Thursday, August 4, 2016

BATMAN - The Telltale Series Trailer

Telltale Games is providing a new take on the Batman franchise. Much like their other games such as The Wolf Among US and The Walking Dead, their new Batman game is more point and click rather than free roam in an open world. I think the game will be more story-driven as compared to the Arkham series of Batman games which were more gameplay driven.

Again much like the other games featured by Telltale, games such as Borderlands, Batman will also utilise a similar cell shaded visual effect. While some people prefer the shiny new graphics of new-gen consoles, I’ve always been a fan of the unique art style that Borderlands had to offer and I think that this art style will translate especially well for the Batman game, adding a comic book effect to the story and gameplay.

The game also features the story and character of Bruce Wayne in much more depth along with the duality of the Dark Knight. I think focusing on not only the character of Batman but also that of Bruce Wayne is something that other Batman games have lacked in the past. There is usually somewhat an unbalanced lean towards the Dark Knight garnering much of the screen time and attention. Batman Telltale Series on the other hand will let players experience what it is like to also be Bruce Wayne the Billionaire as well as the caped crusader that is Batman.

Add to that the typical Telltale manner of choices the player has to make in the game, along with the consequences that go with those choices, is sure to add to the feel of actually BEING both Bruce Wayne and the Dark Knight. The choices for Bruce Wayne will also be much different than that of the Dark Knight. While Bruce Wayne might fret about whom he would like to back for a political campaign, Batman might be debating which tool from his utility belt would be best suited for the job.

The First Episode –“ Realm of Shadows” is already available for digital download since August 2nd, 2016.
The game is currently however only available for download on PC/Mac and Android/iOS devices. The game is set to contain a total for 5 Episodes. The Batman Telltale Series Season Pass, which will be available on September 13th, 2016, will give you access to all the Episodes 1-5. Episode 1 is already out like I mentioned, with Episodes 2-5 to come out soon. The Batman Telltale Series Season pass will also be available for both XBOX and PS3/PS4.



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