Monday, June 6, 2016

How to get the Dreadfang in Destiny Taken King

Ok so with the release of the Taken King expansion Bungie included 6 different swords (3 Legendary and 3 Exotic) that you can obtain and can be equipped in your heavy weapons slot. Aside from being extremely fun to use, these swords are also preferred in certain situations or missions because of the amount of damage they do especially to captains and majors. The sword entices the player to use a high risk high reward strategy, which like I mentioned, is not only extremely fun but also highly practical in some situations.

However a 7th Legendary Sword was added to Destiny Taken King AFTER the April update.

What is the Dreadfang?

Dreadfang is a Legendary Sword added to Destiny Taken King After the April update. The Dreadfang comes standard with Void burn much like the regular Legendary Void Sword, the only difference is the Dreadfang is the ‘Taken’ variant of the Void Legendary sword with its own taken skin. The Dreadfang is also awarded to you at 320 Light Level, much higher than the previous 280 of the regular Legendary Sword. The Dreadfang also doesn’t just ‘look’ Taken, it also does more damage to Taken enemies, so you can see how this sword would be useful for certain missions or Strikes.

So, How to get the Taken Sword in Destiny Taken King?

Step 1 – If you have spoken to Variks anytime after the April update, he will have given you a quest called ‘At the Gates’ which is the main quest line for getting the Dreadfang.

Step 2 – The first step of the quest ‘At the Gates’ requires you to complete a mission on the Dreadnaught. This mission is called ‘Pretender to the Throne’ and is fairly easy and straightforward to complete. The mission will be on your map in the Mausoleum on the Dreadnaught and it is a Level 36 mission so most people should have little to no trouble completing it. It is an extremely short and easy quest and should only take you 5-10 minutes to complete.

Step 3 – After beating the first mission your quest will automatically update to the next step which is called ‘They can Run’ and all this quest requires you to do is find echoes of Malok – basically just kill a bunch of Taken. If you are in no hurry, then you can just do this as you do missions, Strikes and Nightfalls through the course of the week. BUT there is a much easier way of completing this part as you can just go on patrol on the Dreadnaught and kill Taken there.

You can spawn taken on the Dreadnaught by triggering the Taken grenades you see around there. As you pass through them, they will activate/explode and a few waves of Taken should spawn shortly after. You have probably come across these Taken orbs or grenades many times even in missions and Strikes. 
Taken ORB/Grenade
Once you activate the Taken orb or grenade just proceed to kill off the Taken enemies that spawn shortly after. You are not guaranteed an ECHO for EACH taken enemy that is killed, but it’s usually ½ or 1/3 taken enemies that drop an echo. You need to collect 20 Echoes of Malok by killing any Taken enemies and this should take you again a total of about 5-10 minutes. It took me 3 activations of these Taken orbs on the Dreadnaught to get enough Echoes. These Taken orbs will be around the Hull breach, close to where you spawn and can be found fairly easily, you do not need to go to any other location on the Dreadnaught to find them. After activating one orb, the next one will usually spawn in a slightly different location but not too far away.

Step  4 – Once you have gotten 20 Echoes of Malok just go to the Tower and speak to Eris Morn who is located below the first set of stairs in the middle of the Tower. She will give you the next step in the quest where you have to complete the ‘Blighted Chalice’ Strike.

Step 5 – Complete the ‘Blighted Chalice’ Strike. The Blighted Chalice Strike is one of the new Strikes that was added to Destiny Taken King AFTER the April update so some people might not be familiar with it. This is fine as the normal version of the Strike is fairly easy and the boss Malok himself isn’t too challenging to beat. The only thing to watch out for is when he uses Shadow Touched, which slows you down and makes you more susceptible to damage. If you are doing this in a fireteam of three this Strike should take you 10-15 minutes and be done fairly easily. The strike can also be solo’d pretty easily for players above 310 Light Level but there is matchmaking for the Strike so that shouldn’t be an issue.

Step 6 – Once you have completed the ‘Blighted Chalice’ Strike then head over to the Reef and talk to Variks. He will give you a 320 Light Level Dreadfang and you are done the quest. Easy as pie, LITERALLY. Of all the sword quests this one was probably the shortest and easiest one to complete.

The Dreadfang can also be obtained for free by completing the quest on EACH of your characters so a total of three times if you chose, and considering how easy it is to obtain one, it might be worth it for those Destiny players who have 3 characters. The Dreadfang can ALSO be bought from Variks after you obtain the Sword for the first time, but can only be bought with the character you completed the quest with and as such, you can just do the quest once and then buy 2 Dreadfangs for your other characters. Keep in mind though that the sword from Variks is NOT free and he charges a Legendary Engram as well as 5000 Glimmer for each Sword, so not the cheapest vendor on the block.

Step 7 – Show off your awesome new Taken Sword and use it defeat the vast amount of Taken enemies and push back the darkness. A good place to try out the sword would be in the new Challenge of Elders mode.



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