Saturday, September 17, 2016

New Penalties in FIFA 17

Fifa 17 is set to be released soon and with it, the game brings a whole host of changes. One of the BIGGEST changes to the game this year in Fifa 17 is Penalty Kicks.EA has done a complete overhaul on the penalty shooting system, whether that is penalties during games or a penalty shootout.

There are 3 Main mechanics for Penalty kicks in Fifa 17:

Run up TO the ball – EA has added the ability for the player to control the direction/angle in which the free kick taker can run up to the ball, thus adding new ways to take penalties just based on the angle you strike the ball at. You can adjust the run position before you move to take the kick by using the “Right Analog stick” on both the PS4 and XBOX ONE.

Run initiation and direction – You have to push the left stick up a bit to “imitate” or “start” your run up to the ball. You ALSO use the “Left Analog Stick” to control the direction of the ball WHILE you are running towards it to kick it.

Unlike the previous Fifa, you just tap the left stick in a certain direction and leave it be. In FIFA 17 you have to HOLD the left stick in the direction you want the ball to go, very similar to shooting the ball during a game. If you let go of the stick the ball will just go to the side, usually out or straight at the keep, in both cases causing you to miss the penalty.

Shot Power – As always shot power is controlled by the “Circle” or “B” button depending what console you are playing on. This is mostly the same as last year, except it seems that the shot power is adjusted a bit, which means that unless you hold down the button for more than a second the ball won’t blast off into the stands UNLESS you aim it in that direction of course. The shot power SEEMS much more refined for both penalty kicks as well as shooting this year in Fifa 17. EA have also removed that bar you had to aim right in the middle for to get the perfect penalty.

The penalty system seems largely hit or miss in that some people like it and some don’t. I think that this new penalty system in Fifa 17 is for the better and I’ll tell you why, First it feels more realistic. Since there is no bar where you have to get it in the green ”safe” zone anymore, this year taking penalties doesn’t feel as much as a mini game as compared to previously.

This year in Fifa 17 you have to think about taking penalties much more naturally as though you are just running up to the ball to shoot it into the net. My advice would be to not worry too much about the Run up to the ball mechanic as much. I found that the majority of the time if I left the player in his default starting position, they would be able to score the penalty as long as I got the direction and power right.

The MORE important change is to get the direction JUST right, you cant move the left stick too far to one side as that will make the ball go out, but you cant have it too much in the center or it’ll be easy picking for the keeper. You want to move the left analog stick just a bit in the direction you are aiming for and then let the power at which you hit the ball ensure it goes to the top or bottom corners.
I think the new penalty kick system is just one of the few ways in which EA is taking a step in the right direction. With that said I am really looking forward to the new Fifa 17 and all the changes it will bring to the game.

Below is a video showcasing the new penalty kick system and how taking penalties in FIFA 17 is different that Fifa 16 or previous years. 

Let me know your thoughts on the new penalty system and what you think about it or if you’ve had a chance to try it out.



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