Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Contest opens up to win a GTA V exclusive gaming PC from Rockstar

So GTA V has finally been released for the PC in all its glory and so far the reviews have been great! PC lovers have been waiting for GTA V to be released on PC for more than a year and it looks like the wait was well worth it, as the game looks stunning and runs exceptionally well on PC. The verdict is in and it looks like GTA V really was better optimized to run on the PC and even better on higher settings.

The game works well on budget PC’s as well as high end PC’s featuring GPU’s such as the GTX Titan X.

The game was so well received by PC fans that a few mods for PC version of GTA V have already been released. Some of the mods for GTA V include superhuman strength or super speed. The word is that these mods used in online mode are grounds for bans, as they should be, but Rockstar should really consider letting people use these mods on Single player mode only as they do look like quite a bit of fun.

While GTA V’s debut for the PC was surrounded by a lot of hype about the game being played at full 1080p 60fps and in 4k resolution, there are not that many people who have the kind of hardware to get that kind of performance out of the game. Not many people can even afford to build such a beast of a PC.

Rockstar, however have released a contest for one lucky person to win a Deluxe GTA V Custom Digital Storm Velox PC. Some of the specs of the PC include an Intel 6 core i7 processor, dual Nvidia Titan X graphics cards and liquid cooling. If that can’t run GTA V at 60 fps and 4K resolution, I don’t know what can. The contest is free to enter and is open till May 1st, 2015 and only available to certain countries. To sign up just visit the contest page on rockstar.com. 

I already own GTA V for the PS3 as I bought the game when it was first released for consoles, but I am extremely tempted to buy it again for PC. This would also mean that a new build would be in order as my current PC would probably not be able to play GTA V that well as it is quite outdated. I could try and enter in the contest to win that Custom GTA V PC from Rockstar, but with my luck I have a better chance at winning the lottery I think.

Comment below regarding your GTA V PC experiences so far and what kind of build you are using to run this beauty of a game.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Fifa Price ranges for Fifa 15 Ultimate Team Players

So it has been a few weeks since EA released something epic on Ultimate Team. The DREADED fifa price ranges for players on Ultimate Team. This new update has been received with mixed feelings. People that generally hated coin sellers LOVE this new addition and people that relied on coin sellers in order to buy hard to get players, generally hate this new addition to the game and complained that price ranges has ruined FUT forever.

The majority of people are leaning towards hating the new price ranges in Fifa 15. Some even went so far as to say they would be quitting FIfa and heading over to PES, a bold statement. I doubt many of those have any real substance behind it, as Fifa is currently the ONLY good Football game on the market and so EA can do damn well whatever it pleases in reality, and there will still be tons of people who play the game.

My personal thoughts?

At the offset it looks like the addition of price ranges means that it might actually be harder to get players, especially the coveted ones such as Messi or Ronaldo as no sane person could play enough games or tournaments to make enough Fifa coins to afford one from winning games alone. So that leaves packs and luck as the only way someone could attain one of those cards and truthfully that’s the way it SHOULD be in my opinion. Having everyone with a Bale or Ronaldo in their team was just getting a bit ridiculous. EA specifically said they implemented the price ranges to make the players like Ronaldo or Messi more attainable and fair for everyone to get equally. This is only HALF true. The real reason they have implemented price ranges is because of the rampant coin selling that has plagued Fifa for the last few years, and more so Fifa 15.

The funny thing is, there are so many people hating on the new fifa price ranges, but it was these same people, not long ago, that were complaining that EA should do something about coin selling. Well they just did. Is it a perfect solution? Nope. Does it stop coin selling completely? Nope, not completely anyway, it certainly reduced it as players can no longer sell bronze players for millions of coins, but it is still happening, just on a much smaller scale.

So why has EA finally brought the hammer down on coin selling, well simply speaking they were losing money. More and more people were buying fifa coins from coins sellers, especially with Youtubers promoting coin sellers, instead of fifa points in order to buy packs and this was obviously making EA lose a lot of money.

The big problem that people have with this is that buying fifa points is 10 times, if not more, expensive that buying fifa coins, but the thing they forget is that no one is forcing you to buy packs. Fifa packs are simply another aspect of the game and technically you can buy packs with fifa coins that you earn from winning games, you don’t HAVE to buy fifa points in order to buy packs. No one is FORCING you to spend real money on fifa packs, it is just an option that exits FOR, well people who can or would LIKE to buy fifa points in order to open packs.

Yes, EA want to make money and, why shouldn't they, really. People see EA as some evil corporation, but they are doing what any sensible company would have done if they were losing revenue.

