Saturday, April 18, 2015

Fifa Price ranges for Fifa 15 Ultimate Team Players

So it has been a few weeks since EA released something epic on Ultimate Team. The DREADED fifa price ranges for players on Ultimate Team. This new update has been received with mixed feelings. People that generally hated coin sellers LOVE this new addition and people that relied on coin sellers in order to buy hard to get players, generally hate this new addition to the game and complained that price ranges has ruined FUT forever.

The majority of people are leaning towards hating the new price ranges in Fifa 15. Some even went so far as to say they would be quitting FIfa and heading over to PES, a bold statement. I doubt many of those have any real substance behind it, as Fifa is currently the ONLY good Football game on the market and so EA can do damn well whatever it pleases in reality, and there will still be tons of people who play the game.

My personal thoughts?

At the offset it looks like the addition of price ranges means that it might actually be harder to get players, especially the coveted ones such as Messi or Ronaldo as no sane person could play enough games or tournaments to make enough Fifa coins to afford one from winning games alone. So that leaves packs and luck as the only way someone could attain one of those cards and truthfully that’s the way it SHOULD be in my opinion. Having everyone with a Bale or Ronaldo in their team was just getting a bit ridiculous. EA specifically said they implemented the price ranges to make the players like Ronaldo or Messi more attainable and fair for everyone to get equally. This is only HALF true. The real reason they have implemented price ranges is because of the rampant coin selling that has plagued Fifa for the last few years, and more so Fifa 15.

The funny thing is, there are so many people hating on the new fifa price ranges, but it was these same people, not long ago, that were complaining that EA should do something about coin selling. Well they just did. Is it a perfect solution? Nope. Does it stop coin selling completely? Nope, not completely anyway, it certainly reduced it as players can no longer sell bronze players for millions of coins, but it is still happening, just on a much smaller scale.

So why has EA finally brought the hammer down on coin selling, well simply speaking they were losing money. More and more people were buying fifa coins from coins sellers, especially with Youtubers promoting coin sellers, instead of fifa points in order to buy packs and this was obviously making EA lose a lot of money.

The big problem that people have with this is that buying fifa points is 10 times, if not more, expensive that buying fifa coins, but the thing they forget is that no one is forcing you to buy packs. Fifa packs are simply another aspect of the game and technically you can buy packs with fifa coins that you earn from winning games, you don’t HAVE to buy fifa points in order to buy packs. No one is FORCING you to spend real money on fifa packs, it is just an option that exits FOR, well people who can or would LIKE to buy fifa points in order to open packs.

Yes, EA want to make money and, why shouldn't they, really. People see EA as some evil corporation, but they are doing what any sensible company would have done if they were losing revenue.

Like I said, the addition of price ranges to fifa ultimate team is probably not the best solution out there, but it has temporarily reduced the coin selling, and this in my opinion is a good thing.

Another huge complaint people have with price ranges is that it has completely ruined trading in Fifa Ultimate Team. I completely disagree; coin sellers already did that, years ago. Because of coin selling the market was in a constant flux with frequent market crashes and absurd prices. So yes while Ronaldo now costs anywhere from 4 million coins to 6 million coins, he used to cost more than double that at 15-16 million coins before the price ranges took effect. Now, you tell me what is a more absurd price. I really do believe that price ranges for ultimate team is a good thing and will be a good addition to future versions of fifa ultimate team. It has not been the greatest solution now since we are more than half way through the year for Fifa 15 but if released properly for Fifa 16 and continuously improved based on the market, I think it will work well and can even induce proper trading on Ultimate Team again. If price ranges are added to the very beginning of Fifa 16, then the market prices of players can be accurately placed, for example Ronaldo can cost anywhere from 1 -2 million coins, much better than 4 to 6 million or 15 to 16 million coins. Then at least this way if people play the game long enough and do everything possible they might be able to get a Ronaldo eventually simply from playing games.

People complaining that it has ruined trading now are just people who wanted things to be easy, and not actually work for the rare players. The original point of the game fifa is to well PLAY fifa, THE ACTUAL GAME. All the other features such as trading are secondary and people often forget that.

Anyways it doesn't really matter what I or anyone else thinks about FUT price ranges, since it looks like price ranges for fifa is here to stick around and people are just going to have to get used to it and they will. Sure they will complain at first for a while but in the long run, price ranges might make Fifa Ultimate Team a much better experience for everyone.

To combat the outburst of fifa players around the world, EA decided to give away free packs shortly after the release of the new price ranges. The free packs were ‘supposed’ to be for the 6th birthday of Fifa Ultimate Team, but really I think they were released more to combat the aftermath of the release of price ranges. There was a different free pack every day for a week I believe and there was even a tournament you could win fairly easily to get yet another free pack of rare players.

Here is how my free packs turned out:

I never bought fifa coins, and so these free packs really worked to my benefit as you can see. It’s too bad you can’t sell cards you get from free packs, but that’s alright as I’m sure I can use some of these players in my Ultimate Team.



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