry from the position change but he still might do well in that position, again something I have to try out. Sergio Ramos however is very expensive at around 110 – 120k fifa coins on the PS4 currently, so it might be some time before I can actually buy him.

CAM: For my center attacking mid I have Iniesta who is my favorite player in Fifa 15 Ultimate Team so far. I think his ability to keep ball possession and glide past players is just amazing. I wish he had just a little bit more pace and he would be an Absolute BEAST, not that he already isn't. I have no plans to switch my CAM anytime soon. The only problem I have with Iniesta is I can’t utilize him completely for the full 90 minutes as his stamina runs low, so often times I have to sub him in during the second half of the game. During the first half of the game I use either Cerci or Callejon, both of who play decently. If I could somehow magically get the Team of the year or TOTY Iniesta, which would solve the stamina problems, then I could use Iniesta for the full 90 minutes. If only my wishes were so easily granted J

LM: For my left mid player I use a combination of Griezmann, Pedro or Silva who all fare decently in that position. I hope to eventually be able to get Neymar in that position but again that will take quite a bit of time as Neymar currently goes for above 200k fifa coins on PS4. 

RM: For our Right Mid we have Jesus who has pace to burn as well as decent dribbling, also he links up well with Costa one of the strikers I use in the team. I also have Vela as a substitute Right Wing and he plays well in that position also. Obviously Bale would be ideal for the RM/RW position but he costs way too much and I don’t think I’ll be getting him unless I get super lucky with a Gold Pack or something as Bale just costs too many fifa coins for me to earn enough through winning games alone to save up for him.

ST: for our first striker we have Diego Costa who is not bad at all. With 85 shooting and 92 finishing he seems ideal to be a striker. My only problem is that he is somewhat lacking in the pace department, with only 83 over all pace and 80 acceleration. I don’t know yet who would be a suitable replacement for him. Of course if money wasn't an option there would be numerous choices but my funds are limited so for now he has a place in the team. 
My second striker is Uche who is somewhat the opposite of Costa I guess, he has pace to burn but has only 78 shooting overall and 81 finishing, still though this guy has scored some pretty neat goals for me.

I feel like this is an area of my team that needs a bit of work, as I do need to replace one or both of these strikers eventually. I have been thinking about getting Benzema as well as Hernandez from Real and testing them out one at a time or both at the same time. I do also have Rodrigo and Mandzukic on the bench as my replacement strikers currently. 

Like I said if money wasn't an option I’d love to have Luis Suarez as my striker or team of the year (TOTY) Messi but honestly I can’t afford them, only dream about one day getting them in a pack or something but my pack luck might be the worst on Ultimate Team so even that doesn't seem very likely. 

Subs / Reserves: For my subs I have David Silva, Mandzukic, Mascherano, Cerci, Vela, Xavi, Adriano, Montoya, Deuloffu, Rodrigo, Pedro and DeMarcos.

Like I said this is not the best team ever in Ultimate Team, it’s just a team I can afford that happens to play relatively decently. I do however need to make some upgrades before I try and make my way to Division 1 in Ultimate Team. Some of the additions to the squad I am contemplating are Sergio Ramos, Karim Benzema, Dani Alves and eventually hopefully someone like Neymar. For the moment though this is the squad I am going with until I save up enough fifa coins to buy all my wanted / needed upgrades. I have currently managed to save up about 90k fifa coins so that is a good start. 

I posted a video on this team on my channel which you can check out below. Also feel free to visit my channel here for other fifa Ultimate Team videos I have up.

Let me know what you think about this squad for my Ultimate Team, whether you like it or not as well as what possible changes you would make and why? Also if you have your own squad you would like to show off, leave a link to futhead in the comments below and I will definitely check them out, maybe get some ideas from there as well.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Mad Max Gameplay trailer was more awesome than I expected

So I just watched the Mad Max gameplay trailer for the PS4 and I have to say, the game looks pretty good. I have never really known much about mad max until now, sure I had heard the name before and knew it was part of a popular movies series, none of which I have seen.

