Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Ps Plus free games for June 2016 not good enough for PS Plus sbscribers

There have been mixed feelings about this month’s lineup of free games for PS plus members and I really don’t see why.

One of the major complaints was that last month’s line up was bad and so is this months, making those back to back BAD lineups for PS Plus members who are finding it hard to see the value of their PlayStation Plus membership. Again I fail to see why? Are PlayStation gamers just expecting too much?

Ok, so last month’s list of games didn’t include any AAA titles and it wasn’t one of the hottest lineups of free games ever. To refresh your memory last month’s games included:

Tropico 5 – PS4
Table top Racing: World Tour – PS4
Switch Galaxy Ultra – Ps4, PS Vita
God of War: Ghost of Sparta – PS Vita
LocoRoco Cocoreccho! – PS3
Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 – PS3

So from the looks of things, like I mentioned, not the greatest lineup in the history of PS Plus games BUT the PS Vita did get a God of War game. Yes, the PS Vita is a dead platform BUT a God of War game is a God of War game and those who didn’t have a chance to play it previously, now have a reason to dust off their PS Vita and make use of it. Now lets look at the PS4, yup still no AAA titles here BUT 
I did manage to play Tropico 5 and it is quite a fun game to play even if it was just for a few hours, and I spent a lot more than a few hours playing the game so I know what I am talking about. I didn’t try Table Top Racing, it doesn’t look like a Need for speed, but it doesn’t look that bad either. PS3 got Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 and if I'm being fair that’s a pretty boring game and I’ve never tried LocoRoco so not the greatest month for PS3 users to be fair. Still 2/3 platforms with decent games is not what I would call a ‘BAD’ month.

Now let’s see what PS Plus lineup of free games for June 2016 looks like.

NBA 2K16 – PS4
Gone Home: Console Edition – PS4
Echoochrome – PS3
Siren: Blood Curse (Episode 1-12) – PS3
God of War: Chains of Olympus – PS Vita
Little Deviants – PS Vita

ALRIGHT, so last month and a few months before the battle cry of the PlayStation users has been “Where are the AAA titles?” THIS month PS Plus drops off NBA 2K16, yes it’s a AAA title, yes it’s one of better sports games this year and YES it’s still a current game. Gone Home, while not a AAA game is still a very good looking Indie game to play and try out. Whats there to complain about this time? “ehhhhhhh it’s a AAA title but it’s a sports game, so what?

Are you ACTUALLY kidding me PlayStation gamers?

Another one of the comments I saw was “Yeah PS4 got a AAA title but that’s for the PS4, I don’t have a PS4. Sony should really cater more towards the PS3 fans who are loyal.” Again, from Sony’s standpoint it absolutely makes sense to bring the AAA title as well as any other good games to their Flagship Console of the most current GEN, not doing so would be absolutely stupid.
Ok, last month the PS3 lineup was bad and this month you didn’t get NBA2K16 BUT, this month you did get Siren: Blood Curse which is a decent game, go on give it a try when its released on PSN, you might even like it long enough to stop complaining.
Lastly, let’s be fair here and say that PS Vita owners really have nothing to complain about. Yes, your platform got thrown out the window and you got a God of War game two months in a row, but is the latter really a bad thing? A God of War game is well….a God of War game, try it, play it and enjoy it.

Sorry if this post seemed a bit Rant-like, it wasn’t meant to be, I just wanted to point out gamers were and probably are going to complain no matter what. I just wish more people would at least TRY some of the games being given out before throwing out comments about how bad the PS Plus lineups are and whatnot.

PS Plus members finally get a AAA title and they STILL find things to complain about. SO you’re not a sports fan? That’s cool but at least give the game a try for a bit I mean it is FREE and it was really a good game this year, just look at all the reviews and if don’t believe the reviews try out the game for yourself.

Sony really doesn’t HAVE to give us free games but people said they do if they want to compete with Microsoft and that’s a fair point but its not like XBOX’s lineup for this month was Outstanding. Sure its good but keep in mind also that Sony can ask game publishers to put their games up and they have to agree, and a lot of times game publishers don’t agree which is why you see a lot of Sony’s own titles or Indie games coming up.

Obviously these complaints don’t come from ALL PS Plus gamers and some, like me, are actually quite happy to have NBA2K16 added to the PS Plus lineup of free games for this month. I will be playing NBA2K16 quite a bit after I manage to download it next Tuesday, which is when it will be available to ALL PS Plus subscribers, just like I downloaded and played Tropico 5. In fact I am still playing Tropico 5 and about half way through the campaign, so to me the last month was decent and a free game like Tropico 5 is well worth my $5/ month subscription I pay for PlayStation Plus.  Therefore THIS month is especially good for me, and although I am personally more of a Fifa guy, I’ll really be looking forward to trying NBA2K16 next week.

Let me know your thoughts on this matter especially if you have a PS Plus membership. Am I making too much of this? How do you feel about this month’s line up of free games? Do you think Sony can do better each month?



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