Sunday, February 14, 2016

Free 320 Light Level Ghost Shell in Destiny Taken King

OK so if you have been like me, and struggling to get a ghost shell to drop ANYWHERE and I really mean struggling. I have been doing a massive amount of activities on a daily basis for the past 2 weeks with no Ghost Shell in sight, let alone one that is even close to 320 Light Level.

There are a few reasons it’s so hard to get a Ghost Shell in Destiny Taken King. First of all decrypting engrams does not give you ghost shells. That is a HUGE part of how you increase your Light Level, especially with the Taken King expansion. Secondly in the cases where the Ghost Shell DOES drop like crucible or Nightfall or wherever else, the drop rate seems IMMENSLY low and even if you ARE one of the few lucky ones who does get a Ghost Shell, it’s probably nowhere close to being 320 Light Level. You can BUY a Ghost Shell from Vendors but even those cap out at 280 Light Level.

There is however a somewhat guaranteed placed to get a Ghost Shell that is above 300 Light Level, with a seemingly better drop rate than the aforementioned activities. This is by doing the new King’s Fall Raid, either in normal mode or Hard Mode. Completing the King’s Fall Raid on Hard mode has a very high chance of getting you a Ghost Shell that is 320 Light Level. This method however, may be extremely hard for some players, solo players especially, or people that are too low light level to even GET into a Raid party, even for normal mode.

**EDIT** This article was written for the Crimson Days event and since the April update there are actually a few places to get a 320+ ghost shell easily, such as Iron Banner rank 5 packages which is guaranteed I believe, Kings fall raid normal mode, trails and nightfall. If you are already close to 320 light level then the nightfall is likely to drop a ghost shell higher than 320 Light Level. 

How to fix this Ghost Shell Problem?

You will be glad to know that Bungie released an announcement the other day stating that you will receive a FREE 320 Ghost Shell.

As you all remember the Crimson Days event launched Tuesday February 9th which announced a new PvP game mode AND new rewards such as a new chocolate colored OR Crimson Ghost Shell. This got players excited, especially people, like me, who had their light level dragged down by their currently equipped Ghost Shell. However, things didn’t go according to plan and the drop rate for these newly mentioned ghost shells were ABBISMAL to say the least. As an example, I played more than 50 matches myself and still somehow managed to NOT get one of the new ghost shells. I did get a ghost shell to drop but it was your run of the mill Rare Ghost Shell at 267 Light Level.

This in turn left many players, again, like me, frustrated so much so that some Destiny players came up with an idea to try and get a Ghost Shell from the event no matter what. The idea was that you grab a friend and head into the new Crimson Doubles PvP mode, but instead of competing properly, you suicide together, herby making games go by MUCH quicker and increasing your chances of finding that coveted 320 Ghost Shell as there is a chance for one to drop regardless of whether you win or loose.

Bungie probably got wind of this and reached out to the community with news that will be handing out FREE Ghost Shells that are 320 Light Level.

What do you need to do to get a Free 320 Ghost Shell?

OK, so it’s not COMPLETELY free but compared to the previous struggles of finding a Ghost Shell with respectable Light Levels, I think you’ll agree with me that this is as close to free as its going to get.

It’s quite simple really, all you need to do according to Bungie’s Tweet is: Compete in 7 matches in the newly released Crimson Days event and earn a GUARENTEED, that’s right, guaranteed 320 Ghost after the event is completed.

Now Bungie ALSO did mention some additional details in their Blog post which include:
  • Actually competing in 7 matches, no suicide pacts like I mentioned before (seems fair to me)
  • Your Ghost will be Chocolate or Crimson (Even odds for this, again seems fine)
  • 320 Light will be guaranteed (now THIS is what I’m talking about)
  • After the event is over the Ghost will be delivered to the postmaster, and addressed by account, NOT character (I take this to mean that each account will only receive ONE 320 Ghost, again perfectly fine by me)
As you’ve read above, seems like a relatively easy task of just competing in 7 games (Properly) in the new PvP game mode Crimson Doubles, and then you get a free Ghost Shell that is 320 Light Level. As I’ve already played around 50+ games on one of my characters, I think I already qualify, but just to be safe, I think I’ll play an additional 7-10 games on my second character.

Getting a 320 Light Level Ghost Shell should FINALLY push me over the 300 Light Level for each of my characters overall, and then maybe I can finally go do the King’s Fall Raid, Normal mode anyways.

The Crimson Days Event comes to an end on the next weekly reset, which happens to be in 2 days’ time, on February 16th 2016. So you STILL have some time to get your Free Ghost Shell, two days should be more than enough time to play 7 games of Crimson Doubles.

I hope everyone manages to get their free 320 Light Level Ghost Shell before the end of the event.



  1. so kost of my kit is 330, my light is 320 and due to my ghost only 307.
    is the Crimson still working as at 30 September 2016?

    1. The Crimson doubles event is no longer in effect BUT you can still get a 320 ghost various ways such as Iron Banner rank 5 packages which is guaranteed I believe, Kings fall raid normal mode, trails and nightfall. If you are already close to 320 light level then the nightfall is likely to drop a ghost shell higher than 320 Light Level.
      Another great place for you to get a ghost is by doing the weekly Prison of Elders Challenge mode, hope this helps. Variks usually awards gear slightly higher than what u currently have as well.

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