Sunday, May 10, 2015

New Hero In-Forms released in Fifa Ultimate Team

So EA have decided to add yet ANOTHER card type to Fifa Ultimate Team. These cards are officially known as Hero items and will be purple in color. I will be the first to admit that these new cards look friking awesome in all their purple glory.

BUT are they really something great to look forward to?

Let me start of by explaining a bit about what these hero cards are. They are special in-form cards for players that “represent individual honors and moments” according to EA. What this really means is that they did something special during the week to deserve a special card, hmm now why does that sound familiar?

The purple cards are supposed to signify that the player did something special but for important games such as a league derby, winning promotion or saving a club from relegation.

So my problem with these cards is, apart from looking wicked cool, how are they any different from the weekly in-form cards. I mean if a player does things like these aforementioned “heroics” then shouldn't they just have an in-form card for that week?

How are these Hero in-form cards any different from regular in-form cards? In fact I say they are worse, because nobody would really want them except for the die-hard fans of the club they belong too. Most of these Hero cards seem like they would be lower rated players anyways.

Let us take this week’s Hero cards for example. Players that made the list include Callum Wilson, I’m sorry I watch quite a bit of football and I have no idea who that is. Ok let us take another one Troy Deeney, again no idea who this is. Gerorge Moncur, again not a single clue about who this is.

There were however only two notable names on this list and they were Edin Hazard for apparently winning player of the year and Harry Kane for young player of the year. Ok so these two players I recognize, almost anyone who watches any sort of football will, but why not just give them in-form cards for the week and then that’s that? Also these players aren't doing anything at the moment in the week to get these cards; they already performed well in one of their previous matches meaning they already got an in-form for that week that lead them to this point. Both Harry Kane and Hazard have had previous in-forms I believe.

Anyways I’m not sure if these Hero cards are here to stay, it looks like EA would like them to stay considering they mentioned they would like feedback on the cards and were open to modifying criteria of the cards based on the feedback.

Ultimately I am not a fan of these hero cards, not that it matters much as I will probably never get one in a pack anyways or maybe I will Because I don’t like them, JUST because EA feel like trolling me.

Soon you will see rainbow colored Ultimate Team squads when matching up against an opponent in Ultimate Team with EA adding so many new kinds of in-forms or special cards. I personally am waiting for a HOT PINK colored card, I don’t care what the achievement is for, could even be called “SPECIAL HERO CARD” just as long as its hot pink J

What do you guys think about these new Hero in-form cards? Has anyone got one yet and tested them out in their squads? 



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