Saturday, March 14, 2015

A gaming Blogger and his Gaming Blog

So I have been scouring the internet and I have found out that I am not unique in my situation of where I like playing games AND like Blogging about them. This has both interested and inspired me to keep writing articles in my Blog. I have found some very interesting sites that are essentially gaming blogs; some are more opinion based but still very good, while others are more serious and focus on proper game reviews.

I know there are some Big gaming blogs such as Kotaku and Joystiq, but these sites have quite a few writers who posts dozens of articles a day. The more single-writer, opinion based niche is where I fit into I think. These are the kind of Blogs I was talking about when I mentioned I recently discovered OTHER gaming blogs.

I obviously can’t write dozens of posts a day myself, neither can I afford to play every single game that hits the market as my current budget just does not allow it (sadly). Hopefully one day I will be able to buy most if not all big games that I want to play and have the freedom and time to write many posts a week if not daily. I KNOW, I know, a guy can dream though can’t he?

When I started this Blog not only did I think there were no others out there who shared the same dual interest I had (which in retrospect is kind of silly since there are literally Billions of people on this planet) but from what I have seen most seem to enjoy the fact that they game and get to write about it as well. I saw many different kinds of blogs that focused on gaming in general or a certain genre of games or even a single game.

I had also never considered doing any official reviews of games on this Blog but it is something I may consider doing once I get a bit more experienced at writing and this Blog is past its infancy. I really just want to focus on the writing aspect of my Blog at the moment. I think if I start doing too many things at once, it just won’t work out so well. I haven’t written as much since high school and I feel that even my basic writing skills are a bit lacking at the moment. Once I am satisfied with the improvement in my writing, I think then I can start to focus on other things such as design or reviews or something else.

My point is that I am not alone in my interests and it is always nice or comforting to see like-minded people sharing the same interests as you.

So starting today I am hereby naming myself (mostly because I can) a Gaming Blogger and whether or not other people agree with me is well entirely their opinion, which they are entitled to of course.

I hope to continue being a Gaming Blogger posting articles on my Gaming Blog for some time to come. 



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