Friday, July 8, 2016

Xur is Here - July 8th, 2016

Where is XUR located this week?

This week XUR is located in the Tower. He is more specifically located in the North Tower where the Speaker is located. Once you spawn at the tower you can either go straight and then left or just go left immediately and then straight into the North Tower. Once you are in the North Tower, XUR is located right opposite the speaker entrance. You go towards the speaker’s entrance and look to your right and you should be able to see XUR.

This week XUR’s inventory contains:

The Armamentarium (13 SC) – Exotic Chest for Titans where the main perk is ‘And Another Thing – Gain and additional grenade charge’ This might one of the best, if not THE best exotic for Titans, at least where PvP is concerned. I cannot understate the value of an additional grenade, especially where titans are concerned as using 2 stickies could make them more formidable than a warlock Sunsinger with double grenades. Definitely buy this exotic if you are missing it as it is one of the better ones for the Titan, especially for PvP like I mentioned.

Bones of Eao (13 SC) – Exotic legs for Hunters where the main perk Is ‘Not Bound By Law – Upgrades Double Jump with an additional jump.’ The Hunters jump is already a bit different than the Titans and Warlock’s glide like abilities, making some jump tasks harder even with the triple jump. But having triple jump AND this exotic equipped gives the Hunter FOUR Jumps thus making the Hunter jump plain unfair sometimes. If used strategically for PvP this can be a pretty good exotic although this one is more suited for PvE as there are probably better exotics for PvP depending on the Hunter Subclass. Definitely get it if you have the coins to spare as well is if you are more PvE focused.

Purifier Robes (13 SC) – Exotic Chest for Warlocks where the main perk is ‘Burn Brighter – Activating Radiance from death distorts nearby enemies’ Now I know what your thinking that this exotic seems incredibly useful especially for Warlock Sunsinger who rely on radiance but this is not the case. While the perk seems great its actually effect in PvP is no that great from personal experience. While it might be able to blind an enemy long enough to stop them from shotgunning you in the face, it does little to prevent getting sniped in the face right after a rez. Therefore while a seemingly good exotic for PvP, there are certainly better options out there. The exotic does perform slightly better in PvE but again there are probably better exotics to be used. Not the greatest exotic for warlocks but still worth picking up if you are missing it, to at least give it a try.
Looks like this week’s winner is the Titan with the best exotic beating out the warlock and hunters exotics. This week was not as close as some of the others if you main a titan or even have a Titan and you don’t have the Armamentarium then definitely pick it up.

Xur is also selling:

Mida Multi-tool (23 SC) – Exotic Scout Rifle where the main perk is ‘Mida Multi-tool – This weapon boosts move speed and fires on a hair trigger’ The MIDA is quite possibly one of the best weapons in Destiny if not THE best weapon. The weapon was so overpowered it was actually nerfed a bit after the April update and its hidden stagger perk was removed. However this gun still remains one of the top tier PvP weapons. Aside from its final perk which helps when firing the weapon as well as overall agility, the MIDA also has third eye meaning you can see the radar when scoped in, making it an ideal scout rifle for sniping across maps while still being aware of your surroundings. If for some reason you don’t yet have a MIDA, don’t even hesitate and just buy this and if this is the only thing you can buy from XUR this week, it’s well worth the strange coins.

Legacy Engram (Chest) – This week’s legacy engram is an exotic chest engram and probably not worth spending your coins on unless you have tons to spare and are looking to complete your year 1 collection. Getting a chest piece you are missing in BOTH year 1 AND year 2 would be optimal but at 31 SC, you are probably better off saving your strange coins for something else. Remember too that you can get a chest piece for any class so if you have only one character the odds are definitely against you.

If you already have most of these exotics or nothing really appeals to you, spending your Strange Coins on Three of coins is still probably your best bet.

Below is a video showing you exactly where to go when you first spawn in the Tower if my instructions at the top were a bit unclear. The video also shows the various items XUR is selling this week so you can have a look at those as well.

Overall a pretty good week for XUR especially for Titans getting one of the better exotics as well as one of the best primary weapons in Destiny on sale. I am still waiting on my Jade Rabbit however, and hope that XUR brings it one of these weeks.

Let me know if XUR bought you something you really wanted this week or if you are waiting from him to bring a specific exotic in the comments section below.



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