Friday, June 10, 2016

Fifa 17 looks amazing and here's everything we know about it

New Cover – Surprise! Surprise! no more Messi! His contract is finally up with EA and it’s probably for the best anyways since Messi is dealing with this whole tax evasion issue, bad for image purposes. They should have gone with someone like Ronaldo or Neymar, but Ronaldo’s image rights might be too costly? Although I don’t think anything is too costly for EA considering the amount of money they make.

As for Neymar I think he has a contract with PES so EA can’t use his image? I’m a fan of Messi and FC Barcelona but he has been on the cover forever and its not like EA even give you cool steelbox cases like they did a couple years ago for pre-ordering, now it’s just in-game incentives to pre-order the game so I guess the cover REALLY doesn’t matter all that much anymore.

Regardless Fifa 17 will NOT be featuring Messi but instead will be replaced with 4 other players. The cover of Fifa 17 will be graced by James Rodriguez, Eden Hazard, Anthony Martial and Marco Reus.

All pretty good picks in my opinion and they cover three of the largest leagues in the world. It seems reasonable to replace Messi on the cover of Fifa with at least 4 other people. Hazard has been largely invisible this season for Chelsea but then he did get that Title winning goal for Leicester city and I suppose that’s why he deserves a spot on the cover of Fifa 17.

New Engine – Fifa 17 will be letting go of its current Ignite engine and will officially be moving to the Frostbite engine, same one as Battlefield 1. Let me just say that the new engine makes the game look AMAZING! If you have seen the new trailer then you would know that the faces rendered in it look stunning, completely life like and real like no other fifa before it.

If there is one thing that Fifa does well it is presentation and Frostbite will ensure that Fifa 17 does presentation better than ever before. The latest iteration of the engine Frostbite 3 has some cool new features that might help make Fifa 17 an even better sports title that Fifa 16, at least that what I hope anyways.

What Platforms will Fifa 17 be released on?

Fifa 17 will be released for PC, XBOX ONE, PS4 as well as the Xbox 360 and PS3.

What’s the release date for Fifa 17?

Fifa 17 will first be released on September 27th in the US and then September 29th everywhere else.

What are the different Pre-order bonuses and Editions available for Fifa 17?

Fifa 17 Pre-Order offers are now available by EA and your local game outlets might have other pr-order deals to check out as well. Before I tell you all the different Editions available, just remember that some of these non-basic game editions are only available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Additionally if you already own Fifa 16 on either Xbox One, PS4 and PC you qualify for a 10% discount on the Super Deluxe Edition if you buy it in-game. Similarly if you have EA Access then you qualify for an additional 10% discount for Fifa 17 Super Deluxe Edition.

Fifa 17 Standard Edition - $79.99 CAD

The Standard Edition of Fifa 17 comes with:

Full game
1 Draft Token per week for 5 weeks
FUT loan item of Hazard, Martial, Reus or Rodriguez for 8 matches
Custom FUT kits created by designers or Fifa soundtrack artists

Fifa 17 Deluxe Edition - $99 CAD

The Deluxe Edition of Fifa 17 comes with:

Full game
20 Fifa Ultimate Team Jumbo Premium Gold Packs – 1 per week for 20 weeks
FUT Team of the Week loan payer for 3 matches – 1 per week for 20 weeks
FUT loan item of Hazard, Martial, Reus or Rodriguez for 8 matches
Custom FUT kits created by designers or Fifa soundtrack artists

Fifa 17 Super Deluxe Edition - $116 CAD

The Super Deluxe Edition of Fifa 17 comes with:

*This offer is digital only*
Full game
40 Fifa Ultimate Team Premium Gold Packs – 2 per week for 20 weeks
FUT Team of the Week loan payer for 3 matches – 1 per week for 20 weeks
FUT loan item of Hazard, Martial, Reus or Rodriguez for 8 matches
Custom FUT kits created by designers or Fifa soundtrack artists

Checkout all the Fifa 17 Pre-Order Editions and bonuses on EA’s site here.

EA also confirmed that you will be able to get a hands on experience with Fifa 17 at EA Play sometime in the next week, so for the lucky people able to make it there, it should be an interesting experience. They will probably reveal more about the game at E3 as well which is being held alongside EA Play.

There are a few key areas that I hope Fifa 17 is seriously able to fix.

What I want Fifa 17 to change?

Random events  - I have no idea if this is game engine related and whether changing to Frostbite will help or if this issue is just bad coding, but there are way too many random events in Fifa. These random events sometimes  cause you to lose a game that you otherwise should have won quite easily. This is both against the AI as well as online.

Career Mode – I wish Fifa 17 made some Career mode improvements and I mean like a serious upgrade. Not everyone is a FUThead, yes I made up that word but I'm sure everyone knows what I mean. There are some people who do enjoy playing other game modes such as Career mode and Pro Clubs, Speaking of Pro Clubs that’s a game mode that could use some work as well especially considering the new game engine and all.

Passing – I have no idea what has been done to the passing in Fifa over the years, but in Fifa 16 it just feels wrong. The passing in Fifa 16 is really sloppy and has some very broken mechanics which were added all in the name of realism. Sometimes more realism equates to less fun.

Fifa could do with a whole host of other changes but for now I’d be more than satisfied if those issues were fixed to the fullest extent making Fifa 17 more fun to play.

Lastly if you have not seen the trailer for Fifa 17 here it is in all its awesomeness:

Let me know what you think about Fifa 17 in the comments section below. Are you planning on getting it? Excited for it? Not so excited for it? Things you hope Fifa 17 will bring and so on.



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