Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Destiny Weekly Reset March 29th, 2016

Let’s start off with the weekly Nightfall for this week which is the Undying Mind Strike.
The perks for this week’s Nightfall include:

Epic: As with any Nightfall, Enemies are heavily shielded and highly aggressive enemies appear in great numbers.

Arc Burn: Arc Damage from any source is greatly increased. Something like the Zhalo would be extremely effective here. Even a 1000 Yard Stare with Arc burn will make this week’s Nightfall that much easier.

Small Arms: Primary Weapon damage is favored. This is also a really good perk as the Zhalo is both an Exotic Weapon with ARC Burn AND is also a Primary Weapon as it is an Auto Rifle. If you don’t have the Zhalo then something like the Hung Jury will also be almost as good.

Juggler: No Ammo drops for your equipped weapon. This can be somewhat of a hindrance especially for your primary weapon BUT can also make it easier to get Special ammo and ESPECIALLY heavy ammo drops. So switching to something like the sword as your heavy weapon can be helpful for this Nightfall.

Exposure: Guardian shields are increased but do not replenish. This can also be troublesome, but all it means is playing a bit more passively than you usually would and it might mean taking longer to complete the Nightfall.

The Undying Mind Strike isn’t the toughest Strike in the world but there are a few things you need to watch out for especially on Nightfall. The majority of enemies, if not all of the enemies, are Vex but the Nightfall variation can sometimes have Taken foes as well. With that said the most troublesome of the lot are definitely the Minotaurs and Hobgoblins. The Minotaurs hit hard and are extremely aggressive on Nightfall as they will often teleport toward you very quickly and then proceed to melee you in the face. A few of those and you would be dead in no time. The same goes for the Hobgoblines, if there are only 1 or 2 you can potentially dodge their sniper shots or take them out from cover but this strike has a few of them spawning at once in some cases which can prove extremely difficult, hence it is important to take your time and play patiently especially considering the Exposure perk for this week’s Nightfall.

The boss itself is a huge Hydra and a good sniper like a 1000 Yard stare or black spindle would be the weapon of choice along some heavy weapons. It is easy enough to shoot the boss from cover when there are no adds around but stay exposed for too long and his shots hurt as well so you will find yourself dead extremely quickly if you are not paying attention.

Like I mentioned not the hardest nightfall by any means but certainly a few things to look out for. This Nightfall will also have an increased chance to drop a Strike specific Hand Cannon called Imago Loop which is an extremely good hand cannon provided you get the right perks.

As far as PvP goes there is no weekly Crucible activity since this week Lord Saladin is back with Iron Banner and the rewards that go with it. This week the offerings are the Chest piece, gauntlets(x2), hand cannon and machine gun.

Lord Shaxx and Petra will also have new bounties for the week so remember to check them out as well.



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