Saturday, February 28, 2015


This section of my Blog will contain my Fifa content which will probably be the biggest part of my Blog.

Why a separate section for Fifa? You might ask.

Well I have been playing fifa since around 2002, more so on my PC back then and a bit on my PlayStation 1. Since around 2006 however I have been playing fifa almost every single year consistently. I buy each new edition of the popular series and practically throw my money at EA. I have been in love with the game for quite some time, even before the ever popular Ultimate Team series or FUT game mode was released a few years ago. I think part of my love for the game stems from the fact that I love watching football in Real Life. Fifa while not the MOST realistic game, has very good presentation and it is the ONLY descent football game on the market (for now). Its major competitor is PES which is not as good. And so I spend a lot of my gaming time playing fifa on my consoles (currently PS4). I am contemplating ALSO buying a XBOX ONE just so I can have access to the exclusive Legends in the Ultimate Team game mode.

Am I amazing at Fifa?

Absolutely not, no actually on the contrary I am quite bad at the game these days. I have accumulated quite a few loses online in ALL the game modes that I have tried. I used to be half decent at it, but this was back in high school when I had more time to invest into learning all the tricks and mechanics of the game. I would however like to get better at the game and I think this Blog will be helpful in that aspect as well.

I do spend some of my spare time also watching some of the famous Fifa Youtubers out there play the game and this has recently inspired me to start my own Fifa channel on YouTube. This Blog will just be a compliment to my channel and I will be posting many of the videos from there on this site.
I find playing fifa a lot of fun, especially with friends and family, and while the game can be frustrating at times it has always managed to captivate me year after year.

I recently purchased the Holiday Edition of Fifa 15 and have already started playing Career Mode, Online Seasons and the infamous Ultimate Team game modes again. I am quickly learning how to make videos which I will post on my channel very soon alongside my Blog posts so I can share my experiences in Fifa with the world.



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