Saturday, February 28, 2015

To a new Beginning

Hello and welcome to my Blog. My name is Kingmafusa and this is my Gaming Blog called Kingmafusa Games, where I will be sharing my thoughts and opinions on the games that I play, as well as games that I look forward to playing. The majority of my content will be on Fifa (currently Fifa 15.) I will however have a separate section, on this blog for all other games that I play in general.

I have ALSO created a YouTube channel called Kingmafusa, which currently has ALL my gaming videos but I think that I will probably end up creating two separate channels as well.

One of my YouTube channels will be specifically for Fifa content, which will probably be my ‘main’ channel, called Kingmafusa.
My second Channel will be for all of my other gaming videos, and will be my secondary channel, called Kingmafusa Games.
Of course this is all a work in progress at the moment and I will just have to see how things play out.

My original YouTube channel under the name Kingmafusa was created in 2011. I had only ever posted 2 videos to that channel previously. One was a montage on Bad Company 2 and another was a game trailer for need for speed synced to mind heist soundtrack. They were just videos I created for fun in windows movie maker. Both of these videos unfortunately had to be taken down because they contained copyrighted music, which YouTube frowned upon when its stricter copyright policies took affect a few years later. I originally had no plans to turn it into a proper ‘Gaming Channel', the channel was just for experimentation and creating fun videos. After a certain amount of time passed I had almost completely forgotten about the channel altogether.

I was recently inspired into bringing my channel back to life and this time as a proper gaming channel. I had always enjoyed playing Fifa quite a bit, especially its Ultimate Team or FUT game mode. I would often watch YouTube videos of other people who enjoyed playing fifa and commentating on the game. I watched quite a few live streams on Twitch as well and they always looked like a lot of fun. This would make me want to start my own Fifa channel, but every time I would think about starting a channel, I would just give up before I even got started. I think I was mostly just nervous; also the thought of talking to myself (essentially) while playing a game just seemed a bit odd ahah. I know it all seems a bit silly but something always managed to stop me every time and I would make excuses for why it “just wasn't the right time” or why I was “too busy” to do it.

So when I recently thought about starting up a YouTube Channel again, specifically a Fifa Channel, I thought that THIS time I would like to Actually stick with it and see things through. I would like to treat both my channel and this Blog as a hobby, a mini project if you will and it would just be a shame to give up again without giving it a chance. That is where this Gaming Blog really comes in. I think of it as a way to keep track of my ‘progress’ whatever that means, as I go about OFFICIALLY creating my YouTube Channel, which is already live here.

I hope that this Blog will help keep me accountable for the things that I say I am going to do, and if in the process I end up creating the world’s best gaming Blog, then so be it. :)

And so I welcome you to join me on this new journey of awesomeness.



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