Like I said, the addition of price ranges to fifa ultimate team is probably not the best solution out there, but it has temporarily reduced the coin selling, and this in my opinion is a good thing.

Another huge complaint people have with price ranges is that it has completely ruined trading in Fifa Ultimate Team. I completely disagree; coin sellers already did that, years ago. Because of coin selling the market was in a constant flux with frequent market crashes and absurd prices. So yes while Ronaldo now costs anywhere from 4 million coins to 6 million coins, he used to cost more than double that at 15-16 million coins before the price ranges took effect. Now, you tell me what is a more absurd price. I really do believe that price ranges for ultimate team is a good thing and will be a good addition to future versions of fifa ultimate team. It has not been the greatest solution now since we are more than half way through the year for Fifa 15 but if released properly for Fifa 16 and continuously improved based on the market, I think it will work well and can even induce proper trading on Ultimate Team again. If price ranges are added to the very beginning of Fifa 16, then the market prices of players can be accurately placed, for example Ronaldo can cost anywhere from 1 -2 million coins, much better than 4 to 6 million or 15 to 16 million coins. Then at least this way if people play the game long enough and do everything possible they might be able to get a Ronaldo eventually simply from playing games.

People complaining that it has ruined trading now are just people who wanted things to be easy, and not actually work for the rare players. The original point of the game fifa is to well PLAY fifa, THE ACTUAL GAME. All the other features such as trading are secondary and people often forget that.

Anyways it doesn't really matter what I or anyone else thinks about FUT price ranges, since it looks like price ranges for fifa is here to stick around and people are just going to have to get used to it and they will. Sure they will complain at first for a while but in the long run, price ranges might make Fifa Ultimate Team a much better experience for everyone.

To combat the outburst of fifa players around the world, EA decided to give away free packs shortly after the release of the new price ranges. The free packs were ‘supposed’ to be for the 6th birthday of Fifa Ultimate Team, but really I think they were released more to combat the aftermath of the release of price ranges. There was a different free pack every day for a week I believe and there was even a tournament you could win fairly easily to get yet another free pack of rare players.

Here is how my free packs turned out:

I never bought fifa coins, and so these free packs really worked to my benefit as you can see. It’s too bad you can’t sell cards you get from free packs, but that’s alright as I’m sure I can use some of these players in my Ultimate Team.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Batman: Arkham Knight might be the best game of 2015

Batman Arkham Kinght might just be a super contender for the best game of 2015, or at least one of the summer’s best releases.

Let me tell you why.

I just happened to watch a video of the new Batman Arkham Knight Gameplay on the PS4 and all I have to say is WOW. This game looks absolutely amazing.

I only played a bit of the other ones, never to completion, but I can seriously say that I am really looking forward to this game quite a bit. I heard that it is going to be slightly delayed, but if that gives the devs more time to make it even more amazing and polish up the graphics even more before release then I’m all for it.

This game is supposed to be the finale, concluding all the other Arkham games, so I might have to go back and play them all before Arkham Knight is released.

The gameplay for this game just looks like pure unadulterated fun, everything from grappling your way and gliding across the city, to fighting multiple enemies at once, to simply walking around as the caped crusader looks awesome.

The only thing to top it all off is the God damn Batmobile, which you can drive in an open world environment to your hearts content. Besides looking Badass, and being extremely fast, it has a turbo boost, cruise missiles, and various other doohickeys. I can literally see myself just driving around in the Batmobile for hours NOT completing any of the game objectives. The best feature of the Batmobile though, has to be the fact that you can literally hop in an out of it whenever you please and SUMMON the vehicle at will. Yes, you read that correctly, you can SUMMON the Batmobile at will from the looks of things.

The cut scenes are very Batmanesque (yes, I made up a word) in all aspects from talking to Jim Gordon to interrogating rampant thugs.

The video showcases a lot of big names such as Harley Quinn, poison ivy, Two-Face, The Riddler, but most notably scarecrow, who seems to be the game’s main villain. He looks truly villainous in Batman Arkham Knight.

While the main plot looks to be the typical, villain takes over the city, and batman has to save it, while kicking same major ass in the process, the elements and dialog around scarecrow seem to be very well done. A lot of detail has gone into the costumes of, both, Batman himself as well as the villains. The environmental details for the City of Gotham look stunning as well. One of the most noticeable buildings was the GCPD that stood out on many occasions even as Batman was whizzing past it.

