Sunday, February 7, 2016

How to get the Immobius Shotgun in Destiny Taken King

First of all WHAT is the Immobius?

The Immobius shotgun is a Legendary Shotgun that can ONLY be equipped by Titans. This shotgun was made available via The Taken King expansion.

What makes the Immobius so special?

It has a perk that is very unique. The perk is called Bouncer and rightly so, as kills inside Ward of Dawn with Armor of Light do not expend ammo. Now I don’t know about you but this sounds like a pretty decent perk to me, especially for a Legendary shotgun. Obviously this shotgun is MOST suited for the defender subclass of the Titans but other Titan subclasses can use it as well, just not as effectively.

So, how to get the Immobius in The Taken King?

Step 1 

In order to get the quest for the shotgun you need to get to Rank 2 with the gunsmith on your Titan. You rank up with the gunsmith by ‘testing’ weapons for him each week. You can only test a maximum of 5 weapons a week for 250 experience each weapon. The other way to get gunsmith experience is by finding an ingame item that drops from random kills in the game. This means that to get to Rank 2 can take you at least 2 weeks, depending on when you start, because of the weekly limit and reset. The gunsmith resets on Wednesdays so plan accordingly.

Step 2 

Now as soon as you reach Rank 2 with your Titan you will receive a quest from the gunsmith to obtain the Immobius Shotgun.

The gunsmith hands out a quest called ‘Back in the Saddle’ which is a fairly straightforward quest.

All this step requires you to do is get 75 kills with any shotgun, while having a special weapons Telemetry active. You can buy a special weapons telemetry for 250 glimmer from the gunsmith. It is a consumable that increases your shotgun experience gained while active and lasts 30 minutes.

Now you don’t actually need to buy a Telemetry if you have a Titan mark that has a similar perk which is ‘increase shotgun reputation gains’ and the titan mark perk doesn’t expire after 30 minutes, although 30 minutes is more than enough time to get the required number of kills. The easiest way is to load an easy story mission that has lots of enemies running at you OR earth patrol and then make your way around shot-gunning everything in sight. Now I just got this quest on my Titan and I know for a fact that using a Titan mark instead of Telemetry works just fine.

Step 3 

Once you have the required number of kills (75 kills) with a Telemetry active OR a Titan mark with a similar perk, then all you have to do is talk to the gunsmith in the Tower again. Once you talk to him he will give you another task to complete

Step 4 

This is the continuation of the ‘Back in the Saddle’ quest and now Banshee-44, the gunsmith, wants you to dismantle weapons in order to gather weapons parts to make the gun. He needs 10 weapon parts in total. **Just a reminder that ONLY dismantling Rare or Legendary SHOTGUNS will count towards the weapon parts Banshee-44 needs.** 

Dismantling a rare shotgun gives you 2 weapon parts towards the quest and dismantling a legendary shotgun gives you 5 weapons parts towards the quest. YEAR 1 shotguns also DO count, in case you have some lying around in your vault. This part was a bit tricky for me as I didn’t have many shotguns lying around so if you plan on doing this quest keep a few rare or legendary shoguns that you plan on dismantling anyways, handy for this quest.

But again this part of the quest is relatively easy and straightforward to do and once you have the 10 required special weapon parts (check the quest objectives to make sure you have 10/10) then go ahead and talk to Banshee-44, the gunsmith again.

Step 5 

The final step is to talk to Banshee-44, the gunsmith for one final time where he will finally give you your Legendary shotgun Immobius.

Step 6 

Enjoy being a bouncer with your Immobuis shotgun as a Titan Defender, it IS actually quite a bit of fun especially in PvP.

As a final note I would just like to say that this shotgun isn’t the greatest shotgun in The Taken King or anything like that. It’s not a BAD shotgun by any means, it’s just the perk on the shotgun makes it close to an exotic level shotgun for Titan DEFENDERS. That brings me to my next point, you can ONLY use this shotgun as a Titan regardless of the Titan subclass, which also means that you can ONLY get the quest for this gun from the gunsmith AS a Titan. If you reach Rank 2 with the gunsmith as, say a hunter or warlock, you will receive a similar quest but for different weapons, a sniper and a fusion rifle respectively, I believe. Just something to keep in mind when trying to Rank up with the gunsmith.

Let me know what you think of the Immobius, if you had a chance to use it and whether or not you like the shotgun.



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