Sunday, May 22, 2016

No Trials this weekend in Destiny

That’s right you read that correctly, there is no Trials of Osiris between May 20th – May 22nd, this weekend in Destiny Taken King.

Why is there no trials of Osiris this week you ask?

Oh you know unlimited rockets and stuff. That’s right some pesky Destiny players found a way to exploit a Heavy Ammunition bug to earn unlimited rockets. Although I think a Crucible game mode with unlimited rockets would actually be kind of fun I don’t much like this idea for Trials and neither does Bungie apparently.

Therefore while Bungie go on the hunt for this mysterious bug/exploit, Trials will be cancelled for the foreseeable future, well at least for this weekend. Let’s just hope it’s ONLY this weekend and not next weekend as well. Another adverse consequence of this exploit is that Iron Banner will potentially be delayed till this issue has been sorted out.

This is rather annoying as Trials is one of the things I look forward to playing on a weekly basis especially in terms of End game PvP.  There will always be people who try and find bugs to exploit in the game and I personally feel that the onus should be on Bungie to just code better, in a way that limits such exploits, especially ones such as unlimited rocket ammunition.

However, I do give Bungie credit for taking swift and decisive action in recognizing a problem exists, one which I had no idea about before I heard about it, and trying to fix it as quickly as possible.
So with that in mind Brother Vance (Trials guy in the reef) will not be handing out any trials passage, trials bounties or anything trials related. I mean you can still try talking to him, but he is not much for conversation this weekend.

I guess my quest for reaching the Lighthouse for the first time ever will have to wait till next weekend.



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