The mad max video game set to be released in September 2015, however looks like a very interesting game. The background story looks good, as you lose everything including your family and have to start over with only your will to survive.

The world depicts a post-apocalyptic environment where, you, playing as mad max get to engage in vehicular combat in order to take revenge on those who took everything away from you. The vehicular combat was the thing that most interested me about this game when I saw the trailer. It kind of reminded me of the Twisted Metal games I loved playing as a kid.

The vehicular combat in this game is a little different however, instead of having pre-built cars, each with their own unique abilities, you as the player get to build your own car from scratch. You customize it with armor and weapons, with the things you find in the world like scrap metal or guns and ammo. You decide how to upgrade it, engine and everything. The vehicle you keep working on over the course of the game is known as your magnum opus.

Vehicular combat isn't the only type of combat this game depicts, while fighting in cars can be a lot of fun it can become tedious and repetitive at times so the game has the added ability for close combat with a number of enemies. While there are guns such as shotguns and sniper rifles in the game, ammo seems to be scarce because of the post-apocalyptic world situation and all, so often times melee weapons will be used to take down your enemies.

Much like with your vehicle you can upgrade your own armor and weapons as well to make your close combat encounters more effective.

While the plot seems simple enough where the bad guy ruins your life and kills your family and you go on a rampage in order to get vengeance, the story really does seem like it will be immersive and get the player involved in the struggles of mad max. The open world looks stunning, as stunning as a post-apocalyptic world can look anyways with detailed environments, people and vehicles.

As someone who was never previously familiar with the mad max franchise I can honestly say that I am highly looking forward to playing this game. While the game only seems to feature single player, it seems like it will feature hours of open-world fun and exploration. The story seems immersive enough for me to want to complete the game and the vehicles themselves look really fun to use. I really like the fact that you can customize your vehicle as well as upgrade it to make it stronger as you progress through the game. Having to collect scrap parts from the wasteland to upgrade your armor and vehicle just adds to the post-apocalyptic feel of the game.

So the official release date for this game is set to be September 1st, 2015 and like all other games these days, if you pre-order a copy you get some cool thing or the other like a pre-built vehicle, known as the ripper, I believe.

There are so many awesome games being released this year I will be completely broke in no time, at least I'd have gotten to play some awesome titles along the way to brokeville.

Check out the gameplay trailer for mad max, and let me know what you think about it and whether or not you plan on buying the game?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Contest opens up to win a GTA V exclusive gaming PC from Rockstar

So GTA V has finally been released for the PC in all its glory and so far the reviews have been great! PC lovers have been waiting for GTA V to be released on PC for more than a year and it looks like the wait was well worth it, as the game looks stunning and runs exceptionally well on PC. The verdict is in and it looks like GTA V really was better optimized to run on the PC and even better on higher settings.

The game works well on budget PC’s as well as high end PC’s featuring GPU’s such as the GTX Titan X.

The game was so well received by PC fans that a few mods for PC version of GTA V have already been released. Some of the mods for GTA V include superhuman strength or super speed. The word is that these mods used in online mode are grounds for bans, as they should be, but Rockstar should really consider letting people use these mods on Single player mode only as they do look like quite a bit of fun.

While GTA V’s debut for the PC was surrounded by a lot of hype about the game being played at full 1080p 60fps and in 4k resolution, there are not that many people who have the kind of hardware to get that kind of performance out of the game. Not many people can even afford to build such a beast of a PC.

