Monday, June 13, 2016

Finally Story Mode called The Journey comes to Fifa 17

Alex Hunter in The Journey Fifa 17
It has been confirmed that there will be a new game mode added to Fifa 17. That’s right, for the first time in the history of Fifa, Fifa 17 will feature a Story Mode. The story mode in Fifa 17 is being called The Journey and is also its own thing separate from the current flimsy ‘be a pro’ game mode in Fifa 16. Not to mention that Fifa 17 will also be switching over to the new Frostbite engine which should enhance this new Story Mode even more.

The new Story Mode showed off in today’s trailer by EA looks promising to say the least. This single player campaign will be featured around a Player named Alex Hunter. While there is no player creation in this Story mode, I don’t necessarily see that as a bad thing. I personally feel that having a pre-scripted character will make the Story Mode feel more immersive than creating your own character. All the script, cut-scenes and ‘mission’s' if you can call them that, will be focused solely on one character. Often times what happens in character creation games is you can create your own unique character and that’s cool and all but the ‘Story’ sometimes doesn’t really fit your character but is more often than not a basic, bland, generic script. This way the Story Mode can truly just focus on and revolve around one character making the Story Mode in Fifa 17 truly immersive.

This doesn’t mean that the Story Mode in Fifa 17 will be linear and boring by any means, as players still have a choice on which Clubs Alex Hunter will join as well as other in-game decisions. The career of Alex Hunter is also player dependent, as the career will be impacted by each player’s performance in games as well as the decisions the player makes. This is also depicted on EA’s site as you can choose between different responses/answers for a press conference thus affecting your image and interaction with the media as well as your team. This dialogue choice system worked pretty well for games like Mass Effect and I think they can work well in Fifa 17 as well, making each Story Mode unique in its own way.

While I am disappointed that that Alex Hunter’s career in Story Mode can only be played out in the English Premier League, I do appreciate the sheer amount of work involved in just including one of the biggest leagues to start off with. I do hope that future iterations of Story Mode in Fifa 18 and such do include other big leagues such as La Liga and Bundesliga. There are still quite a few top tier teams you can choose to join in the EPL and I hope that the Story Mode in Fifa 17 lives up to its current expectation and Hype.

EA did promise us an updated trailer for Fifa 17 and boy was it something special. Not only did some of the gameplay look pretty good but the graphics looked absolutely stunning, as it should with Fifa 17 utilizing the Frostbite engine.

If you have not seen the new trailer EA released yet then definitely check that out below.

To see a more complete list of things to be featured in The Journey, check out EA's site here.

While the addition of Story mode to Fifa 17 as well as the switch to the very promising Frostbite engine does make Fifa 17 an amazing game to look forward to, I sincerely hope that EA also addresses a number of other key issues. The issues I’m talking about are things such as basic gameplay performance being a lot smoother to polishing up other game modes such as career mode and be a pro mode.  

While I do also realize that adding in a Story Mode to Fifa 17 probably took quite a bit of work in development, it would be saddening to see major issues from previous Fifa’s remaining largely unaddressed, and therefore dragging down what could be one of the greatest Fifa iterations ever.

All in all I am truly excited to see what Fifa 17 brings to the table and will be eagerly waiting for it’s release in September. 

Have you Pre-ordered Fifa 17 yet? Has this new Fifa 17 The Journey changed your mind about pre-ordering Fifa 17?



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