The atmosphere of the game and city has a very old school 'dark' feel to it, it is hard to describe, but very similar to the olden day batman movies, while using all the aspects of the current Gen graphics. I am personally very excited to get this game. I don’t pre-order many games, but I just might have to for this one especially since there are already a number of cool bundles you can choose from for the pre-order. There will also be a Limited Edition Batman PlayStation 4 for Arkham Knight shown in the picture below. 

This is a 500 GB PlayStation specially designed with the Arkham Knight Theme that looks absolutely stunning bundled with the game itself of course. If I didn't already own a PS4, this is probably the bundle I would buy.

I think this is one of the most anticipated games of 2015 and might also become one of the best
games in 2015.

The game is set to be officially released on June 23rd, 2015 barring any more setbacks or delays.  

Thursday, April 9, 2015

GTA V on PC looks amazing at 60fps and 1080p

So GTA V is soon to be officially released for PC on April 14th, 2015 after numerous delays. Even though the game is being ported to PC from its console version after more than a year, there is a lot of hype surrounding its release for PC.

Why you ask?

Well for one there was a trailer released about a week ago displaying how good the game can look and run at 60fps and 1080p on PC and I must admit, it did look pretty damn awesome. Rockstar themselves said that the PC version of GTA V will be their best or the ‘definitive’ version of the game. That is a bold statement to make, but they might have a point.

GTA V is supposed to run at full 60fps on PC which it currently cannot do on its console counterparts, and to this I say PC MASTER RACE!
Moving along, the game really does look quite different and I think that the PC version of GTA V might be its best version yet. The more than a year long wait might be worth it for PC owners.

While the game was displayed recently on a system that is out of budget for most consumers, Rockstar mentioned that GTA V for PC can run well at 1080p on most ‘average’ rigs.

You can also now pre-load Grand Theft Auto V on PC. The download for the game is nearly 60 Gigs on Steam. So if you are eager to have the game downloaded already you can do so now, but GTA V will only become playable starting April 14th, 2015 on its official release date.

I already own a copy of GTA V for the PS3, but I still haven’t managed to complete the game yet, so I might be tempted to buy the game for PC as well. I have not pre-ordered the game so I probably won’t get any online bonuses. Even though I already own a copy of GTA V for one of my consoles, I am still tempted to buy a second cope for PC, because who doesn't want to play GTA V on the PC master race.

Monday, April 6, 2015

I just bought Watchdogs for PS4 for $19.99

An open-world sandbox game centered around hacking. I must say this game looks like a lot of fun to play. I have been wanting to play Watchdogs since it was first announced, so when I heard that Watchdogs for PS4 was going on sale for $19.99 at my local EB Games I decided to pick up the game. The PS4 version of Watchdogs is said to contain 60 minutes of EXCLUSIVE gameplay.

The hacking, shooting, driving aspects of the game all look well done and seem enjoyable to use while completing a variety of missions or getting away from the cops. The environment as well as the graphics also looks well-polished. This game looks like another GTA-esque game with the added element of hacking things. I hope that this game is not too similar to GTA because if I want to play a GTA like game I will just go play GTA V, however from what I have seen this doesn't seem to be the case.

This game for some reason, also reminds me of a show I used to watch and kind off miss called Person of Interest. I haven’t started playing the game yet but from what little trailers and gameplay footage I have seen, this game seems to have some very similar elements to the show including the main character and especially the ‘hacking’ aspect of the game. For those of you who watch the show or have seen it will know exactly what I am talking about. It just makes me wonder where UBISOFT got the idea for Watchdogs from and if it actually was inspired from the show Person of Interest or not. I doubt that is the case, but I may have to look into it later as it is something I am very curious about.

The critics rate Watchdogs at around 8/10 – 8.5/10 while the user reviews seem to be much lower for some reason. I have a feeling that many people are comparing this game to GTA V while it is not supposed to be anything like that and secondly I read about the developers reducing the graphics of the game from the original displayed at E3. I guess I will just have to play the game myself and see if the graphics issue is really as big a deal as people make it out to be.

As for now though I am really excited that I got Watchdogs for the cheap price of $19.99 as I was always interested in playing the game and was going to buy it sooner or later. I think $20 for a PS4 game is a pretty sweet deal overall.

My only problem is that I seem to be amassing a ridiculous amount of games both for the PS4 and PC and have little or no time to ACTUALLY play them all. I am going to have to start playing Watchdogs soon or it will end up in the pile of games that I have not even opened yet.

So for those of you who also shop at EB Games from time to time, Watchdogs for PS4 for $19.99 will be on sale till April 7th, 2015 I believe, so if you have been planning on getting the game as well, now is as good a time as any.