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Destiny Weekly Reset June 21st, 2016

Let’s start off with the weekly Nightfall for this week which is the Blighted Chalice

Since the April update the Nightfalls have gotten a bit harder, not in terms of overall enemies or difficulty but more so in terms of Light Level requirement. The NEW recommended Light Level for the weekly Nightfall is 320. This is due to the fact that the new max Light Level was increased to 335 with the April update. If you were already 320 before the April update, the Nightfall should be only be slightly more difficult, barely noticeable if you are 320. The problem arises if you are below 320, then you can still do it, depending on what Light Level you are, you just have to be more cautious and take your time with it.

From my personal experience every 5 Light Levels makes the biggest difference, so if you are 315 you should be able to complete the nightfall with a few struggles. At 310 it becomes MUCH more difficult as you will find yourself dying more often, depending on the special perks of the nightfall. Being 320 doesn’t guarantee that the nightfall will be easier; it just means that you have more of a margin for error. Similarly being ABOVE 320 Light level and closer to the max of 335 gives you an even greater advantage for the nightfall and you should really have no trouble whatsoever doing it at those Light Levels.

With that in mind the nightfall this week isn’t the longest or the toughest Nightfall of the lot. It is however one of the newer Strikes that was added to Destiny Taken King AFTER the April Update. I think this particular Nightfall can still be completed fairly easily with 310-320 Light Levels, however for maximum ease I still suggest being above 320 or as close to the max Light Level of 335 for obviously reasons.

The perks for this week’s Nightfall include:

Epic – As with any Nightfall, Enemies are heavily shielded and highly aggressive enemies appear in great numbers.

Berserk – Minions of the Darkness won’t flinch, even after massive damage. This one is more annoying than harmful but you do have to keep in mind that weapons that usually stagger enemies back will not work on them now. This means that you can no longer stagger them and stop them from firing at you and they will just continue to do so like nothing happened. This can be dangerous especially when you are surrounded by many adds at once.

Small Arms - Primary Weapon damage is favored. This is also a really good perk as weapons like the Zhalo Supercell can be especially effective. If you don’t have the Zhalo then something like the Hung Jury will also be pretty good.

Chaff – Player Radar is disabled. This one again is more of an annoyance than anything else and won’t really bother you in terms of map layout as many people have done these strikes/nightfalls many times now and will be familiar with where to go. The only real problem with this one is that you also now can’t see enemies on your radar anymore and can potentially get surrounded by adds quite easily.

Airborne – Players deal more damage while in the air. This isn’t all that great of a benefit as small arms but can be useful for those players that like jumping around a lot. Keep in mind that jumping around in the air also makes you somewhat of an easy target, granted it won’t be as bad as in PvP but again still something to keep in mind while you jump around shooting things.

The Blighted Chalice Strike is a new strike that was added to Destiny Taken after the April update as I mentioned before so many people might not be familiar with the Strike.

The first part of the Strike is relatively easy as you just have to beat a wave of Taken right off the bat, for this encounter just remember to kill the Taken Blights as fast as possible to make your life much easier. If you are having trouble with the enemies just retreat to the bottom area at the back of the room where you first spawn. Once here you can easily kill enemies bit by bit one side of the room at a time and go from there.

Once you clear the first wave you will head towards the door and figure out that its locked and requires three keys (orb like items) to open it. This is when the second wave of adds spawns. Just follow what I mentioned above to take care of this wave as well and one of the orbs will spawn. This repeats three times till you get all the orbs. Just be aware that more enemies spawn each wave and you will more than likely get a Taken Captain or two on waves 1 and 2.
The orbs or keys spawn at different locations in the room and only one will spawn at any given time. Once you put in the third orb the door will open. The next part has quite a few enemies you have to watch out for. There will be Taken Captains, Taken snipers and taken grenades that explode when you get near them as well asTaken Blights. Again take out the blights as soon as possible to stop more enemies from spawning.