Rockstar, however have released a contest for one lucky person to win a Deluxe GTA V Custom Digital Storm Velox PC. Some of the specs of the PC include an Intel 6 core i7 processor, dual Nvidia Titan X graphics cards and liquid cooling. If that can’t run GTA V at 60 fps and 4K resolution, I don’t know what can. The contest is free to enter and is open till May 1st, 2015 and only available to certain countries. To sign up just visit the contest page on 

I already own GTA V for the PS3 as I bought the game when it was first released for consoles, but I am extremely tempted to buy it again for PC. This would also mean that a new build would be in order as my current PC would probably not be able to play GTA V that well as it is quite outdated. I could try and enter in the contest to win that Custom GTA V PC from Rockstar, but with my luck I have a better chance at winning the lottery I think.

Comment below regarding your GTA V PC experiences so far and what kind of build you are using to run this beauty of a game.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Fifa Price ranges for Fifa 15 Ultimate Team Players

So it has been a few weeks since EA released something epic on Ultimate Team. The DREADED fifa price ranges for players on Ultimate Team. This new update has been received with mixed feelings. People that generally hated coin sellers LOVE this new addition and people that relied on coin sellers in order to buy hard to get players, generally hate this new addition to the game and complained that price ranges has ruined FUT forever.

The majority of people are leaning towards hating the new price ranges in Fifa 15. Some even went so far as to say they would be quitting FIfa and heading over to PES, a bold statement. I doubt many of those have any real substance behind it, as Fifa is currently the ONLY good Football game on the market and so EA can do damn well whatever it pleases in reality, and there will still be tons of people who play the game.

My personal thoughts?

At the offset it looks like the addition of price ranges means that it might actually be harder to get players, especially the coveted ones such as Messi or Ronaldo as no sane person could play enough games or tournaments to make enough Fifa coins to afford one from winning games alone. So that leaves packs and luck as the only way someone could attain one of those cards and truthfully that’s the way it SHOULD be in my opinion. Having everyone with a Bale or Ronaldo in their team was just getting a bit ridiculous. EA specifically said they implemented the price ranges to make the players like Ronaldo or Messi more attainable and fair for everyone to get equally. This is only HALF true. The real reason they have implemented price ranges is because of the rampant coin selling that has plagued Fifa for the last few years, and more so Fifa 15.

The funny thing is, there are so many people hating on the new fifa price ranges, but it was these same people, not long ago, that were complaining that EA should do something about coin selling. Well they just did. Is it a perfect solution? Nope. Does it stop coin selling completely? Nope, not completely anyway, it certainly reduced it as players can no longer sell bronze players for millions of coins, but it is still happening, just on a much smaller scale.

So why has EA finally brought the hammer down on coin selling, well simply speaking they were losing money. More and more people were buying fifa coins from coins sellers, especially with Youtubers promoting coin sellers, instead of fifa points in order to buy packs and this was obviously making EA lose a lot of money.

The big problem that people have with this is that buying fifa points is 10 times, if not more, expensive that buying fifa coins, but the thing they forget is that no one is forcing you to buy packs. Fifa packs are simply another aspect of the game and technically you can buy packs with fifa coins that you earn from winning games, you don’t HAVE to buy fifa points in order to buy packs. No one is FORCING you to spend real money on fifa packs, it is just an option that exits FOR, well people who can or would LIKE to buy fifa points in order to open packs.

Yes, EA want to make money and, why shouldn't they, really. People see EA as some evil corporation, but they are doing what any sensible company would have done if they were losing revenue.

Like I said, the addition of price ranges to fifa ultimate team is probably not the best solution out there, but it has temporarily reduced the coin selling, and this in my opinion is a good thing.

Another huge complaint people have with price ranges is that it has completely ruined trading in Fifa Ultimate Team. I completely disagree; coin sellers already did that, years ago. Because of coin selling the market was in a constant flux with frequent market crashes and absurd prices. So yes while Ronaldo now costs anywhere from 4 million coins to 6 million coins, he used to cost more than double that at 15-16 million coins before the price ranges took effect. Now, you tell me what is a more absurd price. I really do believe that price ranges for ultimate team is a good thing and will be a good addition to future versions of fifa ultimate team. It has not been the greatest solution now since we are more than half way through the year for Fifa 15 but if released properly for Fifa 16 and continuously improved based on the market, I think it will work well and can even induce proper trading on Ultimate Team again. If price ranges are added to the very beginning of Fifa 16, then the market prices of players can be accurately placed, for example Ronaldo can cost anywhere from 1 -2 million coins, much better than 4 to 6 million or 15 to 16 million coins. Then at least this way if people play the game long enough and do everything possible they might be able to get a Ronaldo eventually simply from playing games.

