Saturday, May 14, 2016

Xur is Here! – May 13th, 2016

Where is XUR located this week?

This week XUR is located in the Tower. He is standing right opposite Lord Shaxx (the crucible guy) in the tower. When you spawn at the Tower, go straight ahead and head down the first set of stairs. Once you are at past the first set of stairs, turn right or left and straight down another set of stairs. Once you get to the bottom of the stairs you should be able to see XUR to your left, directly opposite Lord Shaxx who will be on your right.

This week XUR’s inventory contains:

Twilight Garrison (13 SC) – Exotic Chest for Titans where the main perk is ‘Tactical Air Support – Press circle, circle while airborne to evade.’ Much like the shade step of Hunter Nightstalkers except in the Air. Not the greatest exotic for Titans but definitely one of the more fun ones that can be really helpful in certain situations. If you have the Strange Coins to spare I would definitely suggest picking one up and trying it out.

Achlyophage Symbiote (13 SC) – Exotic Helmet for the Hunter where the main perk is ‘Last Man Standing - Golden Gun gains one additional shot per use. I can see this helmet being really useful for PvP and even some PvE encounters. Again, not the greatest hunter exotic in the world but pretty decent especially for Gunslingers.

The Stag (13 SC) – Helmet for the warlock and its major perk is 'Doe or Die - once per life your super charges really fast if all your teammates are dead and a chance to spawn with an overshield.' I can see this helmet being really useful for PvP, especially in Trials or 3v3 Skirmish, but there are probably better exotics out there for PvE depending on what subclass you are playing.

So it looks like this week’s winners are possibly the warlocks (again) with decent exotics for both the Titan AND the Hunter but one of the Better exotics for Warlocks. Heavy Weapon is the weapon of choice this week, sadly no Jade Rabbit yet.

Xur is also selling:

Super Good Advice – Exotic Heavy Weapon Machine Gun where the perk is ‘Super Good Advice – Missed shots may be returned to the magazine. Landed shots may be replaced in the magazine from your reserves.’ This was one of the best Year one machine guns if not the best. It is still pretty good and add to that the crowd control perk it’s pretty decent for PvE. But since the Taken King expansion, the Raid machine gun seems to outperform most other machine guns in PvP and sometimes even in PvE depending on the enemies you are facing. Definitely worth a try though as well as a good one to add to your collection.

Legacy Engram (Helmets) – This week’s legacy engram is an exotic helmet engram and probably not worth spending your coins on unless you have tons to spare and are looking to complete your year 1 collection. Getting a helmet you are missing in BOTH year 1 AND year 2 would be optimal but at 31 SC, you are probably better off saving your strange coins for something else.

If you already have most of these exotics or nothing really appeals to you, spending your Strange Coins on Three of coins is still probably your best bet.

Below is a video showing you exactly where to go when you first spawn in the Tower if my instructions at the top were a bit unclear. The video also shows the various items XUR is selling this week so you can have a look at those as well.

Overall not a great week for XUR again, especially for me, as he ended up selling a lot of Exotics I already own. Hopefully next week he can sell some of the newly released Year 1 Exotics after the April Update or possibly the Jade Rabbit.

Let me know if XUR bought you something you really wanted this week or if you are waiting from him to bring a specific exotic in the comments section below.



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