Sunday, May 17, 2015

My First inform player ever in Fifa Ultimate Team

Ok so I have been playing Fifa Ultimate Team for a few years and I FINALLY got my First inform EVER! It was such a great feeling, I felt like a 12 year old kid who got EXACTLY what he wanted for Christmas. It’s strange how something not even real could invoke these kinds of emotions, I guess I just love gaming and Fifa a bit too much, nothing I can do about it in all honesty.

I know these days everyone gets excited about getting a TOTY or the upcoming TOTS cards or a LEGEND if you are on the XBOX but I had never even gotten an in-form before today. The best card I ever packed was an 86 Suarez in Fifa 14 which is not bad but it’s nothing amazing either.

So I got Alan DZAGOEV from TOTW 35 and Fifa 15 is now officially my favorite Fifa ever.
OK so he’s not the greatest inform ever and I’ll be honest I didn't even know who he was before today, but getting my first inform is still really exciting and now I’ll probably never forget his name even if I can't properly pronounce it.

The only downside I would say to all of this was that I did get the inform player in a free pack that was released by EA 2 days ago which means that I cannot sell the player on the market for Fifa coins. Even if I wanted to quick sell him for whatever reason I would get 0 fifa coins. This sucks a little as I am in the process for saving up for Neymar and he goes for upwards of 200k Fifa coins, so selling an inform card would have made a dent in that amount.

If I cannot sell the inform, I would have, ideally, at least liked to use the inform player in my active squad where I could utilize his, well, informness, yes that is a made up word. The problem with this inform is that he is a Russian player from the Russian league and would have like 3 chemistry if I put him into my active gold team in Ultimate team.

The team I am currently using is a Liga BBVA / Spanish Hybrid team which I mentioned in a previous post here. If the inform I had gotten was someone really epic, say for example the record breaker Ronaldo or something, then even if he didn't fit into my team I would invest some of my saved up FiFa coins to build a team around him, but this guy is just an 81 CDM, no offense, I mean for a CDM his stats are really good but at the moment I am using Sergio Ramos with 7 chemistry as my CDM and he is playing really well in that position. He also cost me about 97k Fifa coins.

Anyways, getting my first inform ever in Ultimate Team in any Fifa was definitely very exciting, especially to get one in a free pack considering how bad my pack luck usually is.

So even though there is not much I can do with this player, I will keep him in my club and hope my new found pack luck sticks around for when those Team of the Season cards or TOTS cards are released. If I am able to snag a TOTS card, THAT would be truly amazing. For now though all I can do is dream.

Below is the video I made of me getting my first inform card which I uploaded to my Youtube Channel.

I Wish I had captured a live reaction, but it’s probably for the best that I didn't. If you would like to see more of my Fifa videos, consider subscribing to my FiFa channel which you can do here.

Do you remember your first in-form ever, if so who was it? If you don't remember who your FIRST ever inform was, who was your best inform ever in Fifa Ultimate Team. Let me know in the comments section below.



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