Saturday, July 9, 2016

Destiny Year 2 Yearbook is now out in the form of Moments of Triumph Year 2

Ok so it’s not exactly called a year book by Bungie, but rather a ‘Moments of Triumph’ book. It does however, very much resemble a yearbook of sorts and I think for the NEXT ‘Moments of Triumph’ Bungie should release one with pictures or screenshots of the special moments as well, that might take quite a bit of work but would be absolutely awesome.

So, What is Moments of Triumph?

It is just a collection of challenges for Year 2  Destiny that you can complete in-game and keep track of in order to unlock certain rewards. Now the rewards aren’t anything spectacular like a secret weapon or armor item, but rather more bragging rights than anything else. Year 1 had its own separate ‘Moments of Triumph’ which was for Year 1 in-game challenges and can no longer be obtained if you didn’t pick it up in year 1. The Moments of Triumph this year and last year was both released on July 7th and it’s to commemorate Bungie Day. Bungie Day had actually been started by the community long before Destiny came along but is a tradition that has since been upheld to celebrate everyone who plays Bungie’s games.

How to get Moments of Triumph?

You can pick up the Moments of Triumph book from the Postemaster when you log in any time after July 7th. Once you pick up the book with your character it will display all the achievements you have obtained so far.

What are the rewards for completing the in-game challenges for ‘moments of Triumph’ Year 2?

Like I mentioned previously the rewards aren’t anything all that great and are more for bragging rights than anything Else. The rewards are actually split up into 4 Ranks.

For Rank 2 you get a unique Shader.
For Rank 3 you get a unique Emblem to match the Shader from Rank 2. 
For Rank 4 you get another Shader different to the one from Rank 2. 
For Rank 5 you get an Emblem to match the Shader from Rank 4.

What are the in-game challenges or achievements for Year 2 Moments of Triumph?

There are 8 Challenges in Total to complete which Include:
  • Complete any of the Exotic Sword Quests from Shaxx.
  • Collect all 50 Calcified Fragments.
  • Defeat Oryx in the King’s Fall Raid on Hard difficulty.
  • Complete the April quests “At the Gates” and “Return to the Prison”
  • Complete the Crucible questline culminating in “The Mountaintop”
  • Complete The Taken King’s main Story Questline, culminating in “Regicide”

Now most people will have completed at least a few of these quests from naturally playing Destiny over this past year. There might however, be one or two challenging achievements depending on how you play. If You mostly play PvE content then you might have already defeated Oryx in the Heroic version of the new King’s Fall Raid but may not have The Mountaintop completed which is mainly a PvP quest, and quite a pain in the ass I might add. Conversely if you only concentrate on PvP gameplay then you would have completed the PvP quest long ago or most of it at least from natural gameplay but may not have done the King’s Fall Raid yet.

Either way the two hardest achievements for most people in my opinion are probably:

The Mountaintop – This one mainly because just getting to The Mountaintop alone takes quite a bit of PvP gameplay with a few challenging quests in between.

Beating Oryx on Heroic is the second hard achievement I see that players may encounter if they are solo players or have a hard time finding an LFG for the raid, especially if they haven’t even completed the Raid on Normal mode yet.

The other achievements like Collect all 50 fragments and Completing the story till “Regicide” are all fairly easy and there are multiple guides online for those questS and one only needs to follow those guides with minimal skill involved, especially since the Max Light Level increase to 335. Even the exotic Sword quest Strike, which might seem hard, has matchmaking so can still be done with a fairly competent fireteam.

Keep in mind that Moments of Triumph is also ACCOUNT based and not character based which means you don’t necessarily have to do all those achievements three times for three different characters but rather once on any given character. Bungie themselves have said that all you need to do is maybe log in to each of your three characters if you have them and then the achievements from all three should just register in the book.

So for those that don’t have all the challenges/achievements completed you have until September 20th, 2016 in order to get them done as that is the release date of Rise of Iron expansion and will probably signify Year 3 in Destiny History.

Another cool bonus of completing all the achievements in-game for Moments of Triumph of Year 2 Destiny, is that you also get a code to unlock a T-Shirt from the Bungie store for Year 2 Moments of Triumph. I thought that was pretty neat and clever marketing tact by Bungie because now it might actually make you want to get that T-Shirt. Keep in mind though that just by completing Moments of Triumph doesn’t get you a FREE T-Shirt, you still have to pay for one sadly. The T-Shirt just ‘unlocks’ for you upon completion at a price of $24.99.

As much time as I spend playing Destiny I still have a few achievements to complete myself, as you can from the images posted above. Personally I have 3 achievements that I need in order to fully complete Moments of Triumph Year 2 to 100%. I never had the chance to complete it for Year 1 so I will definitely be looking forward to completing this one.

The three achievements I have left for Moments of Triumph Year 2 are:

Collect 50 Calcified fragments, but like I mentioned this one isn’t as hard as it seems.

Complete the Crucible questline culminating in “The Mountaintop” Again I only started this one a few days ago and am already about half way through, I see only a few really challenging parts of this one, well for me personally anyways.

The last one is to beat Oryx on Heroic. This one is a bit of struggle as I am mostly a solo Destiny player, I do play in a fireteam of 3 every so often but have not yet had one full completion of the King’s Fall Raid on either Normal or Heroic but I’m looking to change that in the coming weeks.

Let me know whether or not you have already completed Moments of Triumph Year 2 or which in-game achievement you still have left in the comments section below.



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