Tuesday, September 6, 2016

How to get to the Court of Oryx on the Dreadnaught - Destiny Taken King

Firstly What is the Court of Oryx?

Simply speaking the Court of Oryx, or CoO for short, is a new unique public event that was added in The Taken King expansion of Destiny.

The Court of Oryx is located on the Dreadnaught in the Hall of Souls.

A player must activate an event at the Court of Oryx using Summoning Runes and there are three different types known as Reciprocal Rune which summons Tier One bosses that are relatively easy to beat and can be completed fairly easily with just 1-2 players or even solo.

The second tier of bosses is summoned using a Stolen Rune. This Tier is slightly harder and may require more people to complete but can still be solo’d depending on player skill and Light Level.

Finally Tier 3 bosses are the same for the week and rotate on a weekly basis and are summoned using an Antiquated Rune. These bosses require slightly more people to complete as there are more mechanics and the encounters are more difficult as the enemies are usually stronger and appear in greater numbers. This encounter can very rarely be solo’d and often requires a fireteam of at least 3 people to complete.

A reciprocal Rune can be placed/summoned without any prerequisite. A Stolen Rune needs to be charged with THREE reciprocal runes and an Antiquated Rune needs to be charged with THREE Stolen Runes before they can be used. You ‘charge’ a Rune by either taking part in an activity of that type OR summoning your own Rune of that type in the Court Of Oryx.

Each of these events are public and can be started by anyone. This also means that others can join you to defeat a boss that you summoned or vice versa even if they are not in your fireteam.
The court of Oryx is also one of the easiest places to obtain a 320+ Light Level ghost as well as a 335 Light Level Artifact.

How to get to the Court of Oryx?

You get to the court of Oryx by first spawning on patrol on the Dreadnaught.  As soon as you spawn on the Dreadnaught you go straight ahead a little bit and then make a right around the debris.

Once you turn right go straight ahead through an archway and then make another right into a passage. Just follow the passage all the way out which will exit at the Hall of Souls.

As soon as you exit from the passage, you should be able to see the Court of Oryx straight ahead and to your right a bit.

Just make your way across the platform and jump on to the nearest platform to the Court of Oryx.

Once you are on this platform you can easily jump across to the Court of Oryx by jumping across.

That’s it, once you have reached the Court of Oryx you can either take part in an already active event OR you can go to the summoning statues and put in your own Rune to start your own event. 

There are 3 statues for each of the three types of Runes and you just walk up to and place the corresponding Rune that you have in your possession.

Personally I think that the addition of the Court of Oryx as a public event was a step in the right direction by Bungie. Lets hope they can improve on this idea and maybe have something better in the upcoming Rise of Iron expansion. 

Let me know your thoughts on the Court of Oryx in the comments section below as well as if you have any questions. 



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