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Destiny Weekly Reset July 5th, 2016

Let’s start off with the weekly Nightfall for this week which is Cerverus Vae III.

Since the April update the Nightfalls have gotten a bit harder, not in terms of overall enemies or difficulty but more so in terms of Light Level requirement. The NEW recommended Light Level for the weekly Nightfall is 320. This is due to the fact that the new max Light Level was increased to 335 with the April update. If you were already 320 before the April update, the Nightfall should be only be slightly more difficult, barely noticeable if you are 320. The problem arises if you are below 320, then you can still do it, depending on what Light Level you are, you just have to be more cautious and take your time with it.

From my personal experience every 5 Light Levels makes the biggest difference, so if you are 315 you should be able to complete the nightfall with a few struggles. At 310 it becomes MUCH more difficult as you will find yourself dying more often, depending on the special perks of the nightfall. Being 320 doesn’t guarantee that the nightfall will be easier; it just means that you have more of a margin for error. Similarly being ABOVE 320 Light level and closer to the max of 335 gives you an even greater advantage for the nightfall and you should really have no trouble whatsoever doing it at those Light Levels.

With that in mind the nightfall this week isn’t the longest or the toughest Nightfall of the lot. I think this particular Nightfall can still be completed fairly easily with 310-320 Light Levels, however for maximum ease I still suggest being above 320 or as close to the max Light Level of 335 for obvious reasons.

The perks for this week’s Nightfall include:

Epic – As with any Nightfall, Enemies are heavily shielded and highly aggressive enemies appear in great numbers.

Arc Burn -  Arc Damage from any source is greatly increased. Something like the Zhalo would be extremely effective here. Even a 1000 Yard Stare with Arc burn will make this week’s Nightfall that much easier.

Brawler – Guardian melee damage is greatly increased. I think this one is self-explanatory and Warlocks will probably benefit the MOST from this one, especially Sunsinger Warlocks but since this specific nightfall favors Arc burn the better choice is probably Stormcaller.

Fresh Troops -  Some enemy squads have been fortified with additional reinforcements. This one is just more annoying than anything else and should only really be a problem for people trying to solo the nightfall. In a fireteam of 3 I don’t see this one posing too much of a problem.

Ironclad – More enemies have shields. This just means even more of those annoying Psions will have shields and be harder to kill.

The Cerberus Vae III Strike is one of the oldest most fun Strikes I remember doing. It is also a very short and relatively easy strike to complete these days compared to the newer ones added since Vanilla Destiny. Add to that, the fact that there are many cheeses to the Cerberus Vae III Strike, making it an even easier Nightfall to complete. The majority of enemies in this Strike are Taken/Cabal with the most annoying being the Taken Snipers and the shielded psions .

The first part of the Strike is relatively easy; all you do is activate a console then go to the marker on your map which is located in a bunker room. This is where the real encounter begins and this first part is relatively easy to complete as you just have to beat a wave of Taken right off the bat, for this encounter just remember to kill the Taken Blights as fast as possible to make your life much easier. Also watch for taken snipers up top to the right and left at the very far back of the room. If you are having trouble with the enemies just retreat to the back behind the door and get some cover. Once here you can easily kill enemies bit by bit on one side of the room at a time and go from there.

Once you kill all the Taken enemies in sight then you go ahead and you see there the next part of the bunker leads to a lower area. For this part you don’t actually have to kill ALL the adds to progress. All you need to do is defeat the Hydra that spawns by the door on the far end to your left. To do this you can stand behind cover on top and just snipe the Hydra with a good High Impact Sniper. Once the Hydra is defeated, the door behind it will open and then you can just jump down and run through. Just be careful to not die while running through and once you make it through the door you should be safe.
After you go through the door and progress through the tunnel to the other side you enter the second area of the nightfall and unfortunately here you have to kill all the adds before you can progress.

Once you kill all the adds in the front you then activate a console on a tower and once that’s done you kill 3 waves of adds. This part you just have to watch out for the snipers and captains. After the 3 waves are done you move past the tower to a lower area and at this part there will either be a tank or a taken minotaur. For the tank just snipe the 4 wheels from behind cover and make sure to avoid the tank blasts as it is usually a one hit K.O. 
For the taken minotaur you can again snipe him from cover and once you kill the minotaur the adds that spawn with him will automatically despawn.