People complaining that it has ruined trading now are just people who wanted things to be easy, and not actually work for the rare players. The original point of the game fifa is to well PLAY fifa, THE ACTUAL GAME. All the other features such as trading are secondary and people often forget that.

Anyways it doesn't really matter what I or anyone else thinks about FUT price ranges, since it looks like price ranges for fifa is here to stick around and people are just going to have to get used to it and they will. Sure they will complain at first for a while but in the long run, price ranges might make Fifa Ultimate Team a much better experience for everyone.

To combat the outburst of fifa players around the world, EA decided to give away free packs shortly after the release of the new price ranges. The free packs were ‘supposed’ to be for the 6th birthday of Fifa Ultimate Team, but really I think they were released more to combat the aftermath of the release of price ranges. There was a different free pack every day for a week I believe and there was even a tournament you could win fairly easily to get yet another free pack of rare players.

Here is how my free packs turned out:

I never bought fifa coins, and so these free packs really worked to my benefit as you can see. It’s too bad you can’t sell cards you get from free packs, but that’s alright as I’m sure I can use some of these players in my Ultimate Team.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Batman: Arkham Knight might be the best game of 2015

Batman Arkham Kinght might just be a super contender for the best game of 2015, or at least one of the summer’s best releases.

Let me tell you why.

I just happened to watch a video of the new Batman Arkham Knight Gameplay on the PS4 and all I have to say is WOW. This game looks absolutely amazing.

I only played a bit of the other ones, never to completion, but I can seriously say that I am really looking forward to this game quite a bit. I heard that it is going to be slightly delayed, but if that gives the devs more time to make it even more amazing and polish up the graphics even more before release then I’m all for it.

This game is supposed to be the finale, concluding all the other Arkham games, so I might have to go back and play them all before Arkham Knight is released.

The gameplay for this game just looks like pure unadulterated fun, everything from grappling your way and gliding across the city, to fighting multiple enemies at once, to simply walking around as the caped crusader looks awesome.

The only thing to top it all off is the God damn Batmobile, which you can drive in an open world environment to your hearts content. Besides looking Badass, and being extremely fast, it has a turbo boost, cruise missiles, and various other doohickeys. I can literally see myself just driving around in the Batmobile for hours NOT completing any of the game objectives. The best feature of the Batmobile though, has to be the fact that you can literally hop in an out of it whenever you please and SUMMON the vehicle at will. Yes, you read that correctly, you can SUMMON the Batmobile at will from the looks of things.

The cut scenes are very Batmanesque (yes, I made up a word) in all aspects from talking to Jim Gordon to interrogating rampant thugs.

The video showcases a lot of big names such as Harley Quinn, poison ivy, Two-Face, The Riddler, but most notably scarecrow, who seems to be the game’s main villain. He looks truly villainous in Batman Arkham Knight.

While the main plot looks to be the typical, villain takes over the city, and batman has to save it, while kicking same major ass in the process, the elements and dialog around scarecrow seem to be very well done. A lot of detail has gone into the costumes of, both, Batman himself as well as the villains. The environmental details for the City of Gotham look stunning as well. One of the most noticeable buildings was the GCPD that stood out on many occasions even as Batman was whizzing past it.

The atmosphere of the game and city has a very old school 'dark' feel to it, it is hard to describe, but very similar to the olden day batman movies, while using all the aspects of the current Gen graphics. I am personally very excited to get this game. I don’t pre-order many games, but I just might have to for this one especially since there are already a number of cool bundles you can choose from for the pre-order. There will also be a Limited Edition Batman PlayStation 4 for Arkham Knight shown in the picture below. 

