Tuesday, June 28, 2016

17 year old gamer girl accused of cheating in Overwatch

So a little while ago there was this 17 year old Korean gamer who goes by Geguri, was being mentioned a lot on reddit as well other news outlets for cheating in Overwatch. Some of you in the Overwatch scene might already know who she is, that’s right I said she. Geguri who mostly plays Zarya in Overwatch was being accused of cheating because she’s just that good.

Why was Geguri really accused of cheating you ask?

Basically her top notch performance enabled her to win the qualifier for the Nexus Cup and in the process eliminating many powerhouse teams along the way. She was dominating so hard in tournaments that some of the players started accusing her of hacking/cheating.

How dominating is Geguri in Overwatch you ask?

Well let’s just go ahead and say she Wrecks peoples shit for fun. She has a ridiculous K/D ratio of 6.31 and an average of around 80% win rate over 500+ games.  

Why did people think Geguri was cheating?

Because of her astounding stats mentioned above, contributed in part by her absolutely amazing accuracy, as well as her huge role of carrying her team to victory in a recent Overwatch tournament compelled people to believe she was cheating. Two notable gamers ETLA and Strobe who were on one of the opposing teams Dizziness were sure Geguri was cheating, as there could be no way she could attain stats that high. They were so sure in fact that Geguri was cheating that they said they would quit their jobs if they turned out to be wrong.

Was Geguri really cheating in Overwatch?

The short answer is NO. After the complaints of Geguri cheating were investigated, she was cleared of all charges by Blizzard Korea. Ironically enough, even that wasn’t enough to convince everyone that she was in fact NOT cheating.

In order to put things to rest she was invited by a Korean gaming site to perform a live demonstration of her awesomeness. The hour long live stream only further shows that she is actually quite a skilled player and is in no way cheating.

Check out the livestream below:

If you watch the video you can tell that it’s her insane accuracy as well as her amazing map awareness that makes her such an amazing player. There is also the way she utilizes her mouse that possibly helps her accuracy. Speaking of mice she is using a $12 mouse. So much for spending loads of money on ‘gaming mice’ to improve your ingame performances.

Anyways a few good things came out of this Geguri is cheating situation. The two players who said they would quit their jobs if Geguri was found innocent ACTUALLY left the Overwatch scene so that’s good news. However one of them was rumored to saying they would visit Geguri’s house with a knife. Butthurt much?

People that threaten others personally with physical harm really shouldn’t belong to the professional gaming scene anyways. On another note being accused of hacking/cheating when you are actually not is one of the highest compliments any gamer can get. Sadly Geguri doesn’t feel that way and she was rather distressed about the whole situation as can be seen when she is answering questions during her livestream.

Geguri is officially ranked among the top 10 players in the world in Overwatch and she really looks at home when playing Overwatch. Thankfully her teammates have also rallied to her cause and she has plans to begin streaming in the near future as well. Game on Geguri and don’t let anyone get in the way of your dominance.

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