Monday, May 4, 2015

Mad Max Gameplay trailer was more awesome than I expected

So I just watched the Mad Max gameplay trailer for the PS4 and I have to say, the game looks pretty good. I have never really known much about mad max until now, sure I had heard the name before and knew it was part of a popular movies series, none of which I have seen.

The mad max video game set to be released in September 2015, however looks like a very interesting game. The background story looks good, as you lose everything including your family and have to start over with only your will to survive.

The world depicts a post-apocalyptic environment where, you, playing as mad max get to engage in vehicular combat in order to take revenge on those who took everything away from you. The vehicular combat was the thing that most interested me about this game when I saw the trailer. It kind of reminded me of the Twisted Metal games I loved playing as a kid.

The vehicular combat in this game is a little different however, instead of having pre-built cars, each with their own unique abilities, you as the player get to build your own car from scratch. You customize it with armor and weapons, with the things you find in the world like scrap metal or guns and ammo. You decide how to upgrade it, engine and everything. The vehicle you keep working on over the course of the game is known as your magnum opus.

Vehicular combat isn't the only type of combat this game depicts, while fighting in cars can be a lot of fun it can become tedious and repetitive at times so the game has the added ability for close combat with a number of enemies. While there are guns such as shotguns and sniper rifles in the game, ammo seems to be scarce because of the post-apocalyptic world situation and all, so often times melee weapons will be used to take down your enemies.

Much like with your vehicle you can upgrade your own armor and weapons as well to make your close combat encounters more effective.

While the plot seems simple enough where the bad guy ruins your life and kills your family and you go on a rampage in order to get vengeance, the story really does seem like it will be immersive and get the player involved in the struggles of mad max. The open world looks stunning, as stunning as a post-apocalyptic world can look anyways with detailed environments, people and vehicles.

As someone who was never previously familiar with the mad max franchise I can honestly say that I am highly looking forward to playing this game. While the game only seems to feature single player, it seems like it will feature hours of open-world fun and exploration. The story seems immersive enough for me to want to complete the game and the vehicles themselves look really fun to use. I really like the fact that you can customize your vehicle as well as upgrade it to make it stronger as you progress through the game. Having to collect scrap parts from the wasteland to upgrade your armor and vehicle just adds to the post-apocalyptic feel of the game.

So the official release date for this game is set to be September 1st, 2015 and like all other games these days, if you pre-order a copy you get some cool thing or the other like a pre-built vehicle, known as the ripper, I believe.

There are so many awesome games being released this year I will be completely broke in no time, at least I'd have gotten to play some awesome titles along the way to brokeville.

Check out the gameplay trailer for mad max, and let me know what you think about it and whether or not you plan on buying the game?



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