This is a 500 GB PlayStation specially designed with the Arkham Knight Theme that looks absolutely stunning bundled with the game itself of course. If I didn't already own a PS4, this is probably the bundle I would buy.

I think this is one of the most anticipated games of 2015 and might also become one of the best
games in 2015.

The game is set to be officially released on June 23rd, 2015 barring any more setbacks or delays.  

Thursday, April 9, 2015

GTA V on PC looks amazing at 60fps and 1080p

So GTA V is soon to be officially released for PC on April 14th, 2015 after numerous delays. Even though the game is being ported to PC from its console version after more than a year, there is a lot of hype surrounding its release for PC.

Why you ask?

Well for one there was a trailer released about a week ago displaying how good the game can look and run at 60fps and 1080p on PC and I must admit, it did look pretty damn awesome. Rockstar themselves said that the PC version of GTA V will be their best or the ‘definitive’ version of the game. That is a bold statement to make, but they might have a point.

GTA V is supposed to run at full 60fps on PC which it currently cannot do on its console counterparts, and to this I say PC MASTER RACE!
Moving along, the game really does look quite different and I think that the PC version of GTA V might be its best version yet. The more than a year long wait might be worth it for PC owners.

While the game was displayed recently on a system that is out of budget for most consumers, Rockstar mentioned that GTA V for PC can run well at 1080p on most ‘average’ rigs.

You can also now pre-load Grand Theft Auto V on PC. The download for the game is nearly 60 Gigs on Steam. So if you are eager to have the game downloaded already you can do so now, but GTA V will only become playable starting April 14th, 2015 on its official release date.

I already own a copy of GTA V for the PS3, but I still haven’t managed to complete the game yet, so I might be tempted to buy the game for PC as well. I have not pre-ordered the game so I probably won’t get any online bonuses. Even though I already own a copy of GTA V for one of my consoles, I am still tempted to buy a second cope for PC, because who doesn't want to play GTA V on the PC master race.

Monday, April 6, 2015

I just bought Watchdogs for PS4 for $19.99

An open-world sandbox game centered around hacking. I must say this game looks like a lot of fun to play. I have been wanting to play Watchdogs since it was first announced, so when I heard that Watchdogs for PS4 was going on sale for $19.99 at my local EB Games I decided to pick up the game. The PS4 version of Watchdogs is said to contain 60 minutes of EXCLUSIVE gameplay.

The hacking, shooting, driving aspects of the game all look well done and seem enjoyable to use while completing a variety of missions or getting away from the cops. The environment as well as the graphics also looks well-polished. This game looks like another GTA-esque game with the added element of hacking things. I hope that this game is not too similar to GTA because if I want to play a GTA like game I will just go play GTA V, however from what I have seen this doesn't seem to be the case.

This game for some reason, also reminds me of a show I used to watch and kind off miss called Person of Interest. I haven’t started playing the game yet but from what little trailers and gameplay footage I have seen, this game seems to have some very similar elements to the show including the main character and especially the ‘hacking’ aspect of the game. For those of you who watch the show or have seen it will know exactly what I am talking about. It just makes me wonder where UBISOFT got the idea for Watchdogs from and if it actually was inspired from the show Person of Interest or not. I doubt that is the case, but I may have to look into it later as it is something I am very curious about.

The critics rate Watchdogs at around 8/10 – 8.5/10 while the user reviews seem to be much lower for some reason. I have a feeling that many people are comparing this game to GTA V while it is not supposed to be anything like that and secondly I read about the developers reducing the graphics of the game from the original displayed at E3. I guess I will just have to play the game myself and see if the graphics issue is really as big a deal as people make it out to be.

As for now though I am really excited that I got Watchdogs for the cheap price of $19.99 as I was always interested in playing the game and was going to buy it sooner or later. I think $20 for a PS4 game is a pretty sweet deal overall.