The next part involves you fighting your way through a lot of Taken enemies much like the last part in order to make your way to the final room where the Boss is located. Again same as above there are a lot of Taken minions, Taken snipers, a few captains and Blights as well. Just take your time and fight them all and as before take out the Blights as quickly as possible. For this particular part, if you are a high enough light level you can just run past a whole slew of enemies to the final room to start the boss encounter. However, if you are a low light level you probably will not be able to run past because of the sheer amount of enemies. In that case just take your time like I mentioned and clear out the sections one by one.

The final part of the Strike takes part in the Shrine of Oryx and the final boss is Malok. He is not a particularly difficult boss to fight but you do have to make sure you take cover when he fires at you as he does quite a bit of damage. Luckily the room the boss encounter takes place in has a few hiding spots that you can take cover behind, there is just something important you have to remember.

Once you enter the final room head on over to the right and there is a little room with two pillars at the back and this is the safe spot. Alternatively you can get her from the other side of the room as well, if you went left instead of right. This is the only real safe zone in the room BUT be warned, and here is the important part, every time adds spawn a blight and 2 taken centurions will spawn here. No I probably don’t need to tell you but if you plan on using this as your hideout for the encounter you need to dispose of the centurions and Blight as soon as possible. Once you do that you can relax as the other enemies rarely come in there and you can always hide from the boss quite effectively in there.

This should be your strategy for the duration of the boss fight. He spawn a wave of adds every quarter of his health I believe, I’m not entirely sure how often, if I had ot guess I would say 3-4 waves. Regardless just remember to clear out the blight and adds in that room FIRST and then proceed to take out the rest of the adds. Also remember to clear the adds BEFORE doing any more damage to the boss to make your life easier. The boss also has three ‘phases’ of attacks. The first is a boomer knight time ranged attacked, the second one is spitting fire much like a Taken knight and the third is he fires a bunch of balls like Taken Centurion captains. The last phase of the boss is probably the hardest as some of his balls WILL follow you into the room and if you are a lower light level it’s a one shot kill, so be mindful of that. Having said that, if you just press up against the left wall of the room, most of the balls will and should hit the walls instead and miss you completely. Good weapons to use for this encounter is a high impact sniper to hit the boss with and possibly a heavy machine gun. I would avoid using rocket launchers if you are going to use the room for cover as things could get crowded and you could end up blowing yourself up and that would be unfortunate.

There are obviously many ways to approach this Strike and boss encounter but I found that using a good high-impact sniper is a MUST, especially for the captains that show up in the middle of the strike as well as for the boss encounter. The Raid machine gun is my heavy of choice or sometimes the Exotic Sword depending on weather I’m using the Black Spindle or not. Either are good choices and the Solar Exotic sword has a devastating upper cut and the Arc exotic sword has a good ranged attack to deal with adds.

Like I mentioned, one of the less challenging Nightfalls, and with a solid game plan it is definitely doable even at lower light levels.

This nightfall also has a Strike specific Legendary Helmet you can get that are for Hunters only and with it being the Nightfall this week the chances of getting the helmet as a drop are drastically increased as compared to doing the regular or heroic version of the Strike.

Weekly PvP: This week was supposed to be Iron Banner and I was greatly looking forward to it as its one of my favorite things to do in Destiny at the moment, but sadly it was canceled. Iron Banner was cancelled due to some matchmaking issues that Bungie are still looking to resolve. I sincerely hope that Lord Saladin at least drops by next week with some awesome IB gear.

This week the weekly PvP mode however is actually Mayhem Rumble, something I despise. Not only is it Rumble but on top of that you have the distinct disadvantage of mayhem. Some people however love PvP and will love this game mode. Regardless of whether or not you like this game mode you should play a few games or at the very least one game, in order to get your weekly Sterling Treasure Chest.

Lord Shaxx and Petra will also have new bounties for the week so remember to pick them up as well.
Since the April update, there is a new weekly activity called Challenge of Elders and the bounties and event Sigil that is handed out by Variks each week. These reset on a weekly basis and will usually be different levels and bosses on a week to week bases. The bounties will also ask you to complete different tasks for each of the three bounties from week to week.

Remember to collect your Sterling Treasure Chest from the postmaster as well as 1 from doing the Prison of Elders Level 41 once this week and then another Treasure Chest for doing the weekly Crucible activity like I mentioned earlier.



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