Wednesday, April 13, 2016

New Items and Challenges with Destiny's April Update

Destiny’s April Update just went live yesterday and there are many things to look forward to as well as some general housekeeping and bug fixes that came along with the update.

Here’s some of the new and exciting things added to the Taken King after the April Update:

Increased Vault Space: I put this one first as I think it was a much needed upgrade to Destiny, especially for those hard-core Destiny players or hoarders or better yet hard-core hoarders. The weapons and armor tabs will now have 108 slots while the miscellaneous tab will have 72 slots. Plenty of space to hoard all the old and new gear available in Destiny Taken King.

Increased Light Level: The new max Light level in Destiny has been increased to 335 from the previous 320 Light level. The list of activities that can provide a player with 335 Light Level items include:
                Prison of Elders Challenge mode
                Crucible Weekly
                Court of Oryx Tier 3 (Artifact only)
                Trials of Osiris
                Iron Banner
                Exotic Engrams
                King’s Fall (Hard mode) – King’s Fall normal mode will drop up to 320 Light Level items.

Prison of Elders: Some of the New challenges added in the April update includes New Level 41 Prison of Elders with taken enemies as well as Prison of Elders Challenge mode and Variks bounties.

Infusion: Infusion will now grant 100% of the Light level increase from the infused item. One of the best thing I’ve seen that was added to the update.

Sterling Treasure Chest: These are a new item in Destiny Taken King which was released with the April update and you can get three of them per week per account fairly easily. One of the Sterling Treasure Chests you can get simply by logging into one of your characters every week and you will have one waiting in the postmaster for you. The second one you can get by participating in and winning at least 1 of the WEEKLY crucible matches. Lastly you can get one for completing the Level 41 Prison of Elders for the first time in a week which is also fairly easy to do.

Sterling Treasure Chests contain new Taken Gear, new Spektar Gear, Chroma, New taken ships (2), new sparrow, reputation boosters for vanguard, crucible and House of judgement. You are guaranteed 1 piece of armor and possibly up to 4 other things from each of the Sterling Treasure Chests. I for example opened a treasure chest and received the new Spektar Gauntlets for my Titan with a defense of 3, one of the new taken ships and a single white Chroma as well as a single red Chroma.

Another thing to mention is that all the armor you receive from Sterling Treasure Chests (Taken and Spektar) will have a defense rating of 3 and no intellect, discipline or strength attributes. Only after you infuse this gear with higher gear will you receive attributes that is the SAME as the gear you used to infuse it with. This is very important to mention as if you want certain attributes for example Intellect and Discipline for a Titan, then use gear that has only those attributes to infuse with your new Taken or Spektar gear as the Taken or Spektar gear will then take on not only the Light level but ALSO the attributes, so choose carefully.

Chroma: Chroma is another cosmetic feature added to Destiny Taken King after the April update. Chroma allows players to customize their armor and weapons with a glow-like effect using 4 different colors: Red, White, Blue, Yellow. Something to note is that Chroma cannot be applied to ALL armor and weapons but only to certain ones, mostly newer gear released along with the April update. Most of the gear includes not only the new Spektar set but also some armor and weapons from House of Judgement and Queens faction which can both be acquired by doing Prison of Elders and/or raking up with Variks.

Chroma can be obtained in only two ways. The first way you can obtain Chroma is by opening a Sterling Treasure Chest and you have a high chance of getting at least one Chroma if not more. The second method of how you can get more Chroma is by dismantling gear you get from the Sterling Treasure Chests such as the Taken or Spektar gear.

All in all it won’t be long before you can get a full set of Chroma gear, especially if you spend silver and buy Treasure Chests from the Eververse vendor.

Strike: New Blighted Chalice strike as well as a taken version of an older Strike

New exotics: There are new exotics being added to Taken King and by ‘new’ I mean mostly more Year 1 Exotics that will now get year 2 versions.

Eververse: There are now 12 new emotes to get and all the old ones are bundled in mystery bags as Winter 2015. One thing to note is that you can ALSO buy Sterling Treasure Chests from Eververse for 200 silver. Bold move by Bungie and although I don’t agree with the move, I still don’t think it’s a HUGE game breaker (yet) as most of the items are only Light level 3 and mostly cosmetic in nature.

There were many other updates and game fixes that came with the April update along with some Crucible, Class and weapon changes. For a full list of things to look out for visit Bungie’s page here.

Lots to do in Destiny with the new April update, especially for PvE focused players finally. The addition of a lot of new PvE content was a good move by Bungie after recent PvP focused events such as the Crimson Doubles and Sparrow Racing.



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