My only problem is that I seem to be amassing a ridiculous amount of games both for the PS4 and PC and have little or no time to ACTUALLY play them all. I am going to have to start playing Watchdogs soon or it will end up in the pile of games that I have not even opened yet.

So for those of you who also shop at EB Games from time to time, Watchdogs for PS4 for $19.99 will be on sale till April 7th, 2015 I believe, so if you have been planning on getting the game as well, now is as good a time as any.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Special PS4 DISCOUNT Code Offer ends today

There is a special PlayStation Store Discount for 10% off for the weekend and this sale ends today. The sale originally started on March 26th, 2015.

This PlayStation discount code enables you to receive 10% off one transaction made on the PlayStation Store on either the PS3, PS4 OR the online store at
This code will NOT apply to purchases made on the PS Vita, PlayStation TV, PSP or for purchases made in-game.

They will however apply on new games, old games or games already on sale, obviously some exclusions apply, but it should work for most games.

Again this code is only for the US, CANADA or Latin America regions. I mean if you are in Europe you can give it a try but it probably won’t work for you.

I understand that 10% isn’t the greatest discount ever but on a game that costs $69.99 that will give you savings of $6.99 which is STILL better than nothing. So if you have been waiting to buy a new game that you really want or you are just looking for a reason to spend money on the PlayStation Store then use this code.

BUT hurry as this code expires today March 30th, 2015 at 12:00 noon PDT. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Best PS4 System Update - Yukimura

So the new System Update 2.50 was released today for the PS4. With a cool name like Yukimura and even cooler features, it might be the best update for the PS4 yet.

Probably one of the best features and most anticipated features of this update will include the Suspend/Resume for PS4 games. This feature lets you jump in and out of games by pressing the PS button as well as being able to quickly switch from Rest Mode to powered-up while being able to pick up where you left off.

If you are one of those gamers who needs to constantly pause the game for whatever reason because of IRL interruptions, this feature will be extremely useful for you.

Mom demands that you do the chores or homework before further gaming? No problem just hit the PS button, put your console to sleep and come back when you are ready.

Another neat feature of the Yukimura update lets you back-up and restore data from your HDD to a USB. This includes screenshots, saved data, user setting and games. This might be the next best feature after the Suspend/Resume feature as I find I am constantly running out of space on my Hard Drives.

There are plenty of other features, both new and improvements on existing features, in this update to enhance the gaming experience on the PS4. For a full list please check out the PlayStation website. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

What is Metal Gear without Kojima

There have been lots of rumors and such concerning the fate of the Metal Gear Solid Series and Hideo Kojima’s role in it all.

For those of you who don’t know who Kojima is, think of him as the father of the highly successful Metal Gear series. He is the creator, director and writer of Metal Gear even though he was originally employed at Konami.

So the latest rumors all indicate a split between Konami and Kojima for unknown reasons. This leaves fans of the MGS series wondering what the fate of the game and series will be, including the up and coming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

So far Konami stated that MGS V will be released as planned in September of 2015 and Kojima will still play a major role in its creation and release. BUT just the way both Konami and Kojima released their respective, statements sounds to me like after the release of MGS V they plan on splitting up and going their own separate ways.

This is all well and good but leaves a daunting question in the minds of the fans: what is the future of MGS after MGS V?

Well according to Konami they plan to release more Metal Gear games AFTER the Phantom Pain, the catch is I don’t think Kojima will play a part in these new releases.

This will be somewhat interesting in my opinion as, what is metal gear solid without Kojima ? What new direction will Konami take the series in, and what about the original timeline and continuity?

I have a feeling Konami might just make all further games fresh and unrelated, but this is just my opinion. I also don’t know how well that will sit with the fans of the franchise as almost every Metal Gear game released to date was very well received.

Kojima claims The Phantom Pain will be his greatest game yet, so I guess I am just going to have to go out and buy it when it is released especially if it is the last Metal Gear Solid that Kojima works on. 

