Monday, March 23, 2015

Day’s Alive counter on a website / Blog

I saw an interesting gadget or widget or whatever you want to call it while I was randomly browsing the internet today.

A website had a unique counter on its site that displayed Days: Months: Hours: Minutes. This was to track how long the website had been up or ‘active’ on the internet for, I have no idea how this counter works or what the criteria for it is, because a website can be ‘live’on the internet but in a parked state with no recent updates to it in a very long time.

Regardless I thought the idea was very unique and interesting. I thought that I might one day like to implement something like that on this site / Blog of mine. As I mentioned before that I tend to give up on things quite easily, which is why I had made this Blog in the first place, so having something like that counter would be a constant reminder of the commitment that I made to myself and it would drive me to not quit the Blog as well. I think the author or owner of that website was probably thinking along the same lines when he/she decided to implement such a gadget on their site.

This brought me to another realization, that there are probably tons of other people out there who are giving up too early on their dreams for whatever reason and just not seeing things through. Often times when I tell people this or my reason for giving up (yet again) I get a response like “just do it” Now this might work for NIKE but it clearly doesn’t seem to work for me. I think it’s much more complicated than that and there are often various underlining factors for why people give up.

One of the major factors, even though it is hard for me to admit is peoples approval. Not just any people, mind you, I mean people closest to you such as family, friends or a significant other. I am often worried about what people will think when I tell them that I like writing or any of my other hobbies, wonder if they will consider it ‘weird’ or ‘odd’. Another reason is IF I have already told someone and they think that my idea is just plain dumb and will not work out, this can be disheartening and while it might not affect me immediately, the thought will linger in my mind for quite some time.

I just have to remind myself that I really don’t need other people’s approval to do the things that I enjoy and more importantly the things that I WANT to do. I know this all sounds easy enough to do but take it from me, someone who failed a few times, that having people criticize the things you are passionate about can play a huge part in whether you decide to see things through or give up. This is why I think everyone needs to try and find at least one person who will be supportive of their ideas and thoughts.

I know I went off topic a bit, but my point is something simple yet unique such as this days alive counter can be a helpful ‘tool’ to serve as a reminder or driving force to keep going.

At the moment I have no idea how to even implement such a counter or where on my Blog I would put it as I am still learning the basics of blogging and web development and such. But maybe once my skills have evolved sufficiently, I would like to try and add something similar on my site.

If I had such a counter on this site currently, I think the count would be close to a month which is a good start. J



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