Thursday, June 9, 2016

New Destiny Rise of Iron Expansion revealed by Bungie today

Image sourced from Bungie
First things first, What is Rise of Iron?

Rise of Iron is a new Expansion for Destiny focused around the Lords of Iron and the story around Lord Saladin. If you remember a few weeks ago there was a ‘Leaked’ image on reddit about the next Destiny expansion which was later confirmed to be valid.

Image sourced from Bungie
Well, today Bungie just did a live stream on Twitch a few hours ago to reveal a bit more about this new Expansion Rise of Iron as well as all the new content we can expect.

Destiny Rise of Iron release date?

The Rise of Iron Expansion for Destiny is set to be released on September 20th, 2016.

What's the price of the new Rise of Iron Expansion?

The Rise of Iron will go on sale for $30. Keep in mind however, that in order to play the Rise of Iron Expansion you will need Destiny the base game, The Dark Below DLC, House of Wolves DLC AND The Taken King Expansion.

What are the major updates in the Rise of Iron Expansion?

Increased Light Level – Bungie didn’t specify EXACTLY what the new max Light Level will be, instead just said it will be a ‘significant increase in Light Level.’

New Faction – The new enemies in Rise of Iron are not completely new, rather a variant of the existing Fallen enemies now known as Fallen mutants as well as Fallen Devil Splicers. These mutants were originally Fallen but uncovered ancient technology called SIVA and harnessed it to become bio-machines of sorts.

New Location – Apparently the new location in the expansion will be in the Cosmodrome, more specifically the southern wall that has been there for centuries. This wall has been breached by Fallen looking for lost tech from the Golden Age.

New Weapons and Armor – As with any new DLC or Expansion, the Rise of Iron expansion will bring with it new weapons and armor all Iron Lord themed as well as new Exotics. There will also be new armor and weapons for Trials and Iron Banner as well.

Image sourced from Bungie
Just look at how beautiful that new Warlock armor looks. I mean the new armor set from Rise of Iron could look Nothing like this on release but the excitement and Hype is real regardless.

New Raid – This new Raid will be on Earth, more specifically in the Cosmodrome which will have the new enemies called the Fallen Devil Splicers guarding the true source of the SIVA outbreak. Again as all previous Raids in Destiny the new Raid in Rise of Iron will also be a 6 man Raid. The weapon and armor rewards from completing the Raid will all be new editions forged from SIVA.

Next Gen Exclusive – Bugnie announced during the live stream that the Rise of Iron will be exclusive to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 only. So even though all the previous Destiny DLC’s and Expansions were released on the PS3 and Xbox 360 Rise of Iron will NOT be released on the previous gen consoles.

Gjallarhorn is back – YES, you read that correctly, no mistake here. Everyone will have a chance at getting one through a mission but those who pre-order the game will get a special edition Iron Gjallarhorn Black version. SH*T JUST GOT REAL!

New Lore/Story – The new Lore and Story will be featured around what happened to all the Lords of Iron as well as the Story behind Lord Salad King (Saladin), speaking of Lord Saladin, underneath that Iron Lord helmet of his, is a handsome looking black guy. Lord Saladin is Black and so is the new Gjallarhorn.

For those of you who have not seen the new Trailer for the Rise of Iron expansion, here it is in all its glory:

All I can say after watching the trailer is HYPE. Everything about the new Expansion looks awesome. Was it just me or is there a new flaming Axe weapon in Rise of Iron? The premise of the whole Lords of Iron thing also looks VERY enticing. I just hope Bungie have some awesome Lore masters to not ruin this story. I have always been a big fan of Iron Banner and thought that Lord Saladin could potentially have a very awesome backstory, let’s hope I’m right.

Also if some of you, like me, were wondering if Destiny was finally going to have pets. Pets as in a pet wolf, you’ll be disappointed to know that NO, we will NOT be getting pet wolves in Rise of Iron.

With all the excitement and Hype surrounding the new Destiny Expansion Rise of Iron also came comments from disgruntled Destiny players about how the price of the new Destiny expansion seems a bit high.

Is $30 too much for the new Rise of Iron Expansion?

Personally, I don’t think $30 is all that much considering I spend more than that on just a meal when I occasionally leave the house but that’s just me. If we look at the amount of content that is being provided in Rise of Iron compared to the price of the expansion we will get a better idea of if its worth $30 or not. Bungie announced that the Rise of Iron Expansion will have similar amount of content to the House of Wolves and Dark Below expansion combined. If we look at those 2 DLC’s the content wasn't all that great. Yes there were a few more story missions and a new Raid but for the most part the DLC's were somewhat underwhelming for the price anyways.

While the raid was fun, the missions didn’t include any new enemies or variants. I don’t think the 2 DLC’s were worth $30, and so a fairer price tag for the Rise of Iron Expansion would be in the $20 - $25 region.

I would like to point out however that The Taken King cost $40 and with that came the April Update which was free and had a bunch of new content including weapons and armor as well as new cosmetics added to the game. If Bungie could add 1 or 2 ‘updates’ to the Rise of Iron then it very well maybe worth its $30 price tag.

While there were many things revealed in today's live Stream there is still more to be uncovered about the new expansion Rise of Iron. Bungie mentioned that more information about Rise of Iron will be revealed next week at E3.  I am definitely looking forward to anything Rise of Iron related and will be eagerly waiting for September to arrive.



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