Day’s Alive counter on a website / Blog

I saw an interesting gadget or widget or whatever you want to call it while I was randomly browsing the internet today.

A website had a unique counter on its site that displayed Days: Months: Hours: Minutes. This was to track how long the website had been up or ‘active’ on the internet for, I have no idea how this counter works or what the criteria for it is, because a website can be ‘live’on the internet but in a parked state with no recent updates to it in a very long time.

Regardless I thought the idea was very unique and interesting. I thought that I might one day like to implement something like that on this site / Blog of mine. As I mentioned before that I tend to give up on things quite easily, which is why I had made this Blog in the first place, so having something like that counter would be a constant reminder of the commitment that I made to myself and it would drive me to not quit the Blog as well. I think the author or owner of that website was probably thinking along the same lines when he/she decided to implement such a gadget on their site.

This brought me to another realization, that there are probably tons of other people out there who are giving up too early on their dreams for whatever reason and just not seeing things through. Often times when I tell people this or my reason for giving up (yet again) I get a response like “just do it” Now this might work for NIKE but it clearly doesn’t seem to work for me. I think it’s much more complicated than that and there are often various underlining factors for why people give up.

One of the major factors, even though it is hard for me to admit is peoples approval. Not just any people, mind you, I mean people closest to you such as family, friends or a significant other. I am often worried about what people will think when I tell them that I like writing or any of my other hobbies, wonder if they will consider it ‘weird’ or ‘odd’. Another reason is IF I have already told someone and they think that my idea is just plain dumb and will not work out, this can be disheartening and while it might not affect me immediately, the thought will linger in my mind for quite some time.

I just have to remind myself that I really don’t need other people’s approval to do the things that I enjoy and more importantly the things that I WANT to do. I know this all sounds easy enough to do but take it from me, someone who failed a few times, that having people criticize the things you are passionate about can play a huge part in whether you decide to see things through or give up. This is why I think everyone needs to try and find at least one person who will be supportive of their ideas and thoughts.

I know I went off topic a bit, but my point is something simple yet unique such as this days alive counter can be a helpful ‘tool’ to serve as a reminder or driving force to keep going.

At the moment I have no idea how to even implement such a counter or where on my Blog I would put it as I am still learning the basics of blogging and web development and such. But maybe once my skills have evolved sufficiently, I would like to try and add something similar on my site.

If I had such a counter on this site currently, I think the count would be close to a month which is a good start. J

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Bloodborne release on March 24th, 2015 – PS4 exclusive

I had initially seen Bloodborne gameplay a while ago and it got my attention right away as the game just looked awesome. The game has a very cool hack and slash - 
steam-punk feel to it, which looks like a lot of fun to play. The graphics seem well polished and the surroundings seem to emulate a very olden-times era feeling to it. The game reminds me of Van Helsing for some reason.

The game has both single player and multiplayer (co-op) modes which I think is pretty cool. I absolutely love games that have the co-op feature because there is nothing better than playing a really good game with a friend.

Bloodborne is a descendant of Demon’s Souls and Dark souls released by From Software and has the similar action role-playing elements in it. Admittedly this is something that bothers me, as I have heard that Dark souls was a very ‘challenging’ and somewhat frustrating game to play which heavily punishes dying both offline and online. I myself have never played either of the previous games so there is not much more i can say about them other than, I hope that this element of the game is not as bad as it was in its predecessors. I have nothing against ridiculously hard games; it is just not my cup of tea. I would much prefer running around slashing things up with spectacular weapons.

So although I am excited for the game and it looks extremely fun to play, I’ll have to hold off on purchasing the game till I get some initial feedback and reviews of the game. But if this looks like the game for you, you might want to make a note that it is being released on March 24th, 2015 in North America. The Europe release date is March 25th followed by Japan on the 26th and UK on the 27th. This game is exclusive to Sony’s PS4.