Thursday, September 8, 2016

Destiny Calcified Fragment 7 ( VII ) location

What are Calcified Fragments?

Calcified fragments are collectable items in Destiny Taken King. They are very similar to the collectable dead ghost from Vanilla Destiny. There are 50 Calcified Fragments in total to be collected in The Taken King. Collecting Calcified fragments is part of a questline from Eris Morn and collecting your first fragment will activate this quest. The end of the quest requires you to collect 45 of the 50 Calcified fragments as well as completing other activates in order to obtain an Exotic Weapon called the Touch of Malice. The Touch of Malice is an Exotic Scout Rifle, quite unique to The Taken King expansion and definitely worth obtaining.

Each Calcified fragment has its own number and name and is tied to its respective Book of Sorrow. The book of sorrow is just lore pertaining to that particular Calcified fragment. Each Calcified Fragment is also worth a certain amount of Grimoire points ranging from 5 to 15.
Obtaining all 50 Calcified fragments is also one of the achievements for Year 2 Moments of Triumph in Destiny and will also unlock the Beltane Armor Shader.

Where are the Calcified fragments located?

Most of the Calcified fragments are located in the Dreadnaught. While some of the Calcified Fragments can be located while walking around on patrol, others require completing certain events or quests on the dreadnaught.

Where is Calcified Fragment VII (7) located?

Ok, so how to find Calcified fragment number six on the dreadnaught? Quite simply all you have to do for this one is head to the dreadnaught on patrol. Calcified Fragment 7 – The Dive is located in the near the Hull Breach as soon as you spawn on the Dreadnaught, if you have no idea where that is, that’s ok I’ll explain.

Once you land on the Dreadnaught in Patrol, walk straight ahead a bit then take an immediate left. Once you go left you will see a bunch of broken debris, jump down to it.

Once you jump down you will see some broken pipes and more debris, again just jump down over the pipes and debris.

Once you have jumped down past the broken pipes and all the debirs, turn around a 180 degrees and you will notice an entrance/doorway. This is where you want to go.

Once you go inside you will follow a passage to a room that splits up left and right, turn left. 

Once you turn left you will see a few canisters/containers, again turn left towards the one that is in the corner.

As you approach this container look down to your left besides the container.  

Calcified Fragment # 7 will be wedged into the wall to the bottom left of the container/canister.

That’s it, you’ve found Calcified Fragment #7. This Fragment might seem harder to get as it is located in somewhat of a hidden location, but it is still relatively easy to obtain if you follow the instructions above. 

If you do not see the fragment, either you are in the wrong area OR you have already gotten the Fragment with the character you are currently using. One way to check if you got the Fragment with your current character is by using Destiny Tracker. 

If you were not able to follow the instructions above or for some reason got lost along the way, I have included a video below showing you exactly how to get to Calcified Fragment #7 starting from the Hullbreach/Patrol on the Dreadnaught.

I am still working on collecting all 50 fragments for one of my characters before Rise of Iron is released in order to try and complete the Year 2 Moments for Triumph achievement. I will post articles for the other Calcified Fragment locations as I progress through collecting them myself.



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