Wednesday, March 16, 2016

How to get a Legendary Sword in Destiny Taken King

Ok so with the release of the Taken King expansion Bungie included 6 different swords (3 Legendary and 3 Exotic) that you can obtain and equip in your heavy weapons slot. Aside from being extremely fun to use, these swords are also preferred in certain situations or missions because of the amount of damage they do especially to captains and majors. The sword entices the player to utilize a high risk - high reward strategy, which like I mentioned, is not only extremely fun but also highly practical in some situations.

**EDIT** There is now a 4th Legendary Sword you can obtain called the Dreadfang which was released in the April Update of Taken King. If you want to know how to get the Dreadfang, there is a separate post about it here.

SO, How exactly do you get a Legendary Sword in Destiny Taken King?

Step 1 – 

This step is sometimes forgotten or people just don’t know but you HAVE to be Level 40 to even get the quest for the sword.

Step 2 –

You have to complete the new Taken King story questline until the very last mission.

Step 3 –

You have to complete the ‘Dread Patrol’ mission which is handed out by Cayde AFTER you complete the last mission of the Taken King Story. Think of it it as one extra mission that you need to do after the main story.

Step 4 –

You FIRST have to talk to Lord Shaxx who then tells you to speak to Eris Morn

Step 5 –

When you talk to Eris Morn she hands you a quest called “A Broken Will

Step 6 –

Complete all the requirements in order to complete “A Broken Will” which includes collecting:

25 Hadium Flakes
10 Motes of Light
25 Spinmetal / Hadium Filaments / Relic Iron ***

***NOTE that you do NOT need to get 25 of EACH of the last three materials from the planets; you just need 25 materials of the type of sword you wish to get. So it’s 25 Spinmetal OR 25 Hadium Filaments OR 25 Relic Iron. Spinmetal is for an ARC SWORD, Hadium Filaments is for a SOLAR  SWORD and lastly Relic Iron is for a VOID SWORD.

Step 7 –

Once you have gathered all the required materials mentioned above you then have to speak to Lord Shaxx who will then give you a Legendary Sword of your choosing.

Note that just because you pick ONE Legendary sword as a reward for quest completion, doesn’t mean you can’t get the others. After you get your initial sword you can THEN BUY the other two Legendary swords but it is going to cost 25 of the respective material AS WELL AS 25 Legendary Marks. In this way you can obtain ALL THREE LEGENDARY SWORDS ON A SINGLE CHARACTER.

The Sword that Lord Shaxx gives you has 220 Attack and you HAVE to be level 30 to even use it, so if you are planning on giving one to your secondary character just make sure your secondary character is at least level 30. You can also infuse the sword to have a higher attack value so as to not bring your overall light level down when equipping it.

How many Legendary Swords are there in Destiny?

There are ONLY a total of 3 Legendary Swords that you can get in Destiny Taken King. They are:

***EDIT** Again as mentioned above there are 3 Legendary sword you can get through this questline which were FIRST released with The Taken King, but a fourth Legendary Sword was added to The Taken King via the April Update.

Sol Edge This Legendary Sword does Solar damage and can be used to block Void and Arc attacks but is weak against Solar attacks. This sword requires Helium Filaments in order to be obtained.

Void Edge This Legendary Sword does Void damage and can be used to block Solar and Arc attacks but is weak against Void attacks. This sword requires Relic Iron in order to be obtained.

Arc EdgeThis Legendary Sword does Arc damage and can be used to block Solar and Void attacks but is weak against Arc attacks. This sword requires Spinmetal in order to be obtained.



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