Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale met is Kickstarter goal but it’s not too late to get in on the Action

What is Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale?

Islands of Nyne is still a work in progress by Define Human Studios. The game is a first person shooter held online and therefore highly competitive as there can only be ONE winner. Think Hunger Games. The very basic idea is you are dropped into an arena with a bunch of other players, specifically 99 others, and fight to the death until there is only ONE person left alive. The game also features other game modes such as doubles and 5-man team variants as well as a casual mode for practice.

The game has already been greenlighted by the Steam community so the interest is definitely there.

What makes Islands of Nyne intersting?

Graphics – Let’s start with the basics, the game is powered by the Unreal Engine and looks absolutely stunning. 

Uniqueness – The game combines FPS with scavenging, as well as ironically, a proximity chat so you can scare other players, form an alliance with them or just troll them to your hearts content.

Player Betting System – Players can use the credits they earn from fighting to place bets on OTHER players or teams. Pretty interesting concept overall, making the game more fun for even spectators.

Timed Shortening of Area – A plasma field released from the edges of the Arena then closes in every so often making the map even smaller, while also killing any player caught in its path. Again really interesting concept and it forces the players to always be alert as well as somewhat prevents camping. This also means that eventually you will have to fight and kill someone and you can’t just hide till the end of the round.

Different Weapons – By this I don’t mean lots of cool weapons although that could very well be the case. What I mean is that there are weapons from different eras ranging from futuristic alien tech all the way through medieval clubs.

Random in game events – Events mean that there is a possibly a weapon, vehicle or other supplies to be acquired but as tempting as that sounds many players will be drawn to the event area, making for a wonderful mini combat zone.

Lore – This is probably the most interesting aspect of the game, is that an FPS shooter has Lore attached to it. The arenas are supposed built by an alien race called the Nyne who force the humans to fight to the death as a sport. Interesting concept, especially for the long term life of the game.

Skill based - What I mostly mean by this is that the developers of the game seem to be completely against Pay to Win and as such the game will most definitely NOT be pay to win. I am in 100% agreeance with them. I think that pay to win ruins most good games and turns great games into just mediocre ones. This is a positive start from the game developers and I hope they stick to their guns long after the game has been released.

How is the game being funded?

Apart from the creators investing much of their own money into developing the game, the game has is also currently featured on Kickstarter.

You can check out their Kickstarter trailer here:

At the time of writing this article the game has already reached its goal of $40,000 with the current amount being a little over $47,000. There are already a total of 873 backers BUT there is still 30 hours to go which is what I meant by it’s not too late to get in on the Action.

You can check out their Kickstarter page here with the full details about the game, and please do consider backing the game or at least spreading the word about this game.

Islands of Nyne is set to be released on December 2016 barring any unforeseen delays by the game developers.

The Islands of Nyne reminds me quite a bit of Crysis, Fary Cry 1 and a little bit of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, which is really a good thing as I loved playing all those games on my PC. I am sure the game has some elements from many different games and I hope they blend together well to create a better more successful game.

The Islands of Nyne looks like a pretty amazing game and a fresh take on the FPS genre and I really do hope it gets launched and is a resounding success. This means that I will also need to invest in a new PC to play this game as the game will mainly be released on PC at first on STEAM with eventual plans to be released on Xbox one and PS4. Islands of Nyne also have VR plans in the works and that will be really interesting to see as well.



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