Friday, February 12, 2016

Xur is Here! – Feb 12th, 2016

This week XUR is located in the Tower Hangar. He is on the right side at the bottom of the stairs. When you spawn at the Tower, head right towards the Tower Hangar. Once you are at the first set of stairs, turn right at the bottom and you should see our wonderful/creepy exotics salesman right away.

This week XUR’s inventory contains:

Peregrine Greaves (13 SC) – Exotic boots for the Titan where the main perk is that ‘Shoulder charge deals bonus damage when activated in the air.’ I don’t know about you but it’s hard enough moving around while airborne, for me anyways, let alone successfully activating a shoulder charge. Not the greatest Titan exotic in the world in my opinion, unless of course you’re a fan of shoulder charging people mid-air.

Celestial Nighthawk (13 SC) – Exotic Helmet for the Hunter where the main perk is golden Gun fires one shot, delivering 6x damage, while granting keyhole for overpenetration. I can see this helmet being really useful for Boss encounters, but not much else. Again, not the greatest hunter exotic in the world and VERY situational in my opinion.

Obsidian Mind (13 SC) – Helmet for the warlock and its major perk is that Nova Bomb kills recharge your NEXT nova bomb. This is actually a really good exotic for the warlock Voidwalker subclass. If you pair this exotic with max Intelligence, you can get your super pretty quickly in a repetitive cycle, making this helmet a strong candidate for PvE and possibly PvP.

So it looks like this week’s winners are the warlocks (again) with mediocre exotics for both the Titan AND the Hunter. Still no epic exotic weapons in sight, hopefully XUR brings us something better next week.

Xur is also selling:

Exotic Engrams (Gauntlet 19 SC) – Again buy one if you really want to, or have tons of coins to spare but spending the same amount on three of coins is more likely to net you more exotics.

Legacy Engram (Helmets) – This week’s legacy engram is an exotic helmet engram and probably not worth spending your coins on unless you have tons to spare and are looking to complete your year 1 collection. Getting a helmet you are missing in BOTH year 1 AND year 2 would be optimal but at 31 SC, you are probably better off saving your strange coins for something else.

If you already have most of these exotics or nothing really appeals to you, spending your Strange Coins on Three of coins is still probably your best bet.

Below is a video showing you exactly where to go when you first spawn in the Tower if my instructions at the top were a bit unclear. The video also shows the various items XUR is selling this week so you can have a look at those as well.

Overall not a great week for XUR again, I am STILL waiting for him to sell something like the RED DEATH or one of the warlock exotics I am missing, but I am probably better off just buying a bunch of three of coins as usual.

Let me know if XUR bought you something you really wanted this week or if you are waiting from him to bring a specific exotic in the comments section below.



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