Time to hop on your trusty Sparrow in order to ride through to the next section of the map. Again once you are out of a small tunnel there will be adds but you can just ride past them into the bunker you are supposed to go into. Keep in mind though that if you crash you will probably be shot to bits so just take your time avoiding the adds and going through. Once you are through the bunker entrance you go to a room full of adds and again nothing major just watch out for a few snipers that spawn on top and take them out as soon as possible along with the Blights. Once the room is cleared all that’s left is going into the next room for the final part of the Strike.  

Once you enter the final room there should be a few adds you need to clear out before the boss spawns. Once the adds are dead the boss will come out of the big doors at the end of the room. The final boss is a HUGE Cabal named Valus ta’aurc and he fires both a machine gun as well as consecutive rockets. If you get too close he can also do a slam. Valus Ta’aurc used to be pretty hard to beat in the old days and I'm pretty sure he also had more health back then. Now however he is pretty easy to beat and if you are high enough Light Level you can finish the boss encounter in under 5 minutes.

 As soon as he comes out you can snipe him while hiding behind 2 barriers that are on the side you came in from. As soon as he fires his machine gun or rockets you can duck behind the barriers for cover and then go back out and continue sniping him. You can do this till about almost half of his health. Then he will start walking towards the other side of the room and this would be your que to move to the side up top or underneath. At this point a few cabal adds such as psions as well as the ones with shields will spawn. Clear the adds out and then continue to snipe the boss from cover. You repeat this for 2 – 3 waves and that should be enough to take care of the boss pretty quickly. 

If however you are a lower light level and you seem to be struggling with not only the boss but the adds as well then there are a few places you can hide and sort of ‘cheese’ the boss encounter. One such place to hide is as soon as you enter the final room you would stick to the right side and go upstairs and to the other side and jump down into this crevice on your right, basically between the ramp going down on the other side and wall to the right. There are a few crates there to give you ample cover underneath the ramp as well. Just keep in mind that adds do come out from the door right beside this hiding spot and you will have to clear them out. From this spot you can shoot the boss by sticking your head out and sniping him and when he fires back you can just crouch and most of his rockets or bullets will hit the ramp or crates and therefore shielding you. Doing the encounter this way will obviously take you slightly longer and should only really be used if you are struggling.

However you decide to tackle the boss encounter you should follow this basic strategy for the duration of the boss fight. He spawn a wave of adds every quarter of his health I believe, I’m not entirely sure how often, if I had to guess I would say 2-3 waves. Regardless just remember to clear out the adds in that room FIRST and then proceed to  continue shooting the boss to make your life easier. Good weapons to use for this encounter is a high impact sniper to hit the boss with and possibly a heavy machine gun. I would avoid using rocket launchers as if you are too close to things you could accidentally blow yourself up, especially if you are using a hiding spot. The most annoying adds of this encounter are definitely the psions who are also more often than not shielded. I usually clear them out first and then clear the cabal centurions.

There are obviously many ways to approach this Strike and boss encounter but I found that using a good high-impact sniper is a MUST, especially for the captains that show up in the middle of the strike as well as for the boss encounter. The Raid machine gun is my heavy of choice or sometimes the Exotic Sword depending on weather I’m using the Black Spindle or not. Either are good choices and the Solar Exotic sword has a devastating upper cut and the Arc exotic sword has a good ranged attack to deal with adds.

Like I mentioned, one of the less challenging Nightfalls, and with a solid game plan it is definitely doable even at lower light levels.

Weekly PvP: Last week was Iron Banner which is now completed and I hope you got a chance to get some awesome IB gear.

This week the weekly PvP mode is Mahem Clash, one of the more fun crucible game modes. Not only do you get your grenades and supers especially fast, Heavy weapons also spawns rather quickly. Some people however love PvP and might not enjoy this fast paced game mode. Regardless of whether or not you like this game mode you should play a few games or at the very least one game, in order to get your weekly Sterling Treasure Chest.

Lord Shaxx and Petra will also have new bounties for the week so remember to pick them up as well.
Since the April update, there is a new weekly activity called Challenge of Elders and the bounties and event Sigil that is handed out by Variks each week. These reset on a weekly basis and will usually be different levels and bosses on a week to week bases. The bounties will also ask you to complete different tasks for each of the three bounties from week to week.

Remember to collect your Sterling Treasure Chest from the postmaster as well as 1 from doing the Prison of Elders Level 41 once this week and then another Treasure Chest for doing the weekly Crucible activity like I mentioned earlier.



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